Dota 2 Patch 7.35b – Least Successful Heroes So Far

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Dota 2 Patch 7.35b – Least Successful Heroes So Far

Let’s look at the least successful heroes in the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b. Some names will surprise you.

The most recent Dota 2 patch 7.35b became available a few days before Christmas, and it included several important buffs and nerfs. Heroes like Outworld Destroyer and Leshrac received pretty big nerfs because 7.35 made them some of the best heroes in the game.

One week after the arrival of the new patch, we have a lot of data to work with, and we can clearly see that certain heroes are not as strong as others. Some of you may be shocked by the names we are about to see, so let’s begin.


Dota 2 Patch 7.35b - Least Successful Heroes So Far

At the time of writing, Broodmother is the least successful Dota 2 hero in the 7.35b patch. The hero was in a terrible state before the new update, but after it arrived, its win rate went down even more, and it is currently at 42%. In other words, this is an option that you should probably avoid getting.

Broodmother became one of the heroes who did not receive any updates in the 7.35 and 7.35b patches. Even though some people thought that this was for the better, the stats show a different story.

Considering Broodmother has been away from the meta for some time now, we expect this to be one of the heroes that will receive substantial buffs in the next patch. She has always been in a weird position, but a 42% win rate is too low, and Valve will probably take action.


Dota 2 Patch 7.35b - Least Successful Heroes So Far


The second name after Broodmother, when it comes down to the least successful heroes, is Batrider. At the time of writing, Batrider’s win rate is around 43%, which is a bit better than Brood's but not good enough. 

To be honest, most people are surprised by this hero’s current win rate and the fact that it also dropped by more than 3% in the last week. If we analyze the change log, we can see that Batrider was one of the heroes that received a lot of buffs. We expected this to have a positive impact on the hero’s win rate, but it seems like this is not the case.

Considering that the new patch became available around a week ago, we expect to see some changes in the next couple of days. One of the reasons for Batrider’s strange win rate is the fact that other offlaners like Mars are becoming more popular than him. 


Despite the fact that Pangolier’s win rate is just a hair above 44%, the positive change here is that it is up more than 2% in the last week. Before the 7.35 Dota 2 patch arrived, the hero was one of the worst in the game. Now, things are slowly starting to change, but he continues to be one of the least successful heroes of the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b.

In terms of the changes that made Pango a better pick, his Shield ZCrash, HP regen, and talents got slightly better than before. In case you don’t remember, Pangolier has been one of the most dominant midders through 2023, but big nerfs before 7.35 related to his mana made him one of the worst heroes in the game.

Nowadays, you can see him in the mid-lane, but a lot of people have started picking him in the offlane. We’ll keep an eye on the hero and see how he’ll change in the future because Pangolier is very interesting.


When it comes down to the least successful heroes in the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b, Tinker has a special place. He is one of those midders that has never been that big because of the way he plays. He is very complex and requires a lot of farm, and the worst thing about him is that he is fragile.

Tinker’s stats are not impressive at all because his current win rate is 44.50%. We expected to see a positive change because of the buffs he got, but it turns out that this is not the case. Instead, the hero dropped around 2.5% from his win rate, making it the worst midlaner you can get right now (if we exclude Pangolier).

One of the big problems with Tinker is the fact that Valve decided to remove March of the Machines several patches ago. Although the new ability makes the hero harder to kill, his farming speed is not the same. Moreover, he is not that effective at pushing or defending.


There are certain carriers that are very popular in pro matches but can’t dominate the PUB game, and Terrorblade is the next example. If we analyze all of the big tournaments in 2023, we can see that TB had a place in them because he was one of the hot picks for all teams. Sadly, this popularity is not reflected in the PUB Dota 2 results because his win rate is a little below 45%.

Following the changes in 7.35 and the fact that the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b did not bring any nerfs to the hero, we expected him to become a lot more popular. While it’s true that his win rate is slowly going up, it is not as fast as some people want it to be. 

Speaking of changes, Terrorblade’s Demon Zeal now applies Reflection Illusions with a 50% effectiveness, and Terror Wave will now follow the hero, and it will disappear if he is killed. The heroes' talents also received some buffs, so we think the heroes' win rate will increase even more.


Overall, the Dota 2 Patch 7.35b changes are good, and most heroes received an increase in their win rate. Of course, certain names are better than others, but keep in mind that the meta is still new. In other words, we expect to see at least a few more changes in the future.

Dota 2 Patch 7.35b – Least Successful Heroes So Far
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