Everything We Know About Iso – New Valorant Agent 23

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Everything We Know About Iso – New Valorant Agent 23

With the trailer of the Chinese Agent 23 having just been released, here is an article about everything we know about Iso, the new Valorant Agent and our suggestions on how to utilize his abilities to the fullest

Valorant, Riot Games' popular tactical first-person shooter, continues to evolve with the introduction of new agents, maps, and game-changing features. In Episode 7 Act 3, Valorant enthusiasts will be introduced to the 23rd agent, Iso, a Chinese fixer for hire. The duelist Iso brings a unique set of abilities that not only set him apart from the existing agents but also add a new layer of strategy and excitement to the game. In this article, we will delve into Agent 23's abilities, his impact on the Valorant meta, and what makes him a formidable adversary in the arena.

Everything We Know About Iso's Abilities

Here is what we know about Iso's abilities, and how we think you should use them.

Double Tap (E)

  • Ability Description: Double Tap is Iso's signature ability, which allows him to activate a focus timer. When the timer expires, Iso gains the ability to harvest energy orbs from enemies he downs or damages. These harvested orbs can be shot, providing Agent 23 with a shield that can absorb one instance of damage from any source.
  • Tactical Application: Double Tap is a versatile ability with both offensive and defensive utility, similar to Reyna‘s Souls. It encourages precise gunplay because Iso needs to down or damage an opponent to collect energy orbs. The shield generated can be a game-changer in crucial engagements, potentially saving Agent 23 from lethal shots. It can be used for aggressive pushes or to hold defensive positions effectively.
  • Strategy: Players using Iso should aim for coordinated attacks to maximize the use of this ability. It's particularly effective when Iso operates as a frontline duelist or when securing key choke points. The shield's capability to block damage from any source, even powerful ultimates like Raze‘s, adds a unique dimension to Agent 23's playstyle.

Undercut (Q)

  • Ability Description: Iso's Undercut ability enables him to throw a molecular bolt that can pass through walls and obstacles. When this bolt makes contact with an opponent, it applies the “FRAGILE” status to them, making them more susceptible to taking damage.
  • Tactical Application: Undercut is primarily an offensive ability, designed to disrupt enemy positions and create opportunities for Iso and his team. It works similarly to Omen's blind Paranoia, and allows Agent 23 to deal with opponents hiding behind cover or obstacles by tagging them with the “FRAGILE” debuff, making them easier targets.
  • Strategy: Iso players should strategically use Undercut to reveal or weaken enemies' defensive positions. By shooting the bolt through walls, Agent 23 can make it difficult for opponents to stay hidden. Coordinating with teammates to take advantage of the “FRAGILE” status can lead to quick eliminations and control over important map areas.

Contingency (C) 

  • Ability Description: Contingency is Iso's crowd control and area denial ability. He can assemble prismatic energy that forms an indestructible wall of energy, capable of blocking bullets. The wall moves forward as it is deployed, similar to Harbor's Cascade.
  • Tactical Application: Contingency is a strategic tool that can be used to control choke points, block sightlines, and disrupt enemy movements. It can act as a temporary barrier, forcing opponents to reposition or wait for the wall to pass, giving Iso's team an advantage.
  • Strategy: Proper placement of Contingency can provide invaluable cover for Iso and his team. It can be used defensively to protect teammates, cut off enemy advances, or isolate opponents in a 1v1 engagement within the “Kill Contract” ultimate arena.

Kill Contract (X) 

  • Ability Description: Iso's ultimate ability, Kill Contract, allows him to throw a column of energy. When it hits an opponent, both Iso and the first enemy hit are transported to a separate interdimensional 1v1 arena. The winner of the duel exits the arena, while the loser meets their demise.
  • Tactical Application: Kill Contract is a game-changing ability that can create clutch moments and turn the tide of rounds. It introduces an element of high-stakes 1v1 gameplay and requires players to rely on their individual skills and strategies to secure victory.
  • Strategy: Iso players should use Kill Contract strategically, taking into account the timing and positioning. It can be used to eliminate key opponents, disrupt enemy strategies, or create an advantageous situation for their team. This ability adds a unique layer of suspense and tactics to Valorant's gameplay.

In summary, Iso's abilities are a balanced combination of offensive and defensive tools, making him a formidable duelist in Valorant. His unique mechanics, such as the “Double Tap” shield and the “Kill Contract” 1v1 arena, provide exciting opportunities for skilled players to shine. Agent 23's presence in the game not only adds diversity to the agent roster but also elevates the strategic depth and excitement of Valorant.

Design Philosophy

Everything We Know About ISO - New Valorant Agent 23
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The design of Iso reflects the thought process of Valorant's game developers, led by Nicholas Smith. Iso was envisioned as a “Juggernaut” in the game, with a focus on distinctiveness and the avoidance of mobility and healing abilities. Smith explained, “We had a few outputs we wanted to avoid, specifically mobility and healing. It's why we created the shield and that he'd run a team through and keep on going without mobility or healing.” This design philosophy places an emphasis on precision and gunplay, making Agent 23 an ideal agent for players who excel in these areas.

Gameplay Impact on Valorant Matchmaking

The addition of Iso to the Valorant roster promises to shake up the competitive landscape. As a duelist, Agent 23 is geared toward eliminating opponents and causing disruption. His abilities offer a unique mix of defensive and offensive utility, making him a versatile choice for players who want to take charge of engagements. While his kit appears daunting, it rewards players who can wield it effectively.

Everything We Know About ISO - New Valorant Agent 23
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Iso's “Kill Contract” ultimate, in particular, introduces a novel dynamic to Valorant's tactical gameplay. The ability to isolate an opponent in a 1v1 arena can be a game-deciding moment and adds an element of suspense and strategy to matches.

Furthermore, Iso's “Double Tap” ability requires players to demonstrate their aiming skills, making him an attractive choice for those who value precise gunplay over flashy mobility. The “Undercut” ability provides Agent 23 with the tools to disrupt enemy defenses and create opportunities for his team.

However, it's important to note that Iso's abilities are not just about individual skill; they can also be strategically integrated into team compositions. His “Contingency” ability, with its indestructible wall of energy, offers valuable cover for his team, and his “Double Tap” shield can be used to protect teammates.


Valorant's new agent, Iso, is set to be a game-changer in Episode 7 Act 3. With a unique set of abilities that promote precise gunplay and offer new strategic opportunities, Agent 23 adds a fresh dimension to the game. Whether you're a skilled marksman looking for a duelist who rewards accuracy or a team player seeking ways to create tactical advantages, Iso has something for everyone. As Valorant continues to evolve, agents like Agent 23 keep the game exciting, dynamic, and competitive. The tactical landscape of Valorant will never be the same with Iso's arrival, and players are eager to experience the power of the “bulletproof wizard” for themselves.

Everything We Know About Iso – New Valorant Agent 23
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