Evil Geniuses Clinch Grand Finals Spot in VCT Masters Tokyo

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Evil Geniuses Clinch Grand Finals Spot in VCT Masters Tokyo

Evil Geniuses beat Paper Rex, advance to VCT Masters Tokyo Grand Finals

In a thrilling lower finals clash at the Masters Tokyo, Evil Geniuses emerged victorious with a 3-2 win over Paper Rex. Despite Evil Geniuses being the favorites, the unpredictable nature of the Paper Rex squad meant that any outcome was within the realm of possibility. The match itself was as intense as it gets, pushing both teams to their limits before EG closed the series on the fifth map.

Evil Geniuses
Credit: Riot Games

Evil Geniuses started the best-of-five series with a resounding 13-7 win on the map Fracture, extending their win streak on this map to 5-0 in Tokyo Masters. The Pacific champions answered right back on Map 2, edging out a narrow victory. The catalyst behind PRX's win on Lotus was Jinggg, who put on a Raze masterclass to close out the map. Building upon that momentum, PRX took another win on Split after rallying back from a 7-1 deficit.

With their back against the wall, EG turned the tides of the match with a dominating win on Pearl, thanks to Boostio's flawless performance on Killjoy. After four maps filled with grueling competition, it looked like anyone’s game, but EG had momentum following their Map 4 victory.

However, it was the Singaporean org that initially gained the upper hand in the final map, taking a 3-0 lead. When the Pacific dream seemed to be on the horizon, the North Americans pulled off a thrifty round to make it 3-1. From that point onward, EG never looked back. After finishing the first half 8-4, EG went on to secure the map comfortably in the second half, sealing the BO5 in their favor.

With this win, Evil Geniuses have ended the miracle run of Paper Rex and clinched a Grand Finals spot in an international Valorant event for the first time ever. Awaiting them in the Grand Finals are the EMEA Giants, FNATIC, who are determined to add another international LAN trophy to their season's accolades.

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Evil Geniuses Clinch Grand Finals Spot in VCT Masters Tokyo
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