Fortnite: Ninja Now Streaming On YouTube, No Exclusive Deal Signed Yet

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Fortnite: Ninja Now Streaming On YouTube, No Exclusive Deal Signed Yet

Ninja streams for the first time in multiple weeks.

Some speculation came through via Twitter yesterday regarding Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and his next move in what has become an illustrious career. The former Twitch turned Mixer superstar recently became a free agent due to Microsoft shutting down the Mixer platform. Ninja reportedly declined a $30 to $90 million offer from Facebook Gaming.

Instead, the worldwide gaming sensation received a reported $30 million contract payout from Mixer, effectively making him a free man. After multiple weeks of uncertainty, Ninja resurfaced on YouTube to stream some Fortnite gameplay with some old friends, confirming a tease that came out yesterday afternoon.

Ninja Fires up a YouTube Stream

Ninja sent out a tweet earlier today, teasing his 6 million followers of what will come next in his streaming career. Shortly after that, Ninja followed up with another tweet. This time, it was a scheduled YouTube stream for 1 PM EST alongside YouTube personality Jack “CourageJD” Dunlop, Tim “timthetatman” Betar and Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo. Dubbed the original Fortnite crew, Ninja is kicking off his first official YouTube stream with some familiar faces from the past.

After several weeks of speculation, Ninja reappeared on the Google-owned YouTube Gaming platform. In mere minutes, Ninja’s tease and subsequent confirmation received over 30K likes on Twitter. His debut stream received well over 20K likes and 100K viewers before he even appeared on the screen. Everything else was business as usual for Ninja, who went back to his roots of playing Fortnite with some fellow content creators.

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No Official Deal

As a former Twitch streamer, many wondered if Ninja would make his triumphant return to the platform. Famed esports insider Rob “Slasher” Breslau revealed that Ninja has not yet signed an official deal with any streaming platform. He will continue negotiations, surveying the field to see the best option for his future. We can expect Ninja to potentially test different websites while looking to capitalize on his namesake.

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