Dota 2 Muerta Guide – Best Allies for The Master of Death

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Dota 2 Muerta Guide – Best Allies for The Master of Death

Find out the best allies to play with while fighting enemy heroes with Muerta in Dota 2. 

The incredibly supportive community of gamers is spending hundreds of hours online to get better at the strategy game. Dota 2 is a massively multiplayer game that has always made its players a priority in developing new content to enrich its experience. Top esports teams have been competing rigorously to emerge as the winners of International tournaments that feature Dota 2 as its most loved game. 

The Lima Major has just concluded its competition and offered over $500,000 as the total prize pool for the South American tournament. Dozens of esports teams, including Talon, Tundra Esports, Team Spirit, TSM, and Evil Geniuses, took part in The Lima Major to secure first place in the Dota 2 competition. Gaimin Gladiators defeated the best esports team in the tournament to be crowned as the champions of The Lima Major in March 2023. 

Dota 2 players will be thrilled to discover that there is lots more in store for its beloved community of gamers. The latest 7.32 E update for the online game has released a new hero, Muerta, to help players take charge of their games. Muerta has been making headlines throughout the esports industry for her unique and grueling appearance and abilities.

Take a look at the best allies your friends can choose while playing with Muerta in the massively multiplayer game. 

Muerta – Best Allies for The Master of Death

Muerta uses her ranged attacks to hit enemy heroes

Muerta is a gunslinging Intelligence hero who doesn’t like to miss her shots. The ranged hero can shoot bullets that make enemy heroes return to their bases between battles. She can cast spells that can silence her opponents and prevent them from using spells during team fights. Muerta can activate her ulti to become immune to physical attacks at any time in the game. 

The varied set of abilities make Muerta a commendable new hero in Dota 2. The Intelligence hero can deal tons of damage to enemy heroes with her guns to deal damage to multiple enemy units. You can team up with specific heroes who complement the abilities of Muerta to help her dominate Dota 2 games in online sessions. Members of your team can choose these heroes to make Muerta shine during combat in the strategy game. 


Anti-Mage assists Muerta in killing enemy heroes

Anti-Mage is a carry hero with abilities that can help him chase enemy heroes to their death in battles. The Agility hero can be a splendid ally to team up with Muerta in Dota 2. Anti-Mage can farm gold in lanes with Muerta to earn bonus gold in the game. Muerta can nuke enemy heroes with Dead Shot to make her opponents miss last hits on creeps while Anti-Mage destroys the enemy team with his physical attacks. 

Your teammates can choose Anti-Mage to burn the mana of your enemies with each hit. Anti-Mage can level up Mana Break to burn up to 64 mana per hit. Muerta can send enemy heroes running to their fountain using Dead Shot between battles to deny experience to the enemy team, allowing Anti-Mage to farm more gold without taking considerable damage from his opponents. The passive ability, Mana Break, can be used to slow the movement speed of enemy heroes by 40% after depleting their mana pool during team fights.

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The Agility hero can blink in and out of battles to hunt enemy heroes with Muerta. Anti-Mage can use Blink to teleport up to a distance of 1200 in any direction. Blink has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 45 mana to be used per cast. You can decrease the cooldown of Blink by a second at level 10. Players can increase the cast range of Blink by 250 by reaching level 20 through the Talent Tree while playing as Anti-Mage in Dota 2. 

Muerta can cast The Calling to summon revenants that can silence enemy heroes in lanes. Enemy heroes that are touched by these revenants are silenced for up to 3.5 seconds and take 180 damage in battles, letting Anti-Mage focus his attacks on silenced enemies to drain their health. Anti-Mage can blink into The Calling after enemy heroes are silenced to burn more mana with his attacks. 

People can activate Counterspell to reflect any incoming magical spells back to enemy heroes while playing Anti-Mage. Counterspell has a cooldown of 3 seconds and needs 45 mana to be used in the game. Anti-Mage can dodge targeted spells for up to 1.2 seconds, making the carry hero effective against Intelligence heroes who like to nuke their opponents in battles. Counterspell can be leveled up to increase the magic resistance of Anti-Mage by 45%. 

