Ninja Signs Exclusive Deal With Twitch

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Ninja Signs Exclusive Deal With Twitch

Ninja has returned to Twitch on an exclusive deal.

Gaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced today that he would return to Twitch under an exclusive streaming deal. Twitch, too confirmed this news in a Tweet that went out earlier this afternoon. This announcement marks the end of Ninja's free agency period, which kicked off in early-July after the Microsoft Mixer platform folder a few months back. Now at 29-years-old, Ninja will return the platform where his popularity exploded in 2017.

Ninja's Career Comes Full Circle

Ninja's journey has been an interesting one since leaving Mixer. With several Mixer creators moving over to Facebook Gaming, Ninja declined a reported $60 to $90 million offer to follow suit. After the dust settled from Mixer's collapse, Ninja took some time to weigh his options. He streamed briefly on YouTube in front of more than 100,000 viewers.

Many wondered whether Ninja would make a move to YouTube full-time. Nearly one month later, Ninja fired up his Twitch stream for the first time since leaving the platform in August of 2019. The community received him well, considering nearly 100,000 viewers tuned into to watch his return stream. Ninja streamed again alongside his good friend Ben “DrLupo” Lupo on August 13 in front of 45,000 viewers. From that point on, Ninja went dark from a streaming perspective, with many surmising that he would join Twitch exclusively in the future.

Those theories have come to fruition. With 15 million followers, Ninja remains the most followed Twitch stream on the platform. His unprecedented boom in popularity back in the early days of Fortnite: Battle Royale paved the way for others to follow suit. Although he has distanced himself somewhat from Fortnite, Ninja's name still holds cachet. It only made sense for his streaming career to come full circle after taking a small detour through the bizarre Mixer experiment.

When Will Ninja Stream on Twitch?

Shortly after the announcement, Ninja tweeted out that his first stream will take place at 2 PM CST today, September 10. As of late, Ninja has been playing Valorant on a semi-pro level. He also joined the masses with games like Among Us and Fall Guys. It's safe to say that Ninja will no longer dedicate entire broadcasts to Fortnite and will transition into more of a variety streamer. Nevertheless, Ninja is back on Twitch, where his journey began in January of 2011.

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