Dota 2 Muerta Guide – Best Counters for The Master of Death

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Dota 2 Muerta Guide – Best Counters for The Master of Death

Find out about the best counters to help you win against the brand-new Intelligence hero, Muerta, in Dota 2. 

Muerta uses Dead Shot to make her enemies flee

Muerta is the latest hero to join the Dota 2 roster. She is a ranged hero with an incredibly long range to make enemy heroes retreat to their base. She has been making news for her ability to initiate team fights and carry her team to victory in Dota 2 matches. People can fight against the new hero, Muerta, using these picks to prevent taking damage from the Master of Death. 

Best Counters for Muerta in Dota 2

Abaddon – Protect and Heal Allies During Team Fights

Abaddon prevents his allies from dying against Muerta

Abaddon is a durable Strength hero with abilities that can shield teammates from incoming damage. The melee hero can farm in the lane with Muerta in the enemy team to counter the Intelligence hero in Dota 2 games. Abaddon can cast spells on his allies to guard them from Muerta’s Dead Shots early in a match. 

Players can use Mist Coil on allies while playing Abaddon to restore health between battles. Abaddon can restore up to 260 health to his team members with Mist Coil. The Strength hero can use Mist Coil once every 5.5 seconds, making it tremendously helpful to heal his allies after they have taken damage from Muerta
in lanes.

Muerta has a knack for using Dead Shots to drive people away from lanes in the online game. She can use Dead Shot to deal up to 300 damage to multiple enemy units, including creeps and heroes. Dead Shot has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 160 mana to be used per cast. Abaddon can watch out for Dead Shots being ricocheted off trees around allies to immediately replenish the health of his teammates before they have a chance to retreat to their fountain. 

The Strength hero can cast Aphotic Shield to protect himself and his teammates from Muerta. Abaddon can use the active ability, Aphotic Shield, on allies to help them absorb up to 200 damage from all incoming attacks and magical spells for 15 seconds. Aphotic Shield has a minor cooldown of 6 seconds, allowing Abaddon to cast the ability a couple of times before Muerta has a chance to ricochet Dead Shots at your allies. 

Abaddon can guard members of his team affected by Fear after being hit by Dead Shots by casting Aphotic Shield on them during team fights. You can purchase an Arcane Boots for Abaddon to provide additional mana to the Strength hero, granting him adequate mana pool and mana restoration to cast his spells without running out of mana against Muerta in Dota 2 matches. 

You can buy an Echo Sabre for Abaddon to strike Muerta with physical attacks that can help silence the Intelligence hero. Echo Sabre will let Abaddon hit his opponents twice in a row using the passive ability, Echo Strike, after purchasing an Echo Sabre. Echo Strike has a cooldown of 6 seconds. Abaddon can purchase an Echo Sabre for 2500 gold. 

Make sure you level up Curse of Avernus before you buy an Echo Sabre for Abaddon. Curse of Avernus is a passive ability that can silence enemy heroes for up to 4.5 seconds after successfully landing 4 hits on his opponents. Abaddon can reduce the movement speed and attack speed of Muerta after inflicting Curse of Avernus on the Intelligence hero. 

Muerta can use her ulti, Pierce The Veil, to become immune to physical attacks for 8 seconds. Abaddon can cast Aphotic Shield on himself while Pierce The Veil is active to avoid taking damage from the newly introduced hero in Dota 2. Pierce The Veil will also increase the attack damage of Muerta by 100 for the duration of her ulti. 

Abaddon can rely on his ulti, Borrowed Time, to survive team fights against Muerta. Borrowed Time will let Abaddon absorb incoming damage after his health drops below 400. His ulti lasts for up to 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds. 

Beastmaster – Disable Muerta to Defeat Her 

Beastmaster stuns Muerta using Primal Roar

Beastmaster is among the most feared heroes in Dota 2. He can summon animals and birds to fight by his side to distract enemy heroes in lanes. Beastmaster can nuke his opponents with Wild Axes to deal plenty of damage over time during battles. 

Wild Axes can be launched at Muerta to deal 130 damage per axe. Beastmaster has a wide cast range of 1500 for Wild Axes, letting the melee hero destroy any trees around Muerta to reduce the chances of ricocheting on Dead Shots. Wild Axes has a cooldown of 8 seconds and requires 65 mana. Each axe that hits enemy units deals bonus damage per stack. 

The melee hero can summon a Wild Boar to slow the movement speed of Muerta in battles. Attacks from the Wild Boar can reduce the movement speed by 34% of enemy heroes for 3 seconds. Wild Boar has an attack damage of 65 and lasts for 60 seconds after being summoned. Beastmaster can use his physical attacks to drain the health of Muerta after she is slowed by the Wild Boar. You can cast several instances of Wild Axes to hit Muerta before being able to kill her. 

You can buy a Gleipnir for Beastmaster to dominate games against Muerta. Gleipnir grants 30 attack damage, 24 Intelligence, 14 Strength, and 14 Agility to the Strength hero. Beastmaster can cast Eternal Chains on Muerta to root her for up to 2 seconds using Gleipnir. Physical attacks from Beastmaster have a 30% chance to release a bolt of lightning that deals 160 damage to enemy units by equipping Gleipnir in his inventory. 

Players can max out Inner Beast to gain a bonus attack speed of 40. The increased attack speed provided by the passive ability, Inner Beast, will let Beastmaster deal bonus damage to Muerta. Beastmaster can cast Wild Axes while Muerta is in her transformed state to counter her ulti, Pierce The Veil. 

The Strength hero can cast his ulti, Primal Roar, to deal 300 damage to Muerta during team fights. Muerta can be stunned for 4 seconds using Primal Roar and can be used while Pierce The Veil is active. Primal Roar will provide your allies with a ton of time to cast their spells against Muerta to defeat her in battle. 

You can constantly use Wild Axes and Primal Roar throughout the game with Beastmaster to win more Dead Reckoning points for the tank hero. The low mana cost of Wild Axes makes the ability effective against Muerta while farming for gold with Beastmaster. 

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