Fortnite 2022 Tournament Schedule: Cash Cups, FNCS & More!

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Fortnite 2022 Tournament Schedule: Cash Cups, FNCS & More!

ESTNN provides the complete Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 competitive schedule as it stands.

Fortnite’s first competitive season of 2021 is nearly upon us. Players worldwide have been deeply entrenched in what Chapter 3 Season 1  has to offer; a new map, weapons and mechanics. Epic Games recently revealed that Duos would be the tournament standard moving forward after an entire year of Trios.

With all that being said, official tournaments are right around the corner. Competitive players can expect eight weekly competitions for cash prizes throughout Chapter 3 Season 1, on top of potential DreamHack events and the seasonal Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

Epic recently announced some changes to several regularly scheduled tournaments, so check that out to learn more. Now, let’s look at a comprehensive breakdown of competitive Fortnite tournaments that lie ahead through March.

Competitive Fortnite 2022 Schedule

Solo Cash Cups, Solo Open Hype Cups & Solo Contender Hype Cups (Two Rounds)


  • January 15 (Round One)
  • January 16 (Round Two)
  • January 22 (Round One)
  • January 23 (Round Two)
  • January 29 (Round One)
  • January 30 (Round Two)
  • February 5 (Round One)
  • February 6 (Round Two)
  • February 12 (Round One)
  • February 13 (Round Two)
  • February 19 (Round One)
  • February 20 (Round Two)
  • February 26 (Round One)
  • February 27 (Round Two)
  • March 12 (Round One)
  • March 13 (Round Two)
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Duo Cash Cups, Duo Open Hype Cups, & Duo Contender Hype Cups (Two Rounds)

The Fortnite character skin, Aura, appears in a purple, blue and pink gradient overlay

  • January 10 (Round One)
  • January 12 (Round Two)
  • January 17 (Round One)
  • January 19 (Round Two)
  • January 24 (Round One)
  • January 26 (Round Two)
  • January 31 (Round One)
  • February 2 (Round Two)
  • February 7 (Round One)
  • February 9 (Round Two)
  • February 14 (Round One)
  • February 16 (Round Two)
  • February 21 (Round One)
  • February 23 (Round Two)
  • March 7 (Round One)
  • March 9 (Round Two)

Trio Open Hype Cups, Contender Hype Cups & Champion Hype Cups (One Round)


  • January 14
  • January 21
  • January 28
  • February 4
  • February 11
  • February 18
  • February 25
  • March 11

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1

Epic’s recent statements indicate the next FNCS should start sometime in February. We don’t know much other than the basic format. We’ll be sure to update you with additional details as soon as we receive them.

Non-Epic Games Tournaments

Third-party events occur pretty often in the Fortnite scene. The likes of War Legend, Practice Server, DreamHack, ESL and more host tournaments regularly during the season. More information regarding DreamHack competitions and potential offline events should be available in the coming months.

Feature Images: Epic Games

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