Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Burn Enemies to Win Battles

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Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Burn Enemies to Win Battles

You can burn your enemies to their death to win battles in Dota 2 matches with Phoenix. 

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You can choose to play the tank role in your team to absorb loads of damage from enemy heroes. Tank heroes can make it easier for the rest of the team to focus their attacks on their opponents to win team fights. You can pick Strength heroes like Phoenix and Chaos Knight to mitigate enemy heroes during epic battles in the massively multiplayer game. 

Take a look at how you can burn your opponents to defeat the enemy team in the strategy game while playing Phoenix. 

Phoenix – Use Sun Ray to Fry Your Enemies

Phoenix uses Sun Ray on Ancient Apparition

Phoenix is a tank hero who can use several spells to burn enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. It can send forth a blast of Sun Ray to fry enemy heroes in lanes from a safe distance. Sun Ray is an active ability that can be used to deal 32 damage per second (DPS) and burn up to 6.3% of the max health of enemy heroes as
additional damage. 

The enormous cast range of Sun Ray makes it convenient to burn enemy heroes without getting hit by them in team fights. Any allied unit that comes into contact with the Sun Ray is healed for a portion of their health per second. Sun Ray has a cooldown of 30 seconds and consumes 130 mana to be used per cast. You can amplify the damage dealt by all of Phoenix’s spells by 6% through the Talent Tree by reaching level 10.

The increased projectile speed of Phoenix allows the Strength hero to cast Sun Ray with incredible accuracy to burn enemy heroes. You can purchase an Aghanim’s Shard for Phoenix to be able to cast Sun Ray while its ulti, Supernova, is active. Melee heroes in your team can make it a point to attack enemy heroes while Sun Ray passes through your allies to regain their health during team fights. 

Phoenix – Nuke Creeps in Lanes

Phoenix uses Sun Ray in its lane

Pushing lanes can be an instrumental strategy to use to win more matches in Dota 2. Phoenix is a support hero with a number of spells that can be cast on enemy creeps in any lane to earn bonus gold and experience throughout the game. 

You can use spells like Fire Spirits and Sun Ray to deal burn damage to enemy creeps. People can release Fire Spirits on multiple enemy units to destroy waves of creeps with the Strength hero. These spirits summoned by Phoenix can last for 20 seconds and deal 80 DPS for 4 seconds to all enemy units in a radius of 200. 

Phoenix can use Sun Ray to kill enemy creeps faster while enemy heroes are missing from the lanes. Players can blast enemy creeps with their abilities to push lanes and destroy enemy towers to increase their chances of victory in Dota 2 games. 

Phoenix – Counter Agility Heroes with Fire Spirits

Phoenix counts Razor using Fire Spirits

You can use Phoenix to slow the attack speed of Agility heroes in the enemy team using Fire Spirits. Enemy heroes hit by Fire Spirits have their attack speed reduced by 80 for 4 seconds. Agility heroes like Razor and Broodmother can find it difficult to attack your allies after being hit by Fire Spirits in lanes. You can nuke enemy heroes with Fire Spirits to drastically decrease their attack speed over time with Phoenix. 

People can counter enemy heroes like the Lightning Revenant using Fire Spirits after Razor uses Static Link to drain the attack damage of your allies. The increased attack damage gained by Razor can be ineffective with a lower attack speed, making it harder for Agility heroes to get kills during team fights. 

Phoenix can cast Fire Spirits on Phantom Assassin to reduce her attack speed in battles. Phantom Assassin can blink onto an ally using Phantom Strike to gain a bonus attack speed of 170 for 2 seconds. Phantom Strike has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used per cast. Phoenix can significantly reduce the attack speed of Phantom Assassin by nuking her with Fire Spirits during battles and burn her to deal 80 DPS. 

