Dota 2 Anti-Mage Guide – How to Get A Godlike Streak

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Dota 2 Anti-Mage Guide – How to Get A Godlike Streak

Here’s how you can get a Godlike kill streak with Anti-Mage in Dota 2. 

Millions of people play Dota 2 every day to get more kills and try interesting builds for their favorite heroes. The massively multiplayer game presents various scenarios to own your enemies in battles and defeat them with utter satisfaction. 

Agility heroes, in particular, play an important role in a team in Dota 2 matches. Many heroes with Agility as their primary attribute can dominate enemy heroes and push lanes to earn additional gold. These fast and nimble heroes need to farm in different lanes to level up and purchase items that can fortify their role as a carry hero for their team. 

Take a look at how you can get dozens of kills in Dota 2 to become Godlike with Anti-Mage. 

Anti-Mage – How to Get A Godlike Streak

Anti-Mage gets a Godlike streak by killing multiple enemies using Mana Void

Anti-Mage is an Agility hero who can teleport himself frequently to save his team from enemy heroes and secure victory for his team. The melee hero can use his swift attacks to cut through waves of enemy creeps and destroy enemy towers in lanes to farm more gold in the game. 

Players who prefer to play carry heroes can choose Anti-Mage to help their team win fights without getting killed. Anti-Mage can drain the mana of his enemies with every hit that he delivers from his blades to deal more damage to them in battles. Physical attacks can become lethal to enemy heroes who stand against Anti-Mage in Dota 2 matches. 

The melee hero can focus on getting early kills to make his way toward a Godlike streak in the strategy game. You’ll need more than 8 kills without dying to become Godlike in Dota 2. Anti-Mage can strike enemy heroes with physical attacks that deplete the mana pool of enemy heroes and deal massive amounts of damage to his opponents with his ulti to increase his kill count. 

People facing multiple Intelligence heroes in the enemy team can pick Anti-Mage to counter his opponents in Dota 2. The increased attack speed of his attacks make him suitable to blink into combat and reflect incoming spells targeted at Anti-Mage to deal devastating amounts of damage to Intelligence heroes. You can also use Anti-Mage to farm faster in lanes that are teeming with enemy creeps that are supported by Intelligence heroes who like to nuke their opponents in Dota 2 games. 

Anti-Mage has a base attack damage of 53 – 57, making him better at taking last hits on enemy creeps in lanes. People choosing Anti-Mage can take the safe lane to earn more gold during the game. The safe lane has many neutral creep camps that can be stacked using creeps to gain additional gold with Anti-Mage. 

You can buy early game items, such as, a Quelling Blade and Wraith Bands, to increase the attack damage of Anti-Mage against enemy creeps at the start of the game. You can farm plenty of gold in the safe lane using Anti-Mage to buy items like Ring of Health and Perseverance from the Secret Shop to gain additional health regeneration for the Agility hero. 

The melee hero has a movement speed of 310 after spawning into the game. Anti-Mage can purchase Power Treads to increase his movement speed by 45 and his attack speed by 25. The Agility hero can change the primary attribute of Power Treads to Agility to gain an additional 35 attack speed to boost his chances of getting kills in Dota 2. You can switch the primary attribute of Power Treads at any time to increase the mana pool of Anti-Mage or increase his maximum health between battles. 

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Anti-Mage can level up Mana Break to burn 28 mana per hit at level one. The passive ability, Mana Break, can be maxed out to burn up to 64 mana with his physical attacks. Enemy heroes who have all of their mana pool depleted by Anti-Mage have their movement speed slowed by 40% for 0.8 seconds. Mana Break can be an integral aspect of the Agility hero while securing a Godlike kill streak in Dota 2 matches with Anti-Mage. 

The carry hero can get in and out of battles using Blink. Anti-Mage can teleport up to a distance of 750 using Blink at level one. You can take Blink at the beginning of a Dota 2 match to escape from enemy heroes who try to harass Anti-Mage in lanes. Blink can be used to evade incoming magical spells targeted at Anti-Mage without taking damage. You can level up Blink to teleport up to a maximum distance of 1200. Blink has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 45 mana. 

