Gambit Esports Wins The Second Valorant Masters In Berlin

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Gambit Esports Wins The Second Valorant Masters In Berlin

Gambit puts the EMEA region on top of Valorant Esports.

Gambit Esports took down a formidable Team Envy to win the second international Valorant Masters. The all-star Russian team secured the championship with a scoreline of 3-0. Many Valorant pundits expected a closer affair between both sides after extraordinary performances against 100Thievies & G2 Esports in their respective Semifinal encounters. However, the Finals turned out to be pretty one-sided, with Gambit Esports sweeping all three maps consecutively in the Bo5 format.

Gambit Esports vs. Team Envy Recap

The first match on Bind began with Team Envy defending against Gambit Esports. The first half saw a decent performance from both teams, with Envy slipping few points at the end, though finished with a lead of two points and a scoreline of 7-5. The second half saw Gambit Esports defending beautifully and did not allow the Envy players to gain space anywhere. They slowly choked Envy out and emerged victorious in overtime.

The second match saw Haven coming into action. Team Envy was ruthless in their first attacking half, gathering more than eight crucial points in the second half. But Gambit Esports had other ideas; they slowly choked Team Envy on their attacking half and came down from a 4-8 deficit to win the map out of nowhere. During the second half, Gambit Esports countered the Killjoy of FNS, which turned to be a poor pick. Also, they were able to counter the operator of Yay as they rotated intelligently by using their recon and sentinel abilities.

The third and final match on Split also turned out to be pretty similar to the other two maps. Team Envy started the game defending on the defensive-favored map, but they failed to capitalize on their opportunity, with the first half ending at an equal score of 6-6. Gambit Esports was too good for the likings of Envy during their attacking half, as they were only able to enter and plant three times as Gambit took over the map, series & Championship quite comfortably.

Apart from taking home a big cash prize of $225,800; Gambit Esports has also qualified for the Valorant Championship 2021 held at the end of this year. Stay tuned to ESTNN for further updates on Valorant Championship 2021.

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