Dota 2 Puck Guide – Easy Ways to get Double Kills

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Dota 2 Puck Guide – Easy Ways to get Double Kills

Discover fun and easy ways to get Double Kills with Puck in Dota 2. 

You can perform a number of feats in Dota 2 to improve your skills in the strategy game. Players can sweep through waves of enemy creeps with their favorite heroes to amass gold, cast devastating magical spells to instantly kill enemy heroes, and use several items to save the lives of their allies. 

These heroes are capable of bringing immense joy to Dota 2 players who team up with their friends every day to prove their worth. You can practice playing Intelligence heroes, like Puck, Lion, and Outworld Destroyer to get Double Kills, Triple Kills, and increase your kill counts to eventually become Godlike in
Dota 2 matches. 

Intelligence heroes have several magical spells that they can use to deal damage to multiple enemy units during team fights. These spells cost less mana and have a low cooldown, allowing players to frequently use their abilities to annihilate enemy heroes in the game. You can use specific combos of items and spells to get more than one kill at a time to earn more gold and experience throughout the games with Intelligence heroes. 

Take a look at these easy ways that can be used in Dota 2 to get Double Kills while playing Puck. 

Puck – Easy Ways to get Double Kills

Puck uses Illusory Orb to get Double Kills in battles

Puck is a notoriously evasive Intelligence hero in Dota 2. It can use a range of magical spells to stun enemy heroes and silence its opponents in battles. The ranged hero can travel from one place to another at increased speeds to dodge incoming spells that are targeted at Puck. It has a projectile speed of 900 and a maximum range of 550 on its physical attacks. The Faerie Dragon can distract its enemies, making it frustrating to fight Puck in the massively multiplayer game. 

You can take the mid lane with Puck to level up faster with the support hero. The mid lane can provide plenty of experience, from killing enemy creeps to letting Puck unlock its ulti before the game hits the 10-minute mark. You’ll need to max out a few of her spells before being able to start getting Double Kills in Dota 2 matches. 

People can use Illusory Orb while playing Puck to launch a bright glowing orb of light toward enemy units in front of it. Illusory Orb has a maximum range of 1950, letting Puck deal damage to several enemy units at once with its spells. The Intelligence hero can deal 75 damage to enemy units with Illusory Orb at level one. Illusory Orb has a cooldown of 12 seconds at level one and consumes 110 mana to be used per cast. 

A maxed-out Illusory Orb can be used to deal up to 300 damage to enemy units in a row. You can reduce the cooldown of Illusory Orb to 9 seconds at level 4 and decrease the mana cost of the spell to 140 mana. Puck can freely teleport to the location of the moving orb of light after casting Illusory Orb using Ethereal Jaunt. The ranged hero can use Ethereal Jaunt to escape from lethal attacks and spells that are targeted at Puck throughout the game. 

Puck can prevent enemy heroes around it from using their spells using Waning Rift. The Intelligence hero can cast Waning Rift to deal 250 magical damage to all enemy units in a radius of 400. Enemy units affected by Waning Rift are silenced for up to 3.5 seconds. Waning Rift has a cooldown of 13 seconds and requires 130 mana to be used. 

Players can use Illusory Orb and Waning Rift constantly to increase their chances of getting Double Kills in Dota 2 games. You can teleport to other lanes between farming in the mid lane to surprise enemy heroes in battles. Puck can use its ranged attacks to strike enemy heroes several times after casting Illusory Orb and Waning Rift to weaken its opponents. You can cast Illusory Orb multiple times to drain the health of enemy heroes in lanes. Illusory Orb will also let Puck use Ethereal Jaunt to prevent enemy heroes from fleeing battles throughout the match. 

Puck can use Phase Shift between battles to become invulnerable to damage. Phase Shift lets Puck move into another dimension momentarily to avoid getting hit by physical attacks and targeted magical spells for up to 3.3 seconds. You can exit the dimension at any time to end the duration of Phase Shift in team fights, letting Puck control the pace of its battles. Phase Shift has a cooldown of 6.5 seconds. 

