Dota 2: Six Teams That Will Miss Out on The Lima Major 2023

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Dota 2: Six Teams That Will Miss Out on The Lima Major 2023

The teams we'll miss out on seeing in action at the Lima Major 2023.

The Lima Major 2023 will be the first big Dota 2 event of 2023, following the end of Tour 1 in all regions. We’ve already created a Lima Major Predictions Guide, discussing the teams with the highest chances of winning. This article will be great for those who are interested in betting on Dota 2 because we can also give you access to some of the best Dota 2 betting websites in the world.

We already know the names of all teams that will try to win the first big Major of 2023. Following the epic Division I matches, the best in the world have earned their spot in the event, which means it will be very intriguing to watch. Sadly, not every world-class Dota 2 team lived up to the expectations, especially in some regions.

We are a couple of days away from the beginning if The Lima Major, which is why it’s time to take a step back and take a look at all of the big teams that won’t be attending the event. Some fans will be disappointed following this article, but we can assure you that the best in the world will compete in Lima, Peru.



Starting with the elephant in the room, the first big Dota 2 team that won’t be able to participate in the tournament is OG. Bzm and the rest had a good start in Division I in WEU because the team won 4 series after losing its first match against Tundra Esports. However, even this wasn’t enough for the team to secure a slot for the Major.

Once Week 3 in the WEU DPC was over, OG, Tundra, and Entity took part in the Tiebreaker. Everyone thought that Tundra and OG would succeed, but in the end, it was Entity that came on top. Stormstormer and the rest defeated their opponents in the last game and secured themselves a slot for the event.

Despite being one of the fan-favorite teams, OG was unable to live up to the expectations, and the team missed out on the event. Hopefully, we can see Yuragi and the rest in the second Major.

Team Secret 


While it is true that Nigma Galaxy also deserves to be on the list, we didn’t want to include too many teams from Western Europe. Consequently, the number 2 spot on the list goes to Team Secret, TI 11’s finalist.

Secret has always been a team that’s either playing really strong or struggling to defeat everyone. It seems like Puppey’s squad is in its second “phase” right now because the team actually finished last in Division I. This was shocking, to say the least because Team Secret reached TI 11’s Final and played really well before that.

One of the reasons for the team’s lack of good results is the removal of Nisha. For some reason, Secret decided to part ways with their best player, who became a part of Team Liquid. Even though Secret added a solid carry player to fill in his role, it seems like this wasn’t enough or the team to shine.

BOOM Esports

A menacing wolf head with dark fur is above the word BOOM on a white background as the BOOM Esports logo

Even though every single Dota 2 DPC 2023 region had its surprises, none came close to Southeast Asia. This was the region where everything went wrong for the two powerhouses – BOOM Esports and Fnatic. 

Starting with the first one, BOOM established itself as one of the best in the region a couple of years ago. The team qualified for TI 11 and even eliminated Team Spirit, the current TI champion at the time. However, it seems like even this wasn’t enough because the team finished second-last in Division I and will have to head over to Division II


Fnatic esports organization logo

As mentioned, the results in SEA’s Division I shocked everyone, which explains why we won’t see the two big powerhouses at The Lima Major. In addition to BOOM Esports, Fnatic also failed to qualify for the event. Even more surprising is that the team finished last in Division I, meaning it has to play in Division II.

The bad news for Fnatic’s fans is that the organization decided to take a small break, which means Fnatic won’t participate in the next Tour’s Division II. We hope that this will be temporary because Fnatic is one of SEA’s top-tier clubs, and it will always have a key role in the region.

Xtreme Gaming


China is the only Dota 2 region besides Western Europe that gets 4 Major slots. Although most of the big names in the country secured their slot or The Lima Major, one team failed to live up to the expectations. Its name is Xtreme Gaming, and it finished 5th, which means it just missed out on the Major slot.

Xtreme Gaming was one of the big favorites for a Major slot, especially after the first 3 days of action. Paparazi and the rest started with 3 wins and 1 loss after Week 3, so everything expected the squad to qualify. However, after losing the series against PSG.LGD, XG had to take part in the Tiebreaker.

Despite being the favorite against EHOME, the latter wanted to win more, which is why Night and co. secured the last slot for the Major. Sadly, Xtreme Gaming didn’t live up to their fans’  expectations and will have to prepare for the second Major.


The logo on a white bear baring its teeth appears over a orange and white background intersected by a black line

The last big team we won’t see in Lima a few weeks from now is none other than Virtus.Pro. Once CIS’s biggest team, VP has had many problems in the last 2 years that kept it from dominating in the region and on the international scene. After going through several roster changes, it seems like the Eastern European squad is yet to find a formula that will allow it to succeed.

Although it was one of the favorites in EEU’s Division I, VP finished 4th and wasn’t able to get one of the Major slots. Eastern Europe only has 3 Major slots, and they went for Team Spirit, BetBoom Team, and HellRaisers. 

There are a couple of other big names that also deserve to be on this list, such as South America’s Thunder Awaken. Once the best in the region, EG’s arrival changed everything and prevented the squad from qualifying for the Major.

Natus Vincere and nouns are also 2 big names that we won’t be able to see in action, at least not yet. Hopefully, all of them will make the necessary changes and start winning.


Dota 2: Six Teams That Will Miss Out on The Lima Major 2023
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