Fortnite: DreamHack Returns With $900K Prize Pool And 18 Events Through Fall 2021

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Fortnite: DreamHack Returns With $900K Prize Pool And 18 Events Through Fall 2021

DreamHack returns to Fortnite with 18 events and a near $1M USD prize pool.

It’s official — DreamHack is back in the competitive Fortnite Battle Royale scene through the Fall of this year. The Swedish production, best known for its gaming tournaments and festivals, holds a strong bond with the Fortnite scene. DreamHack produced a series of online competitions with more than $1M USD on the line for players in Europe and North America.

The DreamHack Open received a positive reception and millions of entrants. As a result, the organization has renewed its deal with Fortnite Battle Royale to host several duo and trio tournaments over the next seven months. Competitive Fortnite players will welcome DreamHack’s $900K USD prize pool commitment and a stage to prove their skills with open arms.

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18 Events and $900K Prize Pool

In a press release by DreamHack, the production company outlined plans for 18 tournaments in 2021, each with a $17K USD prize pool. Those events will occur in the spring, summer and fall in Fortnite’s NA East and European server regions.

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The DreamHack Open arrival will run alongside the newly implemented Cash Cup Extra, which the company also hosts. While DreamHack did not announce the tournament dates, the first DreamHack Open was rescheduled from April to May because of an item duplication bug. Epic Games has since resolved that issue, giving DreamHack the green light for a May competition.

Viktor Rydbäck, ESL Gaming’s VP Product Management, commented on the success of Fortnite in 2020 and DreamHack’s willingness to return. “We had an incredible experience hosting the online DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite in 2020, and are very excited to again partner with Fortnite operator Epic Games to offer another year of Fortnite events for our community,” he said. “To strengthen our connection and involvement in the Fortnite competitive ecosystem is a tremendous opportunity.”

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On top of the substantial prize pool, DreamHack will continue broadcasting live gameplay and events on Twitch. Remember, all players, regardless of their designated server region, can compete in these events. Refer to our DreamHack Open breakdown, where we analyze the format, scoring system and soon-to-be prize pool once that information is available.

You can also visit DreamHack’s website for all relevant tournament details!

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