Fortnite: Did Epic Games Just Tease A New Arena Mode?

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Fortnite: Did Epic Games Just Tease A New Arena Mode?

Fortnite’s competitive Twitter account may have teased a new and improved Arena Mode based on a cryptic tweet.

Arena Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale exists as the best representation of the game’s competitive environment. It features a lot of building, spawn fighting, moving storm circles and a refined loot pool geared to those who want to test their abilities against others. Epic Games released Arena Mode in Chapter 1 – Season 7.

It eventually became the measuring stick and qualification system for tournaments. However, the community has been critical of Arena Mode over time, believing that it severely needs some improvements. A curious tweet from Epic Games could be hinting at something new on the horizon.

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@FNCompetitive Teases New Arena Mode?

An unexpected tweet came from Fortnite’s @FNCompetitive account earlier today. The message included Arena Mode and an oddly placed Star Wars reference. Epic has shown its creative ability to generate excitement for many Fortnite-related events, collaborations and tournaments. It’s worth wondering if perhaps an Arena Mode rework is on the way.

The tweet has already received over 10k likes, so the competitive scene is stirring with theories. Unfortunately, we’ll have to table this topic until Epic reveals more information.

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What is Arena Mode?

Nowadays, prospective tournament competitors need to reach the mode’s Champion Division to compete in high-level competitions like Cash Cups and the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Players who queue into an Arena Mode match can expect a strictly competitive experience and opponents well-versed in Fortnite’s mechanics. ESTNN recently published a broader explanation of Arena Mode and another to help players reach Champion Division. Despite its positives, the scene largely denounces Arena Mode based on a few minor points that make game’s less competitive.

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What is the Problem with Arena Mode?

According to many top players, the main problem with Arena Mode is the lack of incentives when playing for hours upon hours. Once reaching the highest rank, players cannot move down, and there’s no added reward for maintaining Champion status. That issue mixed with generally desolate lobbies and long queue times makes Arena Mode less enjoyable than in earlier seasons. Many reputable figures in the competitive scene have campaigned for a complete overhaul or even some minor adjustments.

In-game rewards given to successful Arena players could go a long way toward making matches more fun and competitive. Could those requests come to fruition soon? We are in full-on anxious waiting mode until another tweet comes from the Fortnite competitive account.

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