Anti-Mage can use his ulti, Mana Void, to deal 1.1 damage to enemy heroes for every missing mana point in their mana pool. His ulti affects all enemy units in a radius of 500. Mana Void has a cooldown of 70 seconds and needs 300 mana. You can use Counterspell and Blink at the right time to maximize the damage output of Mana Void for Anti-Mage. Players who have chosen Muerta can cast The Calling on enemy heroes to make it easier for Anti-Mage to get kills during team fights in Dota 2. 


Axe distracts enemy heroes to help Muerta kill her opponents

Axe is a Strength hero with spells that can pierce the spell immunity of enemy heroes in the massively multiplayer game. The melee hero can force his enemies to attack him while Muerta can blast enemy heroes with her attacks and abilities. Axe has a base health of 700 and a base mana of 291 at the start of the match. He has a base Strength of 25 and gains up to 2.8 Strength per level, making Axe more durable as he levels up. 

The Strength hero can walk into enemy heroes with a base movement speed of 315. Early game items, such as, Tranquil Boots and Arcane Boots, provide plenty of movement speed as a bonus to Axe. Your allies can purchase a Blink Dagger for Axe before the first 10 minutes of the game to initiate team fights while teaming up with Muerta. 

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Muerta can patiently wait for Axe to enter battles and use Berserker’s Call to distract enemy heroes in fights. Axe gains up to 25 bonus armor and can make all enemy units in a radius of 300 to attack him for 3.2 seconds. Berserker’s Call has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 110 mana to be used. 

Your teammates can max out Counter Helix for Axe to deal Pure damage to your opponents during team fights. Axe has a 20% chance to deal 180 Pure damage to enemy units using the passive ability, Counter Helix. Muerta can cast The Calling on enemies after Axe uses Berserker’s Call in battles. 

Axe can use Battle Hunger on enemy units to deal up to 25 damage per second (DPS) for 12 seconds. The Strength hero can cast Battle Hunger on enemy heroes up to a distance of 925 in lanes. Battle Hunger has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 80 mana to be used per cast. Muerta can use Dead Shot to deal 300 damage to enemy units attacking Axe. 


Gyrocopter uses Rocket Barrage to deal damage to enemies silenced by Muerta

Gyrocopter is an Agility hero who can assist Muerta in many ways during the game. He has a projectile speed of 3000, letting Gyrocopter use several spells to deal damage at a rapid rate to enemy heroes during team fights. Gyrocopter has a base Agility of 26 and gains up to 3.3 Agility per level. 

The ranged hero can stun enemy heroes using Homing Missile. Enemy units affected by Homing Missile can take up to 360 damage and are stunned for 3 seconds. Homing Missile has a cooldown of 11 seconds and needs 150 mana. Gyrocopter and Muerta can hit multiple enemy units in the lane by leveling up Flak Cannon and Gunslinger in their matches. Flak Cannon lets Gyrocopter attack all enemy units around him in a radius of 1000 for 10 seconds. Gyrocopter can use Flak Cannon once every 18 seconds and requires 70 mana. 

Muerta can cast Dead Shots on enemy heroes before Gyrocopter lands a stun on them using Homing Missile. Gyrocopter can use Rocket Barrage to deal additional damage to his opponents during battles. Rocket Barrage has a cooldown of 5.5 seconds and needs 90 mana to be used per cast. 

You can replenish mana to your teammates by purchasing Arcane Boots for Muerta. Gyrocopter can nuke enemies with Muerta to get tons of kills and assists to win the Dead Reckoning mini-game. Gyrocopter can use his ulti, Call Down, to deal a total of 700 damage to enemy units in a radius of 600. Muerta can activate her ulti, Pierce the Veil, to nullify the damage taken from physical attacks while playing with Gyrocopter. She can assist Gyrocopter by using trees around the map to make bullets ricochet and using Dead Shot to inflict Fear on enemy heroes. 


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