Fallen SEA Giants Fnatic to Take a Break from Dota 2 

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Fallen SEA Giants Fnatic to Take a Break from Dota 2 

The legendary team, Fnatic, will not be taking part in the next DPC Tour following relegation to Division 2

Dota 2’s decade-long competitor Fnatic announced that they will be disbanding — at least for the time being. The decision was announced on February 10, and it came in light of their last-place finish in the Winter Tour of the Dota Pro Circuit, which resulted in a drop to Division 2 for the first time in the history of the team. 

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The squad was unable to unleash its full potential during SEA DPC Tour I, which led the veteran side to rethink the continued existence of their Dota 2 roster.

Starting from their first game against Execration, they managed to take games off of four different teams, but weren’t able to close those series out. Their only victory came against Talon Esports, while they were swept straight by Bleed Esports and Geek Slate. It would have been possible for them to avoid relegation if they had managed to clinch any of their many close series, but they didn’t have it in them to cover that last mile. 

Fnatic’s Chief Gaming Officer Patrik Sättermon sent out an official statement explaining the decision for Fnatic to temporarily disband its Dota 2 squad, expressing gratitude to their team and staff and wishing them great success on the road ahead. The organization has also vowed to support its players and staff through this trying time and claimed it was trying to find them new teams to join.  

From appearances in a multitude of top-level tournaments — online and offline — Fnatic has been a part of the upper echelon of Dota for a very long time, and has attended many iterations of The International. 

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The SEA team headquartered in Europe became one of the most respected teams in the last decade with experienced players such as fan favorite Djardel “DJ” Mampusti, who spent 6 years with the squad, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung, who played for the team for a long time before becoming its coach, and Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin, who was instrumental in their top 4 finish at TI6. 

Before Fnatic goes into hiatus, their current 5-man lineup will make appearances at the Southeast Asian BTS Pro Series Season 14, which will end on February 16. 

The final roster until the team reunites:

  • Djardel “DJ” Mampusti
  • Damien “kpii” Chok
  • Kim “Gabbi” Santos
  • Jaunuel “Jaunuel” Arcilla
  • Armel “Armel” Tabios

While it remains uncertain when the clan will return to Dota 2 again, the memories they have created over their decade-long stay in the game will remain in the hearts of fans for a lifetime. 

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Fallen SEA Giants Fnatic to Take a Break from Dota 2 
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