Fortnite: Clix Unbanned From Twitch One Day After Presumed “Perma-Ban”

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Fortnite: Clix Unbanned From Twitch One Day After Presumed “Perma-Ban”

Clix has returned to Twitch.

Professional Fortnite Battle Royale player Cody “Clix” Conrod is back on Twitch less than two days after the website struck him with a supposed perma-ban. Based on prior history of terms of service (TOS) violations, many felt Clix would not return to the platform, which he too believed at the time. However, it seems that Twitch reviewed the punishment against Clix and reversed course. The 16-year-old is now free to resume his live streams at will.

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Clix Unbanned

Clix and the always accurate @StreamerBans Twitter account confirmed the news. One day and 15 hours after his channel disappeared, Clix resurfaced on Twitch as if nothing happened. The NRG Esports player had just come off a major Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier victory over the weekend before the website removed his channel. Several significant players both inside and outside the scene rallied behind the Fortnite star with #FreeClix on Twitter. It’s unclear why Twitch banned Clix in the first place. Many assumed that it occurred due to multiple DMCA copyright strikes or because he displayed nudity briefly in his last stream.

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We expect to hear a legitimate reason the next time Clix goes live on Twitch. It’s worth wondering whether the 16-year-old will refrain from playing copyrighted music to prevent further action against him. The website has shown no mercy in striking channels down when these DMCA effects are in play. Hopefully, Clix will protect himself more efficiently, considering the money and exposure he stands to lose.

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