Phoenix – Increase Your Health Regeneration Rate

Phoenix buys a Vanguard to increase its health regeneration rate

Phoenix has a base health of 660 and gains a massive 3.6 Strength per level. Most of the spells of Phoenix consume a portion of its health to be used in battles. Icarus Dive can take up to 15% of Phoenix’s health per cast. Fire Spirits takes 20% of its current health to be used against enemy heroes. Sun Ray requires 6% of its health to be released during team fights. 

You can purchase items that strengthen the tanking abilities of Phoenix to cast more spells. You can nuke your opponents consistently throughout your matches with Phoenix by purchasing items like Vanguard. Vanguard costs 1825 gold in the game. Phoenix gains 250 health and 7 health regeneration by equipping Vanguard in its inventory. Vanguard will let Phoenix cast Fire Spirits without losing a ton of health between battles. 

People can buy a Tranquil Boots to increase the health regeneration rate of Phoenix by 14. The low cost of Tranquil Boots allows Phoenix to buy the item early in a match. Tranquil Boots can be bought for 925 gold and provides an additional 65 movement speed to Phoenix. You can strike enemies from a safe distance after purchasing a Tranquil Boots to avoid breaking the item, reducing your health regeneration rate after being attacked by enemy units in lanes. 

Phoenix – Dive Out to Escape Enemies

Phoenix escapes out of danger using Icarus Dive

Phoenix can cast Icarus Dive to escape enemy encounters at any time. Icarus Dive has a cast range of 1400 and can be used to dive away from your opponents. Any enemy unit hit by Icarus Dive has its movement speed slowed by 25% and takes 75 burn DPS for 4 seconds. Icarus Dive has a cooldown of 30 seconds and does not need any mana to be used. 

Gamers can use Icarus Dive to jump over ledges and other obstructions on the map to avoid being killed in combat while playing Phoenix. You can carry a few Town Portal Scrolls with you to quickly teleport out of danger after using Icarus Dive. Players can increase the cast range of Icarus Dive by 1000 at level 25 through the Talent Tree. Items like Aether Lens can also help you extend the cast range of Icarus Dive. 

Phoenix – Supernova can Burn Enemies in Team Fights

Phoenix burns enemies using its ulti

Apart from Icarus Dive, Phoenix can cast its ulti to evade death in Dota 2. Phoenix can enter and exit battles using Icarus Dive and use its ulti, Supernova, to burn all enemy units in a radius of 1200 around it. Phoenix deals up to 120 DPS to enemy heroes for 6 seconds using Supernova. Any enemy unit around Phoenix left standing at the end of the duration of Supernova will be stunned for 3 seconds. It can take 10 hits from enemy heroes to destroy Phoenix while Supernova is active. 

Players can purchase a Radiance to increase the burn damage during Supernova. Radiance can be bought for 4700 gold in the game. Phoenix can deal an additional 60 burn DPS to all enemy units around it in a radius of 700 using Radiance. You can scorch enemy heroes after purchasing a Radiance for Phoenix in your matches. 

Best Allies for Phoenix – Mirana

Mirana stuns an enemy heroes to ambush him with Phoenix in her team

Mirana is an eccentric carry hero in the online game. She can cast Sacred Arrow to stun enemy heroes from a maximum range of 3000. Enemy units hit by Sacred Arrow can be stunned for up to 5 seconds. Phoenix can use Sun Ray on stunned enemies to deal massive amounts of damage to them during battles. 

Similar to Icarus Dive, Mirana can use Leap to hop over to enemy heroes in team fights. Leap lets Mirana move forward up to a distance of 575 and gains 100 attack speed bonus for 4 seconds. Mirana can use Starstorm to deal 300 damage to enemy units in a radius of 650.

Her ulti, Moonlight Shadow, turns Phoenix and other allies in her team invisible for 18 seconds. Allied units gain an additional 15% movement speed as a bonus while Moonlight Shadow is active. Phoenix can use Supernova to burn enemy heroes without being detected while hunting for heroes with Mirana. 

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