FaZe Win Third Event In A Row By Defeating Mouz in CS Asia

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FaZe Win Third Event In A Row By Defeating Mouz in CS Asia

FaZe continue their winning streak after an impressive comeback in triple overtime.

FaZe seems to be on a hot streak after winning the CS Asia Championship in Shanghai against Mouz in a best-of-three. After a relatively easy win on Mirage with a score of 13-7, the second map in Nuke went to extensive overtime to finally determine FaZe as the champions. With an impressive streak before the event and a great showing here, FaZe is looking like the best-rated team in CS2 esports right now. Despite having a hard time on the second map, they held on for the win and took the 

FaZe’s Winning Streak

Before this FaZe displayed impressive showings at IEM Sydney and Thunderpick World Championship. Winning both events they have boosted their momentum to go into the CS Asia Event with full force. Through this tournament, they have increased their match-winning streak to 15 games.

Match Recap

Despite the dominant run by FaZe, Mouz put up quite a resistance to try and clinch the victory away. Mouz didn’t have the best of starts during the first map of Mirage. Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken rose to the occasion after the players of Mouz looked like they were going to snatch the lead. Mouz didn’t look the same after the first half as they were outplayed by FaZe on numerous fronts. 

FaZe Win Third Event In A Row By Defeating Mouz in CS Asia
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After FaZe took the first map 13-7 on their opponent's pick, Mouz decided to mount a very aggressive comeback on the second map of Nuke. They started off the first half with an impressive 8-4 scoreline on their CT side. When Mouz hit 12 and reached map point, that's when FaZe started their unbelievable comeback as they brought it back again with a 12-12 half. The whole contest was a very evenly distributed contest. This sent the game to overtime.

The overtime continued thrice as for the first two games both teams went back and forth and showed great resilience. Mouz were able to snap out of the upset of losing their map point scenario. Finally, in the third overtime, FaZe won all their CT half-rounds and took their first T-sided round to finalize the score at 22-18 and win the series. An impressive clutch from Helvijsbroky” Saukants and Finn “karrigan” Andersen took FaZe to victory lane to settle the series.

Jimpphat Showed Resilience

Despite losing the match, players from Mouz showed strong showings as well. Jimi “Jimpphat” as he showed an amazing performance against a strong opponent like FaZe. But due to some poor showings from the Finnish youngster’s teammates, like Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás who had a particularly bad day, Mouz wasn’t able to hold on to the game in the long run.

Karrigan’s Post-Match Thoughts

Players from FaZe like karrigan shared their emotions during the post-match interviews. The Dane was asked about the rumors regarding the team splitting up and players like Twistzz leaving the organization.

FaZe Win Third Event In A Row By Defeating Mouz in CS Asia
Credits: Twitter/X

The player replied in a very humble and polite manner, “It’s hard to say, we have no idea what’s happening, and we just have to keep enjoying. I think we just enjoy playing with each other, we’ve had so many ups and downs and I knew that when CS2 came out, we were going to re-find the happiness of playing with each other and grinding the game.”

When asked if it were up to him, would he keep the team together, he replied, “It’s very hard to put me on the spot here right, what can I do? We have to leave it up to the gods, let’s just enjoy what we have achieved here today.”

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FaZe Win Third Event In A Row By Defeating Mouz in CS Asia
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