Zayt Retires From Competitive Fortnite For The Second Time

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Zayt Retires From Competitive Fortnite For The Second Time

Fortnite legend – Zayt – retires from Fortnite for the second time this year.

Professional Fortnite player Williams “Zayt” Aubin announced today that he would once again retire from the game that's brought him success since 2017. The multiple-time tournament winner resurfaced on Twitch after a two-week break. All signs leading up to his announcement referenced his general displeasure with Fortnite. Despite returning in late January, those who idolize Zayt as a competitor received the startling news that he will exit the tournament scene indefinitely.

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Zayt Retires from Fortnite for the Second Time

Zayt went live on his Twitch channel to explain his reasoning and to answer some viewer questions. Shortly after, he took to Twitter, informing nearly 600k followers of his plans.

“For the people that missed the stream, I will go live for every tournament watching EU/NAE and teaching you guys the game/doing viewing party,” he wrote. “When there is [sic] no tournaments I'll go live and do an unranked to radiant on Valorant.”

This instance marks the second time Zayt has called it quits after doing the same back in early January due to a lack of motivation. His initial retirement acted more like a hiatus. Zayt became a content creator while still running NA East professional scrims. Now, he reverts to the same role that he assumed during his initial retirement. Zayt plans to stream consistently, broadcast his commentary of Fortnite tournaments and work in some Valorant gameplay.

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What Happened After Zayt Returned?

Zayt returned three weeks after retiring in January with a newfound motivation to compete and win. He slotted right back in with long-time trio teammates Stretch and Rocco “Saf” Morales. They secured an eighth-place finish in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5, which fell far out of the squad’s heightened expectations.

This trio’s showing in Season 5 marked Zayt's sixth FNCS Finals appearance to date, making him one of the most decorated competitive players in the game's history. He holds a top-ten result in every FNCS tournament where he reached the Grand Finals, including a win in Chapter 2 – Season 2. Zayt ultimately failed to reignite the competitive fire that allowed him to remain a top player for nearly four years.

Another Swan Song for Zayt

Snippets of Zayt's second retirement stream revealed that he no longer enjoys playing Fortnite competitively, which factored heavily into his decision back in January. The Fortnite legend leaves behind a legacy unlike any other, where he remained a top player through multiple iterations of the game. Anyone with knowledge of the competitive scene should rank him as one of the all-time greats. While his second retirement may not leave as much of an emotional impact, the community at large will miss everything he had to offer.

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