Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Europe & NA East Results

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Fortnite: DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Europe & NA East Results

We take a look at the EU and NA results from DreamHack's Cash Cup Extra

DreamHack is back after a brief hiatus as the organization took a step back to formulate a new plan of attack in competitive Fortnite. Last year’s DreamHack Open series produced some of the game’s most exciting moments, like Polish player teeq winning three competitions and Slovenian competitor k1nzell winning two solo tournaments. The absence of DreamHack created a void in the community. Thankfully, the Swedish production company made its triumphant return.

That came in the form of Fortnite’s first-ever Cash Cup Extra, a tournament based on the game’s weekly Trio Cash Cup results. The top 132 teams from the European and NA East regions secured themselves a spot in DreamHack’s inaugural Cash Cup Extra, where they went to war for a share of over $17K USD. Some of the world’s best trios, including two reigning FNCS Champions, did their best to elevate above the rest. Let’s see who came out on top in each region.

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TaySon, 4zr and Nayte Seem Unstoppable

The European scene outside of this week’s Cash Cup winners — TaySon, 4zr and Nayte — played for second. This newly formed and already dominant trio flexed their abilities with 79 eliminations and two Victory Royales across nine matches. Chemistry and teamwork are no concern for this trifecta of talent. This week included a regular Cash Cup tournament win followed by a win in the first-ever DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, showing that TaySon, 4zr and Nayte are looking to dominate Season 6.

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Vadeal, Noahreyli and Rezon ay, who finished third in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5, grabbed a second-place finish in the Cash Cup Extra. Their eight-match effort included 71 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Nebmaster, bubakmaster and Devour WaiZ were the only other team to break 600 points and claimed third place for their efforts. FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 Champions — JannisZ, Chapix and Hen — took tenth place with 539 points. The EU leaderboard featured a who’s who of elite players, which you can see below:

  • 1st: Grizi 4zr, GUILD TаySon, grizi nayte – $2,100
  • 2nd: Wave Vadeal, BL Noahreyli, rezon ay лол – $1,800
  • 3rd: AOS nebsмasteя, bubakмаsteя, Devour WaiZ – $1,500
  • 4th: Solarу BlastR, Vitаlity Nikof, TrainH Alphaa – $1,200
  • 5th: Lnuef, BL SliX, GAMMA Merijn – $900
  • 6th: VP Kiryache32, Stormyrite 7, Gambit Toose – $750
  • 7th: BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq – $750
  • 8th: MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces – $750
  • 9th: TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe, NRG benjуfishу – $750
  • 10th: GUILD Hen 75, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74 – $750

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Acorn, Jahq and Slackes Continue to Demolish NA East

There might not be a better trio in the world right now than Acorn, Jahq and Slackes. These three North American players joined forces in Chapter 2 – Season 4 and have improved immensely with each passing week. Fresh off of winning last season’s Fortnite Champion Series, Acorn, Jahq and Slackes won the FaZe Clan Elite Cup, the first Season 6 Cash Cup, and can now call themselves DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Champions.

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Their Cash Cup Extra performance saw the reigning FNCS winners win three of nine matches and accumulate 652 points overall. A combined 63 eliminations out of this trio was the second-most in the competition. The era of Acorn, Jahq and Slackes continues emphatically.

Emerging NA East players Plege, Pandushh and Ganzo finished in second with three Victory Royales and 609 points. These three won back-to-back games out of the gate with 12 eliminations in each. FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 winners — Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero — rallied back after four shaky games to start the Cash Cup Extra festivities. They rifled off four top-ten finishes and 59 eliminations to close out the competition, landing them in third place. Some other recognizable NA East trios also topped the leaderboard.

  • 1st: LG Slackes, 1P Acornski, G2 Jаhq – $2,100
  • 2nd: Plege, Pandushh, Pure Ganzo – $1,800
  • 3rd: ENDL8SS DEYYRITO, mero2k, ENDLESS Reverse – $1,500
  • 4th: Cоmmandment, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey – $1,200
  • 5th: elite gabe89, 9LIVES Tahi, sprite dabdabdab – $900
  • 6th: noob teyo, Сhimp, Tabnae – $750
  • 7th: Speguu, OUTCAST GOKU YT, strawhat charlie – $750
  • 8th: 9LIVES VOIL, XPRT Xccept, Snakeccept – $750
  • 9th: FS SHERIFF DEG, skqughaski2k, BBG PIECE

The next Cash Cup Extra tournament will occur on April 21, barring any setbacks. Remember that your trio must place top-132 in that week’s Trio Cash Cup to be eligible. DreamHack also resurrected the Online Open tournament, which is on the schedule for this weekend!

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