Fortnite: 100 Thieves Part Ways With Ceice And Elevate

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Fortnite: 100 Thieves Part Ways With Ceice And Elevate

Fortnite World Cup Finalists Ceice and Elevate are now free agents.

Esports organization 100 Thieves has officially parted ways with two of its most successful Fortnite Battle Royale players David “Ceice” McClellan and Hayden “Elevate” Krueger. The California-based brand’s Twitter account confirmed this news today. After joining 100 Thieves in early-2019, Ceice and Elevate reached the Fortnite World Cup Duo Finals later that same year. The long-time duo finished in third place and collected an impressive $1.8M USD to split. Since then, Elevate has moved onto competitive Valorant, whereas Ceice remains a Fortnite player.

Both will proceed forward in their respective careers as free agents.

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100T Splits from Ceice and Elevate

The organization revealed the news of Ceice and Elevate’s departure on Twitter along with a retrospective video.

“Thank you @Ceice and @ElevateFN for your time with 100 Thieves. We'll always cherish the memories we had from getting to know you to seeing you both compete on the big stage. We wish you both all the best in the next step of your careers!”

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The video certainly hit long-standing competitive Fortnite fans in the heart. Ceice and Elevate were two of the game's hardest workers from the very beginning. They found one another in late-2018 and quickly churned out an offline tournament victory at WSOE 3. After their Fortnite World Cup success, Ceice and Elevate joined forces with Team Liquid player River “Riversan” Handley to compete in the first-ever Fortnite Champion Series. They took second place in the NA West region.

Ceice and Elevate eventually separated as duo partners one season later. Not long after, Elevate went professional in Valorant while Ceice experienced varying results in Fortnite. It was the end of an era for those who followed this duo before they joined 100 Thieves. Both players offered parting words after spending two years with the California-based brand.

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Ceice and Elevate Comment

Elevate took to Twitter, responding to the official announcement. “Words can not describe how thankful I am for my time on 100 Thieves. I grew as a player, personality, and friend all with the help of my second family,” he said. “Goodbyes are always hard but I’ll always still be around. Much love family.”

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Ceice also had some final words before closing this chapter of his Fortnite career. “So thankful for the amount of time I was able to spend with such a great family. So happy of all we accomplished, and super excited for the future.”

It was a successful and enjoyable run for two players that have already etched themselves in the Fortnite history books. Now, Elevate will look to find success in another game and Ceice is presumably on the lookout for a new brand to represent.

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