Snip3down Likely To Return For Competitive Halo Infinite Season

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Snip3down Likely To Return For Competitive Halo Infinite Season

A timeline of events leading up to gaming legend Snip3down’s supposed return to competitive Halo.

Halo and esports fans alike should remember the name Eric “Snip3down” Wrona as one of the best to ever play competitive Halo. He started in Halo 3 and quickly earned the title of a rising star and perhaps the best with a sniper rifle. Snip3down’s career accolades include an MLG National Championship in Halo 3 and more tournament wins than most players could imagine.

In 2019, Snip3down decided to step away from Halo to compete in Apex Legends. The veteran esports player ascended the ranks as champions do, ultimately earning himself a spot on TSM FTX’s Apex Legends team. Snip3down continued his storied career with this squad, but his heart remained with Halo.

The unexpected release of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer left the player conflicted. He had initially planned to leave Apex next month to compete in Halo’s latest release, but that might happen sooner than anyone anticipated.

Snip3down’s “Bittersweet” Halo Launch

Since the Halo Infinite multiplayer launch, the timeline of events has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the now 30-year-old esports player. He took to Twitter, stating his intentions to play Apex Legends until Halo Infinite’s initially planned release date of December 8. Once the game dropped, he’d be able to put the work in and compete at Halo Championship Series’ kick-off event in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, the early launch date of November 15 meant Snip3down would have to withhold playing Halo and essentially retire:

“It’s a bittersweet Halo launch day for me, happy the game was released but also gutted because with that early release I won’t have the time necessary to compete to win at the launch tournament with Apex priorities. Got my hopes up to finish my Halo competitive career with a bang.”

When asked by a Twitter follower if this statement meant he would compete in Halo. Snip3down responded, stating, “No it basically means I’m retiring.”

His answer was not one competitive Halo fans wanted to see. Snip3down is a legendary name, and his comeback would ultimately increase exposure and make for a great story. It seemed Snip3down’s future was clear—he’d stick with Apex Legends and forgo his Halo career. However, that would take a surprising turn, and some intriguing leaks pointed toward Snip3down changing his mind.

FaZe Clan Drop Formal, Add Snip3down?

Jake Lucky of Esports Talk shared a thought-provoking clip of retired Call of Duty pro — Matthew “Formal” Piper — who was set to make his return to competitive Halo alongside FaZe Clan’s roster. Formal had played scrimmages with the rumored FaZe team for a few days, and he confirmed he would compete with them at the HCS Raleigh kick-off event. Mere days later, Formal leaked that FaZe Clan decided to compete with Snip3down instead.

It wasn’t clear whether Formal was looking to stir the pot. Snip3down had been playing Infinite but did not officially announce a return to competition. Later that day, more sources confirmed that FaZe Clan dropped Formal, and it became evident that Snip3down was his replacement.

TSM FTX Teammate Confirms Snip3down’s Decision

Twitter user kauzeyy clipped a portion of Snip3down’s Apex teammate Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, where he discusses the leak and calls Formal a “stupid mother*****.” Hal advises fellow Apex professional player ZachMazer to wait for an announcement but is angry about the situation. ZachMazer calls him out, stating, “Formal may have leaked it, but you just hit the confirm button.”

Formal has since rectified the issue. He apologized to Hal on Twitter, but where does that leave Snip3down? The Halo veteran has not officially confirmed his return to Halo for the season. However, he did say that he would play in this weekend’s HCS Open Series online tournament with FaZe and Apex Legend Global Series with TSM FTX.

Snip3down’s return to competitive Halo is an excellent storyline for this highly anticipated season. We’ll have to wait for confirmation, but the writing is on the wall.

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