Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 – What’s New

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Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 – What’s New

The new update for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, with a whole new event for players to jump into! The Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 event has started. We’ve got new and returning items, loads of new augments and other changes to the game. It’s a perfect time to jump back in, and complete the new quests to keep moving through the Fortnite C4 S2 Battle Pass. This is everything that’s new and changed in the new event, and how you can unlock the free cosmetics on offer.

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

Spring Breakout 2023 Quests

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

Along with the new items and features in the game, we’ve got new quests for the Spring Breakout 2023. Like with other events, you’re going to be able to unlock a few small cosmetics by playing through the quests. There’s no full character here, but there is a cool backbling and pickaxe combo you can get your hands on. It’s a chance to get some free Fortnite skins! These are the rewards and the quests you’ll have to complete to get them.

  • Finish Day 1’s Quest – Bloomback Sack Back Bling
  • Day 7’s Quest – Shell Smash Spray
  • Day 9’s Quest – The Works Loading Screen
  • Finish Day 12’s Quest – A Spring Breakout Banner Icon
  • Complete 12 Spring Breakout Quests – Nannerbloom Hammer Pickaxe
  • 22 Spring Breakout Quests – Fresh Flyer Glider

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

Egg Launcher in Spring Breakout 2023

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

Fortnite’s signature item for the spring and easter events is back in 2023! The Egg Launcher has made a return to the game. This isn’t going to be available in the same ways as last time though. You can still find them in chests and from NPCs, but you can now get one each game through a Reality Augment too.

The Egg launcher works kind of like a grenade launcher. It fires out eggs at players, but these ones explode! It takes longer than you might think for them to explode though so watch out for that.

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New Reality Augments

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

As part of Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023, we’ve got a whole load of new Reality Augments! Some of these are themed around the new easter content but some are just new additions to the general pool of Reality Augments. These are all of the new ones.

Rail Warrior

When you’re grinding on rails and ziplines you’ll regenerate health and the first 50 points of shield! This doesn’t work when you’re in the storm though, so you can’t go for a heal off here.

Go for Broke

A new item Reality Augment as part of Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023. This one gives you two weapons not otherwise available in the game. You’ll get the Charge Shotgun and the Flintknock Pistol.

Aquatic Warrior

This one definitely has a lot of potential; you’ll get health and up to 50 shield while you’re swimming. This one is going to be one of the easiest ways to heal if you grab it.

Game Tim

This brings back more vaulted items, this time it’s the Pizza Party! You also get some Chug Splashes too.

Springtime Blowout

A limited-time new Augment just for the Springtime Breakout 2023 event! This one gives you an egg launcher, great if you want to use the new content right now without looting.

Spring Breakout 2023 Launches Specialist Characters

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

A feature that Epic’s been teasing for quite a while is the new type of NPCs. These are the specialist characters. They are new NPCs which provide a specific function. They’re a lot more helpful than just randomly fighting enemies. These are the new NPCs that are active and what they do.

  • Scout Specialist – An NPC with a sniper rifle. They. Can ping enemies and chests.
  • Heavy Specialist – This one has explosives and blows things up.
  • Supply Specialist – These drop ammo and mats for you.
  • Medical Specialist – A medic that will periodically heal you with Chug splashes.

Each of these NPC types have two in a game, so there are 8 higher powered hireable NPCs around at the moment.

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New Eggs and Chickens in Spring Breakout 2023

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

For an Easter event, it makes sense we’ll be getting eggs coming back to the game! Chickens are also seeing an upgrade though. There are three types of eggs that are going to be active right now, but also two new types of chickens.

The chickens roaming the island are now divided into different types. There are now green and purple chickens which will leave some different types of eggs around the map. These are all of the eggs you can find.

  • Heal Eggs – These are the green eggs. They’ll restore your health and your shield, but over time not all at once.
  • Hop Eggs – Blue eggs that give a low gravity effect. They also heal your health too.
  • Golden Eggs – These are eggs which don’t heal at all, but they do give you gold! You get 350 gold for each collected so it’s a quick way to gain bars in Chapter 4 Season 2.

New Super Level Styles

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

The Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 update has added in a few extra cosmetics. There are now extra styles for you to unlock past the 125th level of the Battle Pass.

Other Changes for Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023

Alongside all of those major bits of new content in Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023, there are quite a few minor changes and additions. That includes one which is going to make a big difference to the best Fortnite settings for the season. These are the rest of the changes.

  • Building and Editing Sensitivities – These can now be specifically set for mouse and keyboard players.
  • Rogue Bike – this now handles better at the top speed.
  • Console FPS – Players on Xbox and PlayStation are now capped at 30 FPS, but only in the lobby for energy usage. In the game, it’ll return to 60.
  • Competitive – Spring Breakout 2023 content isn’t in competitive.

Those are all of the major additions and changes in Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023! There is loads of new content to play through. You’ll have to act fast if you want to finish all the quests and get the free Spring Breakout cosmetics though!

Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 – What’s New
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