Fortnite: DreamHack Postpones Open Duos Tournament For “Integrity Concerns”

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Fortnite: DreamHack Postpones Open Duos Tournament For “Integrity Concerns”

A concerning exploit in Fortnite led to the postponement of DreamHack Duos.

Competitive Fortnite players have long awaited the return of DreamHack's exciting Online Open tournament. Prospective tournament participants in the European and NA East scenes found themselves a duo partner and prepared for what should have been a weekend to remember. Unfortunately, an in-game inventory exploit forced DreamHack to cancel the DreamHack duo tournament. Now, players eager to compete under the organization's exceptional format and production will have to wait at least one month until Epic Games fixes this newly discovered glitch.

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DreamHack Postponed

DreamHack's Fortnite Twitter account broke the sad news earlier today, where they explained their reasoning for the tournament's cancellation.

“Due to tournament integrity concerns this weekends DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite will be rescheduled to a later date in May,” the tweet reads. “At a later date we'll provide you more information about the rescheduling of the tournament. Thanks for understanding.”

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Players quickly scrambled to understand why DreamHack made this decision. Presumably, an inventory glitch that went viral was the catalyst. A professional Fortnite player for the French organization known as Solary revealed a concerning exploit that likely caused DreamHack to cancel the tournament.

Inventory Exploit

Solary player EMXXRR posted a clip of the issue on Twitter. Although he did not explain how to perform the exploit, the video clearly shows that he can duplicate items by throwing them repeatedly. This glitch allowed him to multiply his Floppers and even Shield Potions, which would be a significant concern in any Fortnite tournament, considering the importance of healing items. Europe's portion of the tournament should have begun at 1 PM EST today, but that will not come to fruition. DreamHack made the conscious decision to preserve tournament integrity and cancel the Online Open's return tentatively until May.

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When Will Epic Fix the Issue?

The Fortnite Status Twitter account has not yet acknowledged the concerning exploit, but Epic Games is undoubtedly aware of the issue and will fix it in an upcoming patch. While competitive players are understandably disappointed, there is no way that DreamHack could carry with the potential of some participants gaining an unfair advantage over the field.

We'll be sure to communicate the make-up date when DreamHack communicates that information.

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