“It’s Not Fun Playing Against Them” – EG Boostio On Losing Versus PRX

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“It’s Not Fun Playing Against Them” – EG Boostio On Losing Versus PRX

The IGL of Evil Geniuses, Kelden “Boostio” Pupello, speaks on Paper Rex’s aggression and how it feels “impossible” to play around them

Paper Rex secured the Grand Final of Champions 2023 by defeating Evil Geniuses in a 2-1 series. After this Upper Final match, EG are now required to fight in the Lower Final to keep their dream alive for the biggest trophy of this year. Kelden “Boostio” Pupello, the in-game leader for the North Americans, spoke on PRX’s aggressive playstyle in a post-match press conference, where he pointed out how it feels impossible to play around that.

“This match and Tokyo match felt so similar,” Boostio answered when asked about how it feels playing against the unorthodox style of Paper Rex. “It feels so impossible sometimes just to play rounds against them, and it’s like honestly just not fun to play against them.”

“They’re Just So Aggressive” – Boostio On PRX’s Playstyle

“It’s Not Fun Playing Against Them” – EG Boostio On Losing Versus PRX

Credit: Riot Games

Speaking about the Singaporeans’ playstyle, Boostio commented, “They’re really good, but they’re just so aggressive. Like, I’ll be trying to call something, and then two of them swing on mid-doors, and then we’ll trade, and then it’s not the best call anymore because they know where we are at. So, there’s a lot going on versing them, and it sucks, but umm, what are you gonna do?”

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In their previous encounter at Masters Tokyo, Paper Rex were able to take the match to the distance in the Lower Bracket’s Best of 5 even with a substitute player, and it’s clear that the Asian squad’s fast and aggressive playstyle posed a challenge to Boostio’s team. This time around at Champions 2023, with the full roster active, Paper Rex have managed to win their revenge match.