Dota 2: New Hero Dawnbreaker First Impressions

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Dota 2: New Hero Dawnbreaker First Impressions

The most awaited new Dota 2 hero is finally out. ESTNN takes a brief look at important aspects of Dawnbreaker.

The release of the new hero Dawnbreaker was like a cherry on top of the 7.29 patch. The update included vast changes. You can check out the top changes here in a quick & digestible format.

Dawnbreaker is a strength based hero whose base health and mana pool are 720 and 315, respectively. She also has 3.3 armor which is decent considering her good health pool. After a short analysis of her abilities, it is safe to conclude that Dawnbreaker is a semi-support hero. Although initially most players will try out the hero as a core, it may fall off after a few balancing updates, very similar to Snapfire.

Ability Guide

Each of Dawnbreaker's core abilities have their pros and cons on paper. But there's always more than first meets the eye in Dota, so here's a preliminary run down of what you can expect to happen when you hit the keys.


The Starbreaker is an AOE physical damage and stun ability which seems great when used in conjunction with other heroes. The skill itself does not provide high damage to severely damage enemy heroes, unless Dawnbreaker builds damage dealing items.

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Celestial Hammer

Celestial Hammer is a mobility, damage and slow spell. Dawnbreaker throws an axe which damages enemy heroes, it also leaves a trail of fire which slows down the enemy and deals damage overtime. The axe lands and comes back to Dawnbreaker after a two second period. Dawnbreaker can recall the hammer, pulling her half way towards it.

Strength heroes usually lack mobility and get kited easily. Celestial Hammer is a great spell to have on a strength based hero like Dawnbreaker. It can work well with items like Blink Dagger or Overwhelming Blink.


Like most other heroes in Dota 2, Dawnbreaker has a passive ability which charges up with each attack the hero does. After three attacks, Dawnbreaker hits with a critical strike. The damage of her attacks depends on the level of Luminosity and items Dawnbreaker has.

Solar Guardian

Solar Guardian is Dawnbreaker’s ultimate ability. Upon its use, the hero channels 1.7 seconds creating pulses which heals allies and damages enemy units. Dawnbreaker then flies in the air for 0.8 seconds and lands stunning and damaging enemy units in the ultimate’s radius.

Solar Guardian is a team fight ability which clearly has high cooldown and mana cost. It will be most useful when followed up by other hero abilities.

Item Guide

Apart from her abilities, Dawnbreaker is a mana hungry hero. She needs a Soul Ring to use her abilities. Power Treads and Phase Boots are the most common boots of choice on the hero. However, an Arcane boot which players can later upgrade to Guardian Greaves is not a bad idea. Especially considering her mana and ability usage to stay viable in fights.

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Mid game items include Sange and Yasha, Blink Dagger and Black King Bar. Late game items may depend on the game and are highly situational.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for a more in depth look at Dawnbreaker and her skills in the coming weeks as the Hero settles into play in pubs!

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