Dota 2 Luna Guide – The Power of Pushing

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Dota 2 Luna Guide – The Power of Pushing

This is the Dota 2 Luna guide you need to read before you start playing.

Some carries in Dota 2 are good for pushing, whereas others can only do magical or physical damage. Fortunately, there are options that combine everything mentioned above, and Luna is one of those heroes. This late-game monster is known for its fast farming, insane damage, and the ability to push faster than almost everyone.

Luna is an agility hero that has 6 armor and 325 movement speed, one of the highest in the game. Another interesting thing to know in this Luna Dota 2 guide is that the hero has 50-56 base damage and a 0.6s turn rate. After pointing out some basic stats, let’s learn more about it.


After deciding which Dota 2 Luna set you want to use, the next thing is to know which abilities to get.

  • Lucent Beam – This single-target nuke deals 320 damage and stuns for 0.6s.
  • Moon Glaives – Luna can hit a target, and her attack will bounce between enemy units. The bounces can reach 6, and the damage reduction per bounce is 56%/50%/44%/38%.
  • Lunar Blessing – This ability gives Luna and her allies bonus damage. Furthermore, Luna gets an additional 1000 night vision.
  • Eclipse – When used, the ability will release 12 beams, each of which will deal damage equal to the current level of  Lucent Beam. 5 beams can strike each target, and when Luna uses her ult, she will turn the day into night for 10s.

A Shard will allow Luna to get 4 Moon Glaives that rotate around her in a 150 radius for 6s and it will reduce any damage she takes by 20%. The glaives will do 75% damage of it collides with an enemy unit. Players willing to get Aghanim’s Scepter will increase the total beams, reduce the duration, remove the limit per beam, and make the beams appear twice as fast.


Luna casts Lucent Beam on weakened heroes

Before you start looking for the Luna Dota 2 Netflix alternatives, here are the talents you need to know.

  • Level 10 – Lucent Beam adds a 0.3s Ministun or Moon Glaives get -8% damage reduction
  • Level 15 – Eclipse has -a 25s cooldown, or Lucent Beam gets -a 2s Cooldown
  • Level 20 – Lucent Beam gets +100 damage or Luna will shoot 2 Moon Glaives with her Lucent Beam
  • Level 25 – Each Lucent Beam during Eclipse will ministun or Lucent Blessing will give +20 damage

Dota 2 Luna Guide – Tips

Luna is always in position 1, which means that her main job is to farm. Speaking of farming, she is one of the best in the game at doing it, especially when it comes down to clearing stacks. Her insane damage output and Glaives allow her to move from lane to lane and kill everything in seconds.

The most important thing to know about Luna is that it’s all about timing. If the hero gets a good start, she can push really fast and win the game in no time. She works really well when paired with heroes like Shadow Demon, Beastmaster and other options that let her do even more damage.

Another trick with Luna that players need to remember is that her ult is most effective when there are no creeps. Since the Lucent Beams will hit random targets, they can hit a creep, which means they will do less damage.

Luna shines when it comes down to pushing, so you should always try to hit towers and other buildings. Once the T3 tower falls down, you can destroy the barracks and even kill someone in seconds.

Luna Dota 2 Guide – Tips

Dota 2 - Luna gets instant kills using Lucent Beams

There are a lot of cool Dota 2 Luna wallpapers to choose from, but here are a few other pros and cons you need to know.


  • Amazing for pushing
  • One of the best magical damage outputs
  • Farms incredibly fast
  • Works really well in a lot of combos


  • She’s fairly fragile
  • The hero needs to be ahead to be dangerous

Luna Item Build Dota 2 – The Best Items

The only way to make the most of the Luna Dota 2 build is to know what items to get, so here are the best options. 

Starting items

Luna usually needs tango and stats, such as a Circlet or Branches.

Early game

The best early-game items for the hero are Wraith Band, Magic Wand, and Boots of Speed or Power Treads (depending on the farm).

Mid game

In the mid-game, most Luna players will try to get Manta Style and Lifesteal, such as Mask of Madness. Regardless of the Luna Dota 2 skills you go for, the hero also needs a Dragon Lance.

Late game

In the late game, Luna can get almost every carry-focused item in the game. This includes Butterfly, Satanic, Monkey King Bar, Eye of Skadi, Daedalus, Hurricane Pike, and more. Some people may decide to focus on the magical damage build, in which case they will need to get Aghanim’s Scepter.

Dota 2 Luna Guide – Counters

Aside from the Dota 2 Luna build you need to follow, you also need to be careful because there are a lot of counters. Below are the most popular options.

  • Medusa – Medusa can outlive Luna’s damage and do enough damage to kill her.
  • Slark – Slark is extremely strong against Luna because he can steal a lot of statins and dodge her ultimate with his.
  • Huskar – Huskar can do a lot of damage, and he is very strong against Magical damage, which makes him good against Luna.


There are tons of attractive Luna Dota 2 skins to choose from, and it’s safe to say that she is among the most interesting heroes. You can come up with a lot of intriguing combos that will allow you to push fast and do tons of damage. Even though Luna is not always the go-to carry for professional players, she is a solid pick in PUBs, which explains why her win rate is impressive.

Dota 2 Luna Guide – The Power of Pushing
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