T1 Valorant Invitational — All the Details

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T1 Valorant Invitational — All the Details

The T1 $25,000 looks set to be the most competitive Valorant esports events we’ve seen thus far.

With Valorant still in the early stages of its closed beta, the hunger from the community to have tournaments has already been enormous. With ranked mode now live in Valorant, and tournaments dropping each week, it seems like everything is going right for Valorant already.

Today’s event, the T1 Valorant Invitational might just be Valorant’s best yet. Featuring teams from T1, streamer Shroud, and newly formed Valorant side Sentinels, who will also use a plus 1 for this event.

Getting underway at 10 am PT and featuring a huge $25,000 prize pool and a host of (on paper) eight top teams. T1 is certainly not holding back.

The full list of teams;

  • T1 – Brax, Azk, Crashies, Elige, Skadoodle
  • Team Shroud – Shroud, Hiko, Relyks, Just9n, Nothing
  • Sentinels – Zombs, Sinatraa, Shahzam, Sick, Dizzy
  • Team Sonii – Sonii, Swisher, Strong Legs, Thief, Anger
  • Propects – Church, Joshrtz, Bxbyj, CP2, Winsum
  • Team Kurt – Kurt, Vow, Kaboose, Ultra, Witmer
  • Mousespaz – Hazed, Reltuc, Subroza, Drone, Wardell
  • Team Eight – TBC

The format of the event has not been announced yet. However, given the eight sides, we can assume two groups of four in a single round-robin. This will likely then end in a knockout period with all games best-of-one and we suspect the Grand Final will go to a best-of-three.

The event will be streamed from 10 am PT (13:00 ET, 19:00 CEST). All the action will be streamed from the T1 Twitch channel.

The first test

This feels like the first real test for Valorant esports. A big event, with a solid prize pool and featuring top players. It will also be a very interesting watch for those following Sinatraa’s recent exit from the Overwatch League into his new career as a Valorant pro on Sentinels.

T1 Valorant Invitational — All the Details
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