Fortnite Season 6: Epic Issues Sudden Balance Changes To Weapons & Crafting Materials

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Fortnite Season 6: Epic Issues Sudden Balance Changes To Weapons & Crafting Materials

Epic Games deployed a patch out of nowhere, addressing some weapon and drop rate issues.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 is well underway, and Epic Games is starting to issue some changes. Some weapons from the beginning of this season seemed to miss the mark. Many players took issue with the Primal Shotgun, which the developers have balanced significantly compared to the first few weeks. Epic also addressed the blatant lack of crafting materials available. Epic Games announced a surprise update today, featuring critical weapon damage and spawn adjustments and floor loot changes.

Balance Changes Have Arrived

This sudden update saw several weapons change, and the number of crafting material spawns increase. Let's take a look at the complete list of changes:

  • Doubled Crafting Parts in floor loot stacks
  • Increased Makeshift AR & Revolver accuracy
  • Increased Bow headshot dmg and arrow speed
  • Recycler junk bomb speed increased
  • Increased Primal Pistol dmg and fire rate
  • Increased Stats for all SMGs
  • Equalized Primal and Classic weapon drop rates to be more evenly spread out alongside Makeshift weapons.

Players should have a much easier time locating crafting parts, which was a primary concern early in Season 6. Additionally, the Makeshift Assault Rifle, Revolver, Bow, Recycler, Primal Pistol and all Submachine Guns have received stat boosts.

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The Makeshift Assault Rifle adjustment is worth highlighting because of how unreliable it was from a distance. An accuracy boost makes it more appealing in early-game fights. The Recycler buff proved necessary because it was not particularly useful before. Drop rate changes for the Primal, Makeshift and Classic weapons should see even distribution across the map post-updates, offering a wide range of guns to use throughout each match.

The Bow adjustment could be the most concerning. Increased headshot damage and arrow speed make it no different than a Sniper Rifle, which the Bow effectively replaced in Season 6. Stronger Bows might lead to more frequent headshot snipes and one-shot eliminations.

Epic's sudden update shows that they are paying attention to weapon usage and general spawn issues this season. We'll have to experience these balance changes for ourselves and see what others might follow down the line.

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