Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Tips and Tricks

The Dota 2 Naga Siren guide will provide players with more details about one of the interesting carries in the game.

Not that many Dota 2 heroes are as popular as Naga Siren, especially in some metas. The hero is incredibly strong in a wide range of situations, which explains why people pick her all the time. She’s almost always a carry, even though we’ve also seen her in the support role.

In this Naga Siren Dota 2 guide, you will see that this melee Agility hero has what it takes to carry her team to victory. Naga Siren deals 44-46 starting damage, and has 4.5 armor and 330 movement speed, making her incredibly effective, so let’s learn more about her.

Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Abilities

The first thing to check before the Naga Siren Dota 2 Wiki is the hero’s abilities, so let’s go through them.

  • Mirror Image – Naga creates 3 illusions of herself that last for 26s and deal 40% of her damage.
  • Ensnare – Roots a target for 5s, preventing it from moving or blinking.
  • Rip Tide – Every 6 attacks from Naga or her illusions will allow her to do 55 bonus damage and remove 8 armor from a given unit for 4s.
  • Song of the Siren – This ability lasts for 7s and allows Naga to sleep all enemy units within a 1400 radius of the hero. She can keep moving after using this ability.

If Naga gets a Shard, the song will last longer, and she can heal allies for 5% of their max HP per second while it’s active. Naga Siren players who decide to get an Aghanim’s Scepter will have a new ability called reel in. It’s channeling and will allow Naga to ensnare a target and move it towards her for up to 5s.

Naga Siren Dota 2 Guide – Talents

Dota 2 - Naga Siren uses Ensnare to root enemies

The hero's talents are the next thing to check in the Dota 2 Naga Siren build.

  • Level 10 – +30 Rip Tide Damage or Ensnare – 2s CD
  • Level 15 – +15 STR or Mirror Imade deal +10% Damage
  • Level 20 – +1 Illusion or Song of the Siren has -20s CD
  • Level 25 – Rip Tide is triggered with -1s attack or Mirror Image gets -10s CD
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Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Tips

After checking the Naga Siren Dota 2 skills and talents, it’s time to share some information about one of the game’s best carries. Naga is famous as one of the best snowballing heroes in the game and is notorious for being among the fastest farmers. Even though she’s not that effective in the early game, the hero becomes almost impossible to stop once she gets a couple of items.

Speaking of the early game, Naga is not one of the carries that likes being aggressive. On the contrary, this is a hero that loves to farm until she has enough items to push and take teamfights. The hero can farm the lane, and her illusions can fide the side camps or the other way around, depending on the situation.

Naga is a hero that has sensitive timings and needs to get the must-have items on time. We will talk more about them in just a bit.

In terms of the game, after she’s done farming, the hero is really hard to kill, and she can do insane amounts of physical damage. People often underestimate her, but those who choose the “fighting” item build can be tough to deal with.

Aside from this build, some people also go for the split-pushing option, which focuses on illusions whose job is to push all lanes simultaneously. Doing this makes Naga extremely annoying to play against because the waves always push the enemy’s towers.

The ult is another thing that makes this hero popular because she can set up team fights or use it defensively to escape. Since only spell-immune targets are not affected by it, when used right, Song of the Siren can be devastating.

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Naga Siren Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

In addition to the Dota 2 Naga Siren Reddit, you can also check the advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Fast-farming
  • A lot of physical damage
  • Good at initiating and counter initiating
  • Counters a lot of hero


  • Requires tons of farm to work
  • Her early game is not good

Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Items

The next thing that you should check after the Naga Siren Dota 2 pro tracker is the best items for this hero, so let’s dive in.

Starting items

The best starting items for this hero include Quelling Blade, Tango, and some stats.

Early game

In the early game, Naga should try to get a Magic Wand, Boots of Speed/Power Treads, and a Wraith Band

Mid game

In the mid-game, the hero can go for a Radiance + Manta + Octarine Core or Diffusal Blade + Manta. 

Late game

The best late game for this hero includes HoT, Butterfly, Assault Cuirass, Monkey King Bar (when necessary), and so on. Generally speaking, Naga works really well with tons of items.

Naga Siren Dota 2 counter

Naga Siren

Despite being a late-game monster, there is more than one Dota 2 Naga Siren counter that you need to know before playing.

  • Axe – Axe is great against heroes with a lot of illusions, such as Naga Siren.
  • Luna – Even though a late game Luna vs Naga Siren can go both ways, Luna’s ability to hit multiple targets makes her a solid option against Naga.
  • Medusa – The late-game monster’s Split Shot, Mystic Snake, and Ultimate make her incredibly effective against Naga Siren.
  • Outworld Devourer – OD is also a solid pick against this hero, as long as she does not have a BKB.


Whether you choose the Dota 2 Naga Siren support or carry build, there is no arguing that this hero is in a league of her own. She is among the hottest options in pro games and a common pick in pub matches. Depending on the meta, you can often find her among the list of heroes with the highest win rate.

Dota 2 Naga Siren Guide – Tips and Tricks
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