Dota 2 Sniper Guide – Lethal Shots From Long-Range

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Dota 2 Sniper Guide – Lethal Shots From Long-Range

Take a look at this guide to help you deal lethal shots from long-range while playing Sniper in Dota 2.

Ranged heroes can be tons of fun to play in the massively multiplayer game. Heroes with ranged attacks can strike their enemies from a distance, giving them adequate time to recover from damage. People who like to play safe prefer choosing ranged heroes to avoid feeding the enemy team with easy kills. 

Melee heroes are better at close combat fighting, making them stronger with each successive attack. Picking the right ranged hero to counter melee heroes can be a deciding factor in your victories. Many people play ranged heroes to hit enemy heroes from undetectable locations on the map. 

Sniper is an Agility hero with incredible range on his physical attacks, making him a suitable counter against carry heroes. Dota 2 players can play a few games with Sniper to get dozens of kills without dying in the game. 

Here’s a deep dive into how you can get more kills at long-range with Sniper. 

Sniper – Agility Hero Who can Deal
Lethal Shots from Long-Range

Sniper celebrates after killing enemies from long-range

Sniper is a carry hero with a starting range of 550. You can increase the range on his physical attacks as you level up in the game with Sniper. The Agility hero can stay at a comfortable distance while shooting down enemy heroes in the strategy game. 

You can take the mid lane to level up faster in Dota 2 while playing Sniper. The mid lane provides waves of creeps to help Sniper gain more gold per minute (GPM). You can hit last shots in the mid lane to earn plenty of gold to buy early game items for easy kills. 

Early game items like Wraith Band and Falcon Blade can increase the attack damage of Sniper to get plenty of last hits in the mid lane. Most people who go mid with Sniper buy a Bottle to store and activate Bounty runes from the river. These Bounty runes can be used to restore a bit of health and mana for Sniper by storing them in a Bottle. 

You can buy a few Enchanted Mangoes and Clarity potions to replenish mana for the Agility hero while farming. Sniper can cast Shrapnel to deal 25 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units for 10 seconds. Shrapnel affects all enemy units in a radius of 400 and slows the movement speed of enemies by 12% at level one. 

A maxed out Shrapnel can deal up to 70 DPS. Shrapnel slows down enemy units by 30% at level 4. Sniper gains 3 charges of Shrapnel that requires 75 mana per cast. Each charge of Shrapnel can take 35 seconds to recharge. 

You can spray Shrapnel in the mid lane to kill waves of enemy creeps from long-range. Many people stand around the tower in the mid lane to gain bonus armor and protection while farming with Sniper. He has a projectile speed of 3000, letting him act quick against enemy heroes fleeing battles in Dota 2. 

The Talent Tree can help you upgrade Shrapnel to make Sniper a dangerous hero in the game. Shrapnel slows enemy units by an additional 14% at level 15. You can deal a bonus 24 DPS with Shrapnel at level 20. Sniper gains 6 more charges of Shrapnel at level 25, turning Sniper into an effective long-range hero in the game. 

Sniper can increase the range of his physical attacks by leveling up Take Aim. The Agility hero gains 100 attack range at level one. You can max out Take Aim to provide up to 400 bonus attack range of the carry hero. Sniper can take loads of free kills from long-range by dealing lethal shots after leveling up Take Aim in Dota 2. 

You can activate Take Aim to provide a 100% chance of triggering Headshot for 3 seconds. Sniper will have his movement speed slowed by 45% while Take Aim is active. Take Aim has a cooldown of 14 seconds. You can increase the duration of Take Aim by a second at level 10 through the Talent Tree. 

The increased attack range of Sniper makes him a carry hero with high potential for killing enemy heroes without losing his kill streaks. You can use his passive ability, Headshot, to gain a 40% chance to deal 20 bonus damage per hit at level one. Headshot can push back enemy heroes by a distance of 10, giving Sniper sufficient space and time to destroy his enemies from afar. 

His ulti, Assassinate, can deal up to 550 damage at level one. Enemy units affected by Assassinate will be stunned for a second. Sniper can take up to 2 seconds to channel Assassinate in the game. You can decrease the channeling duration of Assassinate to 0.5 seconds by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter. 

Sniper can deal up to 700 damage with his ulti after maxing it out. Assassinate can stun enemies for up to 1.5 seconds at level 3. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 275 mana in the game. His ulti has a maximum cast range of 3000. 

