The End of an Era: Mixwell Retires From Competitive Valorant

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The End of an Era: Mixwell Retires From Competitive Valorant

Professional Valorant player Mixwell officially retires from competitive play.

Pro player Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas announces his official retirement from professional Valorant. The former in-game leader for Team Heretics declared his time in Valorant to be done. The former CS:GO pro switched to Valorant and established a decorated career in esports. He was a part of Team Heretics for about a year after leaving his team, G2 Esports, back in October of 2022. Even though the team didn’t perform the best in terms of results, Mixwell has been a sort of anchor for the group and has been an essential part since the beginning.

How Mixwell Started

Before his Valorant Career Mixwell was a veteran in the CS:GO pro scene. His career had its inception in 2012. He began expanding his skills and became a skilled wielder of the AWP. Slowly he established himself as a top-level player and became a decorated legend.

New Beginnings

Mixwell had a great start to his Valorant career by joining G2 Esports in June 2020. As time went by he began to rise as a part of the Tier 1 division of the EMEA region. With him in the captain's seat, G2 was standing strong against every team they faced. They were winning every tournament they participated in and continued to do so in 2021. Despite some losses here and there, the team more or less remained in the big leagues of the scene.

The End of an Era: Mixwell Retires From Competitive Valorant

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The International Scene also had its fair share of the legend’s stardom as well. We saw G2 and Mixwell place in the top four in the 2021 Masters: Berlin. They showed great resilience but ended up losing to Gambit Esports, who went on to win the tournament. Despite being unable to qualify for Champions 2021 in Berlin that year and being absent from the global scene for some time, Mixwell made a comeback in 2022 by qualifying for Masters: Reykjavik as EMEA’s top seed. They ended the event placing top six.

The Final Chapter

As G2 Esports decided to stop pursuing Valorant, Mixwell’s career took a turn when joined Team Heretics and prepared for the 2023 season. Despite showing great promise and individual talent, the roster could not make a strong enough impact in the EMEA League. Things started to look bad as Team Heretics ended up in last place during the VCT LOCK//IN event. The poor performance continued as they fell in the EMEA League as well. Their 2023 season ended with their loss in the EMEA LCQ.

Mixwell announced his retirement in his Twitch stream and followed up with a post on Twitter/X. He will remain in Team Heretics as a Content Creator. He shared his feelings about ending another chapter of his life and expressed his hope for new opportunities in the future.

Team Heretics Current Roster:

The End of an Era: Mixwell Retires From Competitive Valorant
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