Dota 2: The Lima Major Predictions – Which Teams To Focus On?

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Dota 2: The Lima Major Predictions – Which Teams To Focus On?

The Lima Major will be the first big event of the 2023 DPC because it will attract the best 18 teams in the world. The participants had to survive in the deadly Division I and finish in the top spots to get a slot for the event. Speaking of the devil, this Major will take place on February 22 and will have a $500,000 prize pool.

Instead of going through all of the things you should be aware of about the first 2023 DPC Major, this article will focus on the Dota 2 fans and online bettors who want to pick a favorite. is home to some of the top Dota 2 betting sites, and all of them will offer people the option to wager on this event, so let’s go through some of the big favorites that players can focus on.

Remember that Dota 2 is an unpredictable game, which means you can never be sure what will happen. So, don’t be surprised if some of the underdogs step up their game and rip through their competitors.

Team Liquid


If you have to pick just one team and bet on it, we think Team Liquid is probably the best option. After the arrival of Nisha, the squad from Western Europe has been on another level. They also have the results to back them up because Team Liquid secured 7 wins in the 2023 Western European Division I and finished first.

Winning the most competitive DPC region without losing a single game is impressive, to say the least. Therefore, Nisha, miCKe, zai, and the rest are among the biggest favorite for this tournament. 

If we take a look at the team’s performance before Nisha’s arrival, we can see that 2022 was not the best year for the club. Despite securing 3rd place at The International 11, Liquid didn’t win a single big event. In fact, the team’s last big victory was in 2020 when it won ESL One Germany 2020.

People expected the team to have problems after MATUMBAMAN announced that he’d leave, but this wasn’t the case. Nisha’s arrival from Team Secret has changed everything and made Liquid one of the best in the world and the big favorite for winning The Lima Major 2023.

BetBoom Team


To be honest, we didn’t expect we’d include BetBoom on the list, especially after the team’s questionable performance in 2022. However, the organization made drastic roster changes and got a mixture of young and experienced players. Its most recent addition was TORONTOTOKYO, and it seems like it was for the better because the squad ripped through their competition in Eastern Europe’s Division I DPC.

BetBoom did not have any problems against the other big names in Eastern Europe and won all of its matches. Even more impressive is the way the team won because most matches were not close. The only exception here is the series against Team Spirit, but this was expected.

Even though we do not have information about The Lima Major Group Stage, BetBoom Team will undoubtedly be one of the names people will pay attention to. No wonder some of the top-tier online bookmakers where you can wager on Dota 2 also regard this team as one of the hidden favorites.



Normally, we’d include Team Aster when it comes down to favorites from China. However, after the matches in the Chinese DPC Division I, it became clear that the king was back yet again because PSG.LGD finished first.

Truth be told, LGD’s conquest wasn’t easy because Aster and Knights were next to them all the time. The latter is one of China’s new teams, but it seems the players know what they’re doing because they’ve impressed everyone with their results.

Back to PSG.LGD, China’s powerhouse in the last couple of years, was the best in the region throughout 2022. However, it failed to live up to the expectations at TI 11, which is why the team made 3 big roster changes. LGD parted ways with Ame, one of their legendary players, and welcomed Shiro. The club also added planet and Li “项羽” Longwu.

The roster changes were successful because LGD won the 2023 China DPC Division I. Needless to say, many people consider this to be the second-best region in the DPC right now, so the best team here is definitely among the favorites for The Lima Major.

Tundra Esports


Even though Nine and his squad didn’t impress us that much with their results in WEU’s Division I, the team qualified for the event. Needless to say, the current TI champion has to be among the Lima Major predictions list, especially when you consider how Tundra won the event.

33 and the rest of his team were flawless at The International, and the team continued its dominance in the DPC. However, Tundra lost 3 series that we didn’t expect. This meant that the squad had to play in the Tiebreakers against OG and Entity for the 3rd and 4th Major slots.

Although it wasn’t easy, Tundra eventually defeated its opponents and secured third place in the 2023 DPC WEU Division I. This may not seem that impressive, but we must remember that WEU is way more competitive than any other Dota 2 region. In other words, we’re confident that Tundra won’t have any difficulties against its opponents from other regions.

Honorable Mentions

As you can see, we think that either a team from WEU, EEU or China will win The Lima Major 2023. North America, South America, and SEA also have their chances, but judging from what we’ve seen, we don’t think they can compete against the best from the other regions.


With that said, Team Aster and TSM are definitely 2 teams that can surprise everyone with their results. The North American powerhouse finished first in Division I and became the only NA team to reach a Major Final in 2022. As for Aster, the latter became the best-performing Chinese team at TI 11.


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Dota 2: The Lima Major Predictions – Which Teams To Focus On?
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