Items to Buy for Sniper to hit
Lethal Shots from Long-Range

Mask of Madness

Mask of Madness grants Sniper 10 attack speed and 10 attack damage. The Agility hero gains 24% Lifesteal against enemy heroes by purchasing Mask of Madness in the game. The item costs 1775 gold. 

Sniper can activate Mask of Madness to use Berserk for 6 seconds. Berserk provides a bonus attack speed of 110 and 30 movement speed bonus. It has a cooldown of 16 seconds and consumes 25 mana. 

Dragon Lance

Dragon Lance provides 150 attack range, letting Sniper shoot his weapon from long-range. It also gives 15 Agility and 12 Strength to Sniper. Dragon Lance can be upgraded to Hurricane Pike later in the game. You can buy a Dragon Lance for 1900 gold. 


Crystalys grants 32 attack damage to Sniper. The item gives a 30% chance to deal 160% critical damage with physical attacks while playing Sniper in Dota 2. Crystalys can be bought for 1950 gold. You can upgrade Crystalys to Daedalus for additional damage.

Hand of Midas

Hand of Midas gives Sniper 40 attack speed. It can be purchased for 2200 gold in the game. 

The increased attack speed and attack range of Sniper can be used to annihilate enemy heroes before the first 20 minutes of the game. Hand of Midas lets Sniper instantly kill creeps for bonus gold and experience.

Best Allies for Sniper to deal
Lethal Shots from Long-Range

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight stuns an enemy hero to let Sniper deal more damage during battle

Dragon Knight is a Strength hero who can help Sniper get long-range kills in Dota 2. People can switch between melee attacks and ranged attacks while playing Dragon Knight in the game. He can splash damage to nearby enemies and stun opponents with his skills to assist Sniper in battles and team fights. 

Allies can cast Dragon Tail on enemy units to stun them for up to 3 seconds. Dragon Tail deals 160 damage and provides plenty of time for Sniper to land Headshots on enemy heroes. Teammates can cast Dragon Tail once every 10 seconds and consumes 100 mana per cast. 

The passive ability, Dragon Blood, provides 13 health regeneration and 13 armor to the Strength hero. Dragon Knight can tank damage from enemy heroes and towers without having to go back to his base for healing after maxing out Dragon Blood. 

Sniper can use Shrapnel to restrain the movement of enemy heroes, giving Dragon Knight the courage to close in on his opponents. Sniper can let Dragon Knight Breathe Fire on enemies to deal 320 damage to them in battles. 

Breathe Fire will also reduce the attack damage of enemy units by 30%, making enemy attacks less brutal against Sniper and Dragon Knight during team fights. The damage reduction caused by Breathe Fire can last for up to 11 seconds, weakening attacks of carry heroes in the enemy team. Breathe Fire has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 105 mana. 

His ulti, Elder Dragon Form, can be used to provide ranged attacks to the Dragon Knight. The Strength hero gains 350 attack range as a bonus by activating his ulti. Attack modifiers like Corrosive Breath, Splash attacks, and Frost Breath can make Dragon Knight a reliable ally to Sniper while hitting enemies from long-range. 


Tidehunter weakens the armor of enemies to let Sniper get easy kills

Tidehunter is a durable Strength hero who tank damage from enemy heroes, allowing Sniper to obliterate enemies from a distance. Allies can use Gush to reduce the armor of enemy units by 6 for 4.5 seconds. Enemy units affected by Gush take up to 260 damage and have their movement speed slowed by 40%. Gush has a cooldown of 12 seconds and consumes 115 mana. 

People playing Tidehunter can use Ravage to stun multiple enemy units around the Strength hero in radius of 1250. His ulti, Ravage, deals 450 damage to enemies and stuns them for 2.8 seconds. Ravage has a cooldown of 150 seconds and requires 325 mana. 


Mars dispositions enemies with Spear of Mars to provide quick kills for Sniper

Mars can disable enemy heroes in battles to let Sniper Assassinate them from long-range. He can use Spear of Mars to deal 325 damage to his opponents during team fights. Spear of Mars will also stun enemy units for up to 2.6 seconds. It has a cast range of 1200. 

His ulti, Arena of Blood, can be used to trap enemy heroes in Dota 2. Arena of Blood will prevent enemies from hitting Sniper, letting the carry hero survive longer. Sniper can use Shrapnel inside Arena of Blood to deal more damage.

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