Fortnite: $80K Ninja Battles Week Five Recap and Results

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Fortnite: $80K Ninja Battles Week Five Recap and Results

Who triumphed in week five of the $80K USD Ninja Battles tournament series?

Popular Twitch personality Tyler “Ninja” Blevins returned with week five of his weekly $80K USD Ninja Battles tournament series. Since signing an exclusive deal with Twitch,  it seems Ninja was able to establish a more conclusive schedule. Last week, the unassumed trio consisting of Arkhram, Avery and Skqttles managed to walk away with the victory and $25K USD.

After competing in weeks one and two of his tournament Ninja decided to play in week five alongside the previously mentioned Arkhram and NRG Esports player Cody “Clix” Conrod. Other notable professional players to compete in week five include MrSavage, Bugha, Nate Hill, Benjyfishy, Zayt and countless others. Let's take a look at which trio claimed victory in week five of the Ninja Battles tournament series.

Zayt, Saf and Stretch Triumph

The words "NRG Zayt, Stretch and Saf" all appear alongside a sillouhette of a trophy against a blue background. The logo for Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite appears in the top corner of the frame

NA East’s top trio NRG Zayt, Liquid Stretch and TSM Saf started slowly with only one point in the first match. Three of the final four games played out much better for the owners of Doom's Domain. Zayt, Saf and Stretch sealed the deal with a massive 23-point Victory Royale in the final match. In total, Zayt's trio managed 57 points and walked away with $25K USD ahead of this season's Fortnite Champion Series – which begins next weekend. It was quite the performance out of arguably the best trio in the NA East region.

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Top Trios Continue to Shine

Competitive Fortnite's cream of the crop showed up in week five of Ninja Battles. Av, RogueShark and Knight finished in second place after a slow start with 49 points. The XSET Gaming trio earned $15K USD for their efforts. Third place went to the Season X Champions and Ninja Battles week one winners TSM ZexRow, TSM MackWood and BBG Calc who took home $10K USD. UnknownArmy teamed up with Casqer and Smqcked and finished in fourth place. Chipotle Challenger Series Champions NRG Ronaldo, illest and Furious secured a fifth-place finish and $5K USD.

The current leaderboard for the Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite showing Zayt, Saf and Stretch in first placeThe current leaderboard for the Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite showing Ceice, Keys and Blake in sixth placeThe current leaderboard for the Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite showing Acorn, Jahq and Slackes in eleventh place

Here is the rest of the leaderboard, which shows all players who earned a piece of the $80K USD prize pool:

  • 1st Zayt, Stretch and Saf – $25,000
  • 2nd Av, RogueShark and Knight – $15,000
  • 3rd Yung Calc, MackWood and ZexRow – $10,000
  • 4th UnknownArmy, Casqer and Smqcked – $8,000
  • 5th Ronaldo, Furious and Illest – $5,000
  • 6th Ceice, Keys and Blake – $5,000
  • 7th Coop, Chap and Skqttles – $3,000
  • 8th Bizzle, Megga and Dubs – $3,000
  • 9th Commandment, Cented and Edgey – $2,000
  • 10th Bugha, Jamper and Avery – $2,000
  • 11th Acorn, Jahq and Slackes – $1,000
  • 12th Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero – $1,000

Suppose you missed any action from week five, head over to Ninja's Twitch channel to catch up on the entire broadcast. It's a quick turnaround for Ninja Battles, which will return on Tuesday for week six. Will Ninja return with a new trio? Could Zayt, Saf and Stretch go back-to-back? Tune in on Tuesday to find out!

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