Dota 2: New Hero Release And Patch 7.29 Confirmed For April

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Dota 2: New Hero Release And Patch 7.29 Confirmed For April

The highly expected new hero and patch awaits.

Valve recently introduced an update to revamp the experience for new players in Dota 2. The update includes many changes and fresh additions to the game. The update also contains a small paragraph which reveals the release date for the new hero and 7.29 patch.

The balance focused 7.29 patch will come on April 6, 2021. Valve is also introducing the new hero on the same day. Although it's still not certain who the new hero will be, many in the community are speculating it will be Selemene.

Selemene is a goddess of the Moon worshiped by Mirana and Luna. According to theories on reddit, the beginning of the newly launched anime Dota: Dragon’s Blood’s trailer says “he lays the flowers, she will return”. It is not clear from the theory crafting alone if the trailer is indeed talking about Selemene, and hinting that she'll be the new hero. However, if it's true, Dota fans can add another hero similar to Mirana and Luna to their line-ups.

Apart from the new player updates, the Dota anime series also launched today! You can stream it now on Netflix.

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The 7.29 patch is out now along with long-awaited new hero Dawnbreaker — a melee strength hero who crushes enemies with her celestial hammer. Learn more about her abilities and get a brief item guide here.

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