You’ll need to stay alive to successfully get a Godlike kill streak in Dota 2 while playing Anti-Mage. Blink can help you escape from the sight of enemy heroes who are hunting the Agility hero to prevent him from becoming Godlike in Dota 2 matches. You can use Counterspell to reflect any magical spell that is cast on Anti-Mage by enemy heroes for up to 1.2 seconds. Counterspell has a cooldown of 3 seconds and requires 45 mana to be used in the game. Anti-Mage can also increase his magic resistance by 45% by maxing out Counterspell in matches. 

His ulti, Mana Void, can be cast on enemy heroes to deal damage based on the amount of mana that is missing from their mana pool. Mana Void deals 0.8 damage per missing mana point at level 6. Anti-Mage can strike a few hits with his physical attacks and turn on Counterspell while fighting enemy heroes before casting Mana Void to get a kill in the game. Enemy units affected by Mana Void will be stunned for 0.3 seconds. Any enemy unit in a radius of 500 will also take damage from Anti-Mage’s ulti. 

You can level up faster with Anti-Mage to deal up to 1.1 damage per missing mana point using Mana Void after maxing out his ulti in the game. Mana Void has a cooldown of 70 seconds and consumes 300 mana per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of Mana Void by 50 seconds at level 25 through the Talent Tree. Mana Void can be used on enemy heroes who have exhausted their mana pools in team fights to get a Godlike streak with Anti-Mage in Dota 2. 

Items to Buy for Anti-Mage


Vanguard provides 250 health and 7 health regeneration to the Anti-Mage. The melee hero has a 60% chance to block up to 64 damage from incoming attacks by purchasing Vanguard in the game. You can upgrade a Vanguard to Abyssal Blade to deal more damage with physical attacks while playing Anti-Mage in Dota 2 matches. Vanguard costs 1825 gold. 

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People can buy a Vanguard for Anti-Mage to keep the carry hero safe during the game. Vanguard can prevent Anti-Mage from dying and increases your chances of getting a Godlike kill streak in Dota 2. The item can be used to regenerate health between team fights and regain their health after destroying waves of enemy creeps in a lane.

Battle Fury

Battle Fury can be purchased for 4100 gold in the game. Anti-Mage gains 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration by purchasing a Battle Fury for the melee hero. Battle Fury can help Anti-Mage farm faster in lanes and in neutral creep camps due to Cleave. 

Melee heroes gain the passive ability, Cleave, that is granted by Battle Fury in Dota 2. Cleave lets physical attacks from Anti-Mage deal a portion of their attack damage to all enemy units in a radius of 650. Battle Fury can be among the earliest items people buy for Anti-Mage in their games to make their way toward a Godlike kill streak. 

Manta Style

Manta Style is an item that provides 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed to the melee hero. You can purchase a Manta Style for 4600 gold in the game. People can use Manta Style while fighting enemy heroes to increase their kill counts and earn bonus gold in Dota 2 matches. 

You can activate Manta Style during battles to summon up to 2 images of Anti-Mage. These images can last for up to 20 seconds and deals up to 33% of Anti-Mage’s attack damage to enemies. Manta Style has a cooldown of 30 seconds and needs 125 mana. 

Best Allies for Anti-Mage

Lone Druid

Lone Druid helps Anti-Mage become Godlike

Lone Druid is an Agility hero who can help Anti-Mage become Godlike in Dota 2 games. The carry hero has a base attack damage of 38 – 42, making him effective against enemy heroes and creeps. Lone Druid has an attack range of 550, giving him plenty of distance to attack enemies focusing on Anti-Mage in team fights. 

Allies playing Lone Druid in Dota 2 matches can summon a Spirit Bear to attack their opponents. Spirit Bear can deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes and Entangle them with his physical attacks to prevent them from escaping battles. Anti-Mage can hit enemies Entangled by Spirit Bear to increase his kills and become Godlike in Dota 2. Spirit Bear and Lone Druid can both use Savage Roar to send enemies running back to their base before they can end Anti-Mage’s Godlike streak.

Any enemy unit hit by Savage Roar will stop attacking Anti-Mage and return toward their base for up to 2.6 seconds, giving Anti-Mage a ton of time to blink out of danger. Anti-Mage can also use Counterspell before Lone Druid can activate Savage Roar to protect his Godlike streak.