Fortnite Creator “Ranger” Reaches 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales

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Fortnite Creator “Ranger” Reaches 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales

Popular Fortnite content creator has done the unthinkable, reaching 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Epic Games introduced many new features in Chapter 3, including new mechanics such as sliding and an array of new weapons to master. Perhaps the most intriguing was the addition of Crowned Victory Royales. This concept allowed players to collect Crowns and earn a unique Victory Royale screen upon winning a match with the item.

For some, Crowned Victory Royales are challenging to achieve; the average Fortnite player is much more talented nowadays than in previous years. However, some highly skilled players have no issues taking names and collecting Crowns. One Twitch creator — Marcus “Ranger” Pereira — has done the unthinkable and officially reached 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales.

Ranger Achieves an Insane Milestone

For those who aren’t familiar, Ranger is an ‘OG’ Fortnite creator who has invested thousands of hours into the game. He began creating Fortnite content in 2017 and became a premier personality in the scene. Ranger is widely known as one of the hardest working Fortnite streamers.

The 21-year-old has streamed 295 hours in the last 30 days, which equals a little over 12 days. That gave Ranger plenty of time between casual and competitive matches to reach a whopping 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales. While it’s challenging to confirm, Ranger is likely the first to achieve such a milestone, and it took him only 74 days.

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Ranger the Conqueror

According to Twitter gaming chart expert FoxEyeGG, Ranger led all streamers in Victory Royales with 799 this season as of February 14. He also possesses 13,517 wins all-time, putting him in seventh. The 1,000 Crowned Victory Royales is merely another accomplishment in Ranger’s storied Fortnite career.

The veteran Fortnite player’s next step is the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). He competes in the NA West region alongside fellow creator and professional competitor NoahWPlays. Ranger hopes to increase his Crowned Victory Royale count while qualifying for the $3M USD FNCS Finals.

Should that happen, Ranger would become one of only a few content-focused Fortnite players to enjoy such success. It’s going to be a wild ride regardless of the outcome.

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