Fortnite V24.20 Brings AoT and Huge New Items

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Fortnite V24.20 Brings AoT and Huge New Items

This is everything that’s changed with Fortnite V24.20, all the Attack on Titan content and other new items that have come to the game.

Fortnite’s got its first patch after the Spring Blowout event ended, and it is bringing in some huge new content for the game! We’ve got a new anime crossover, a few brand new items, and major nerfs to the current Mythics that will impact the game’s meta in a big way. That’s along with the usual adjustments, unvaultings, and alterations to the existing loot pool.

While Easter is fun, Fortnite always wheels out the same old Egg Launcher. This update is actually our most substantial of the season so far. There’s a new crossover coming with the bonus skin unlocking too. This time it’s early enough to avoid a moving release date like the Geralt Fortnite skin too. Even if you don’t have the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass though, there’s more coming to the game including free items from Attack on Titan.

This is everything that’s changed in the game with Fortnite V24.20.

Fortnite V24.20 Patch Notes

ODM Gear in Fortnite V24.20

Fortnite V24.20 - ODM Gear

There are new skins but in-game items are game-changers no matter what you’re wearing. The ODM Gear has been added in, with a couple of different items built around the anime and manga franchise Attack on Titan. The first is the gear itself.

You can find these items as floor loot, chest loot, and brand-new Scout Regiment Footlockers. It’s two items in one, so you can’t use them separately. Once you find the ODM Gear you can equip it. Its first function is mobility, kind of like the Spider Webs we’ve seen in the past. However, this time it’s a different kind of grapple and players can attack while grappling around.

The item has built-in blades. You can use them to attack players while grappling! It’s high mobility, high damage, a generally lethal combination.

Thunder Spears

Fortnite V24.20 - Thunder Spears

The next major addition to the loot pool in Fortnite V24.20 is the Thunder Spears. These are throwable spears which launch like rockets! They deal a lot of damage to both enemies and structures. You can find these on the ground, in chests, and in scout regiment footlockers too.

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Bonus Skin Unlocks in Fortnite V24.20 Patch

Along with in-game items, we’re getting new content in the Battle Pass. The most substantial of this is going to Eren Jaeger. He’s the central character of the Attack on Titan anime and this season’s bonus skin! That means he’s sequestered away in his own special page, with quests to unlock the skin, different outfits, and extra cosmetics to go along with him. He isn’t the only Attack on Titan character featured as a Fortnite skin though.

Fortnite V24.20 - Fortnite AoT Skins

We’re also getting other characters from the game. Both Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann were added into the game! These will be item store skins though. Epic isn’t doing a full anime crossover in Fortnite without a paid portion, unfortunately. There are some totally free emotes to unlock though, accessible to anyone who wants to do the challenges!

New POI in Fortnite V24.20

There’s a new POI in the game with Attack on Titan, kinda. There’s the Jaeger Family Basement. It hasn’t been added as a whole new POI on the map with a named spot, but it is a new area in Anvil Square. You can find it beneath a building there, filled with the new footlocker chests that contain the new weapons.

Other Changes in Fortnite V24.20

The Attack on Titan items, quests, and other content are obviously the big part of the latest patch. This is the main portion of fresh content, but we’ve got some other changes that have come. These introduce a new worse version of one of the game’s best weapons and bring back some missed items. These are the other alterations

Dirt Bikes Unvaulted in Fortnite V24.20

Fortnite V24.20 - Dirt bikes

Battle Royale and Zero Builds are getting another vehicle back. The Dirt bikes are back in the game! These were originally pulled out when the Rogue bike got added in with the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 patch notes.

It isn’t clear why they were vaulted, it might have been a bug or just to push players to try the new bike. We’ve got the dirt bike back again though, so more mobility available outside of the new Japan biome.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Patch Notes - Port-a-bunker

This is back! Only in Zero Builds as it is basically pointless in Builds once you know how to physically press the build button. It’s fun that we’re getting this back though. It isn’t a must-carry for too many players in their loadout, it's not exactly necessary to win at Fortnite. However, there’s been some creative plays done with them and they’ll help you out of a tight spot without cover.

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Kinetic Blade

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Kinetic Blade

A new variety of the Fortnite Kinetic Blade is here! It’s a rare variety, so slightly lesser powered than the Epic tier, unfortunately. Many might have wanted a Mythic version instead, but this lower-powered one is useful at least for rotation.

It only has two charges for the dash, but it has the same combo attack. This is going to be showing up in the Kinetic Blade stands. if you’re choosing your Fortnite landing spot based on grabbing a guaranteed drop, it’s something to bear in mind.

Mythics Get Nerfed in Fortnite V24.20

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Shotgun

The meta of this season has been dominated by the Kinetic Blade and the new Mythics. These brought one-shot headshot kills back to the game in the case of the shotgun, and insta-kill hip firing from a rifle. They’ve both been nerfed with the Fortnite V24.40 Patch notes though.

The Mythic Havoc Pump has had its headshot damage reduced. You can’t bank on it racking up easy kills as quickly anymore.  In games that aren’t solos, you’re not going to get multiples of the Pump Shotgun in Vaults anymore.

The Overclocked Mythic Pulse Rifle has had even bigger changes. The accuracy and fire rate on hip fire has been reduced. It was this hip fire spray strategy that made it so OP in the first place, so this is a pretty big change. Then there are the spawns. When you claim the rifting-in POI in non-solos, you won’t always get one for each player anymore.

The spawn changes to these two Mythics are definitely substantial. They’re going to stop teams running around with four Mythics every game, which was a bit broken in the first place.

Competitive Changes in Fortnite V24.20

The new patch isn’t bringing everything back to the competitive or Fortnite Arena mode version of the game. Thunder Spears aren’t included and neither are Dirt bikes. The mobility-focused new item is in competitive though, which could mean big things for Fortnite esports over the next few weeks.

What Next for the Chapter?

That new update fulfils most of the big promises for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2! We’ve got the new items shown off in the reveal trailer and the bonus skins! There’s still quite a while left on the season though, so we can expect plenty of updates over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the game to see how the title develops over the rest of Fortnite Chapter 4! What's coming from here is a real mystery.

Fortnite V24.20 Brings AoT and Huge New Items
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