FaZe Clan Begins Valorant Roster with Corey and JasonR

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FaZe Clan Begins Valorant Roster with Corey and JasonR

Corey “Corey” Nigra and Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski have joined FaZe Clan as a part of their Valorant roster.

Valorant is released in full with patch 1.02 bringing in Competitive play for the main player base. Even in the mode’s absence, organizations such as TwitchRivals, 100Thieves, and T1 have put on impressive competitions amongst the top tier players currently. The professionals of Valorant began as Overwatch, CS: GO, and Apex players looking to try something new. Gen.G, 100Thieves, and T1 have nearly completed their rosters while some organizations like FaZe Clan made their first announcements today.


To kick off the all-star organization's wrecking crew is JasonR, formerly of Optic Gaming. JasonR used to play CS: GO professionally back in 2017 for OG, only to retire and stream full time. Like Braxton “Brax” Pierce aka “swag”, JasonR has been refining his skills in CS: GO and dominating on stream for years. When Valorant was announced, this was a perfect opportunity to continue competing in a similar yet revitalized tactical shooter. He has a lot to prove to step into the FaZe shoes, but there has been no lack of grind from the former CS: GO professional.

The second player announced for FaZe’s Valorant roster is an intelligent pickup. Jay “Sinatraa” Won left the San Francisco Shock to go play Valorant for Sentinels, after claiming he “Straight up just lost passion for the game”. It seems as though FaZe has followed suit of Sentinels and picked up a world-class Overwatch player. Corey left the Overwatch League after being released from the Washington Justice, despite his performance in the 2019 season. The Damage player put on a mad show in the Overwatch World Cup, securing the first-ever win for Team USA. The League’s recent troubles have led to a handful of players retiring, but not announcing what their next step would be upon their departure.


The Overwatch League and Valorant are both constantly evolving to meet the needs of their fanbase and players. Overwatch may be older, but the current craze of Valorant has led to a more open environment for potential competitors. Riot has a successful past of fostering competitive scenes, and Valorant’s constant tournament schedule has been working in its favor. Many organizations are eager to pick up a full Valorant squad and be an early adopter of the new esport.

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