Fortnite: Bizzle Wrongfully Under Fire For FNCS Week Two Performance

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Fortnite: Bizzle Wrongfully Under Fire For FNCS Week Two Performance

Bizzle’s name trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Competitive Fortnite player Timothy “FaZe Bizzle” Miller is nothing short of a legend in the scene. His illustrious career includes success online and LAN, where he’s managed high placements and victories against some stiff competition. Bizzle continues competing to this day while others like fellow pioneer Williams “Zayt” Aubin have retired. The current FaZe Clan representative is one of the last true veterans who, despite his gripes with Fortnite, remains a top contender.

For the last two seasons, Bizzle has been competing with World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and Twitch star Cody “Clix” Conrod. Unfortunately, Bizzle ends up taking the brunt of insults and blame when the trio performs below expectations. Case and point are this past weekend’s FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 Qualifier, where this combination of talents competed for a seat in the Season 6 Finals. As fate would have, Bizzle made one critical mistake in an off-spawn fight, and Twitter exploded with ridicule toward the veterans.

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Bizzle Endures Unnecessary Insults

The competitive Fortnite scene is nearly unrivaled in the trash talk department. Whether it’s generally clever or not, Fortnite Twitter can be a dark place where ratios and toxic behavior occur regularly. During week two of the FNCS Qualifiers, Bizzle, Clix and Bugha engaged rival team gabe, tahi and sprite in multiple fights at Sweaty Sands.

Both teams desperately wanted to establish dominance, but similar to last week, Bizzle, Clix and Bugha lost consistently. The insults toward Bizzle came from multiple parties on Twitter. Even some professional players joined the action. Built By Gamers player Leon “Khanada” Khim commented on the situation, stating, “Bizzle selling first then bugha please stay alive and give clix some time bro…” Many others called Bizzle out for being “old,” but most tweets have since been deleted.

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Bizzle Trends on Twitter & Responses

The impressions for Bizzle hit an all-time high as his name appeared on the “trending” section of Twitter with several thousand tweets. After the qualifier concluded, Bizzle, Clix and Bugha finished 25th out of 33 teams. Their rivals completed only five matches and took 17th. Bizzle took to Twitter shortly after with his response to the situation.

“Don't wanna tweet anything bad, but all this hate is insane, I threw 1 game today and all this s**t happened,” he said. “They placed 17th and went live right after, if u can't see their true intentions [sic] ur lost. 2 seasons ago they apologized for griefing our finals when they landed on us.”

It’s a bizarre situation that often happens in Fortnite. Two teams are dead set on a particular drop spot and would rather risk their tournament than move elsewhere. Perhaps Bizzle’s only mistake is his pride because moving to another location could lead to success. Unfortunately, much of the scene instead shifted blame to him for throwing the trio’s chances in week two based purely on his skill level. Thankfully, some players came to his defense.

Multiple-time Fortnite tournament winner Rocco “TrainH Saf” Morales tweeted, “Bizzle is an OG chill tf out.” Others showed support for him, but the vast majority took the opportunity to pile on the FaZe Clan player, one of the last remaining veterans still competing today. He took the situation relatively lightly, as he did two seasons ago when he and Zayt engaged in a conflict.

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If these two teams continue their off-spawn battles, the Bizzle slander could follow suit even if it’s misguided.

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