Dota 2 Luna Guide – Get Instant Kills with Lucent Beam

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Dota 2 Luna Guide – Get Instant Kills with Lucent Beam

You can cast Lucent Beam on enemy heroes to get instant kills with Luna in Dota 2. 

Getting kills can be a thrilling experience in the massively multiplayer game. People can choose carry heroes with magical spells that deal tons of damage to enemy heroes during battles to increase their kill counts in Dota 2. You can get loads of kills in every match to earn more gold and experience during the time you spend playing the strategy game with your friends. 

Carry heroes, such as, Storm Spirit, Sven, and Luna can cast spells to annihilate enemy heroes before they can farm their core items. These heroes are amazing to play with while partying with your squad to perform awe-inspiring kills during team fights. You can use abilities like Static Remnant, Storm Hammer, and Lucent Beam to eliminate enemy heroes and prevent your opponents from escaping encounters on the map. 

Take a look at how you can use Lucent Beam in Dota 2 to get instant kills while playing Luna in the online game. 

Luna – Get Instant Kills with Lucent Beam

Luna casts Lucent Beam on weakened heroes

Luna can become a mighty carry hero with abilities that can help her push lanes and punish enemy heroes in battles. The Agility hero can use her ranged attacks to strike several enemy units at once and wreck enemy towers within seconds to gain the upper hand in Dota 2. She can nuke her opponents with Lucent Beams to stun enemy heroes and increase her kill streaks. 

The carry hero has 620 health and 351 mana at the start of the game. Luna has a base Agility of 24 and gains 3.4 Agility per level. She has a base movement speed of 325, which allows her to chase enemy heroes in lanes to get instant kills with her abilities. Her varied set of skills makes Luna a tactical choice for players who love to dominate their foes in battles. 

People can take the mid lane with Luna to unlock her ulti faster during the game. The mid lane provides plenty of experience to strengthen her skills and make her better at getting instant kills. You can purchase a few consumable items, like Clarity potions, Healing Salves, and Tangoes to stay longer in the mid lane without having to get back to base to regenerate health and mana while playing Luna. 

Lucent Beam is the first skill people have to take to be able to get instant kills using Luna in Dota 2. Enemy heroes hit by Lucent Beams can take up to 320 damage from the magical spell and will be stunned for 0.8 seconds with every instance of the ability during team fights. Lucent Beam has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 120 mana to be used per cast. 

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Leveling up faster with Luna will help players unlock a number of upgrades for Lucent Beam, making the carry hero stronger against enemy heroes in the massively multiplayer game. You can increase the duration of the stun of Lucent Beam by 0.4 seconds at level 10 through the Talent Tree. Players can decrease the cooldown of Lucent Beam by 2 seconds at level 15. Lucent Beam deals an additional 100 damage to enemy heroes after reaching level 20. Making Lucent Beam stronger can also increase the effectiveness of Luna’s ulti, Eclipse, to provide a better chance of getting instant kills in Dota 2 matches. 

People can stay in the mid lane with Luna to earn bonus gold from hitting enemy creeps. The passive ability, Moon Glaives, lets Luna hit up to 6 enemy units with each attack. Her attacks can bounce off of enemy units in a radius of 500 by unlocking Moon Glaives for the Agility hero. The damage dealt to enemy units using Luna’s attacks is reduced by 38% per bounce while farming with Luna in the lane. You can decrease the damage reduction of Moon Glaives by 8% at level 10. These attacks can also pierce through spell immunity. 

Luna can turn into a voracious farmer who can mitigate hundreds of enemy creeps with her physical attacks. You can increase the attack damage of Luna and her allies by 28 by maxing out the passive ability, Lunar Blessing, for the ranged hero. Luna gains an increased vision of 1000 at night due to Lunar Blessing. The entire team of Luna can gain an additional 35 damage from Lunar Blessing by reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree. 

The Agility hero can easily get Double Kills and Triple Kills in team fights using her ulti, Eclipse. Luna can cast Eclipse to release up to 12 Lucent Beams on all enemy units in a radius of 675. The carry hero has a good chance of wiping out the whole enemy team by using her physical attacks to weaken enemy heroes and maxing out Eclipse to deal massive amounts of damage to her opponents. 

Eclipse has a cooldown of 120 seconds and requires 250 mana to be used in the game. You can nuke enemy heroes with Lucent Beam while Eclipse is active to deal additional damage to enemy heroes. Luna can also turn it into night time for the duration of Eclipse. These abilities make Luna a great hero to gain instant kills in Dota 2. 

Items to Buy for Luna

Hand of Midas

Hand of Midas provides 40 attack speed to Luna. The Agility hero can farm faster in the jungle using Hand of Midas. The item lets the carry hero cast Transmute to instantly kill neutral creeps and enemy creeps for 160 gold and double the experience. Hand of Midas has a cooldown of 90 seconds and can be used frequently in the game to gain bonus gold from creeps while playing the carry hero. You can purchase Hand of Midas for 2200 gold. 

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Moon Shard

Luna gains 140 attack speed by purchasing a Moon Shard to deal damage to enemy units. The carry hero gains an additional 400 vision during the night after buying Moon Shard. Luna can also consume a Moon Shard to gain a permanent attack speed of 60 and save a slot for items. 

Manta Style

Manta Style grants 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Intelligence, 10 Strength, and 8% movement speed by purchasing the item for Luna. The Agility hero can create up to 2 illusions of herself by using Mirror Image with Manta Style. The summoned illusions deal up to 28% of the attack damage of Luna and last for up to 20 seconds. Manta Style has a cooldown of 30 seconds and consumes 125 mana to be used per cast. The item can be bought for 4600 gold in the game. 


Butterfly provides 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage to Luna. You can purchase a Butterfly for 4975 gold in the game. Luna can take down enemy towers effortlessly after purchasing Butterfly in Dota 2. The item will also make Luna a terrifying hero to face in battles. 

Refresher Orb

Refresher Orb grants 13 health regeneration and 7 mana regeneration to the Agility hero. The item costs 5000 gold in the game. You can reset the cooldown of Luna’s items and spells by using Refresher Orb during team fights. Refresher Orb has a cooldown of 180 seconds and needs 350 mana to be used in the game. Luna can get instant kills by casting Eclipse twice in a row using Refresher Orb in battles. 


Luna gains 70 attack speed and 24 attack damage by purchasing Mjollnir in Dota 2. The item can be bought for 5600 gold in the game. Mjollnir lets each physical attack from Luna gain a 30% chance to deal 180 damage to multiple enemy units in a radius of 650 with the passive ability, Chain Lightning. 

The carry hero can cast Static Charge using Mjollnir to place a protective shield on herself and her allies. Any allied unit protected by Static Charge has a 20% chance to release an electric current that deals up to 225 damage to 5 enemy units in a radius of 900. Static Charge can last for 15 seconds. Mjollnir has a cooldown of 35 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used per cast. 

Best Allies for Luna

Night Stalker 

Night Stalker helps Luna get instant kills in Dota 2

Night Stalker is an unrelenting Strength hero in Dota 2. The melee hero can cast Void on enemy units to deal 320 damage to them in battles. Enemies affected by Void have their movement speed slowed by 50% and their attack speed slowed by 50 for 1.3 seconds during the day and 4 seconds during the night. 

The carry hero gains bonus attack speed and movement speed during the night with the passive ability, Hunter in the Night. Luna can cast Eclipse during team fights to strengthen the attacks of Night Stalker. 

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