FaZe Clan Makes It Official, Welcomes Snip3down To Halo Infinite Roster

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FaZe Clan Makes It Official, Welcomes Snip3down To Halo Infinite Roster

FaZe Clan finally reveals its complete Halo Infinite team ahead of HCS Raleigh.

The worst kept secret in competitive Halo of late centered around esports organization FaZe Clan. For a brief moment, the team’s core consisted of Jesse “bubu dubu” Moeller, Adam “Bound” Gray, Michael “Falcated” Garcia. FaZe Clan’s fourth player remained a question mark in the early stages of Halo Infinite.

OpTic Gaming member Matthew “FormaL” Piper enjoyed a brief stint with the team, but that wasn’t the end game. Instead, FaZe Clan had their eye on Halo legend and professional Apex Legends player Eric “Snip3down” Wrona.  It seemed murky from the outset, considering Snip3down’s success as a member of TSM’s Apex team.

Despite the uncertainty, Snip3down shared an emotional goodbye with his teammates to make one last run in competitive Halo as fate would have it. After weeks of waiting, FaZe Clan’s roster is now official.

FaZe Completes its Impressive Roster

Snip3down, bubu dubu, Bound and Falcated will no longer have to compete under the assumed team name — Inconceivable. It seemed that the pseudonym did its job while FaZe Clan and everyone else anxiously awaited the official announcement. Today, the organization took to Twitter with an impressive hybrid roster reveal, including real-life and in-game footage.

The roster has looked impressive thus far since online tournaments began last month. Before becoming FaZe Clan official, Inconceivable opened the season with back-to-back top-eight results in the HCS Open. Since then, they’ve improved immensely, securing two consecutive third-place finishes in the Raleigh Kick-Off Qualifier and $25K Esports Arena Invitational.

Looking Ahead to Raleigh

FaZe Clan is one of four teams to earn a Pool Play position in the HCS Raleigh Kick-Off Qualifier two weeks ago. That means their path to the Championship Bracket is guaranteed; what happens after is up to them. They’ll have to overcome the likes of Cloud9, eUnited and OpTic Gaming in Pool Play to earn a favorable BYE in the Championship Bracket.

If the last two weeks are any indication, FaZe Clan is a force to be reckoned with in Halo Infinite. LAN events often produce shocking upsets and top-tier gameplay. We can expect fireworks as FaZe steps onto the main stage for the first time in Raleigh.

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