Puck can use its ulti, Dream Coil, to latch enemy heroes and prevent them from escaping team fights in Dota 2 matches. Dream Coil deals an initial damage of 310 to enemy heroes and lasts for up to 6 seconds. Any enemy unit affected by Dream Coil moving away from their initial position up to a distance of 600 will take an additional 400 damage and will be stunned for 3 seconds. Dream Coil has a cooldown of 75 seconds and needs 200 mana to be used per cast. 

Players have a much better chance of getting Double Kills by casting Illusory Orb to nuke enemy heroes before using Puck’s ulti in battles. You can use Waning Rift to silence enemy heroes caught in the Dream Coil to let your allies attack your opponents without getting hit by magical spells. Once enemy heroes have low health and snap from the Dream Coil to be stunned by Puck’s ulti, you can cast Illusory Orb on the weakened enemy heroes to kill multiple opponents at once with the Intelligence hero. 

Items to Buy for Puck

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots can be bought for 1300 gold in the game. Puck gains 250 mana and 45 movement speed by purchasing Arcane Boots. The increased mana pool gained from Arcane Boots will allow Puck to nuke enemy heroes with Illusory Orb to deal massive amounts of damage to its opponents during battles. Puck can use Arcane Boots to restore 175 mana to allied units in a radius of 1200 around the support hero using the item. Arcane Boots has a cooldown of 55 seconds. You can upgrade Arcane Boots to Guardian Greaves later to restore health and mana to your allies with Puck. 

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger costs 2250 gold. You can use a Blink Dagger to teleport up to a distance of 1200 in any direction while playing Puck. A Blink Dagger can be effective to enter decisive battles and escape from enemy heroes. Many players use a Blink Dagger with Puck to agitate enemy heroes during team fights. 

You can use a Blink Dagger while using Phase Shift to teleport away from enemy heroes without being detected by your opponents. A Blink Dagger can also be used with Illusory Orb to catch up with enemy heroes on the run to get Double Kills in Dota 2 matches. 

Players can upgrade a Blink Dagger to Arcane Blink after earning bonus gold from kills. Arcane Blink will provide an additional 25 Intelligence to Puck. The upgraded item will also reduce the mana cost of Puck’s spells, letting the Intelligence hero cast more spells between battles to easily get multiple kills. 


Dagon provides 14 Intelligence, 6 Agility, and 6 Strength to the Intelligence hero. You can purchase a Dagon for 2700 gold in the game. Dagon can be used by the Faerie Dragon to deal up to 400 damage in an instant using Energy Burst. You can upgrade Dagon up to 4 times to increase the amount of damage dealt with the item. A level 5 Dagon can be used to deal 800 damage to enemy units. Dagon has a cooldown of 15 seconds and consumes 200 mana per cast. You can get Double Kills instantly by using Dagon on enemy heroes after nuking them using magical spells with Puck. 

Linken’s Sphere 

Linken’s Sphere grants 16 intelligence, 16 Agility, 16 Strength, 7 health regeneration, and 5 mana regeneration to Puck. You can buy a Linken’s Sphere for 4600 gold in the game. Linken’s Sphere can be used by the Faerie Dragon to block most targets spells once every 14 seconds. 

Best Allies for Puck

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit assists Puck in getting Double Kills

Storm Spirit is a mighty carry hero in Dota 2. He can move at lightning fast speeds to prevent enemy heroes from reaching safety. The Intelligence hero can initiate team fights by using his ulti, Ball Lightning, to move into position. 

Your allies can nuke enemy heroes with Static Remnant to deal up to 300 damage to opponents with each spell with Storm Spirit. The Intelligence hero can disable enemy heroes using Electric Vortex, letting Puck cast its spells to get instant kills while its opponents are stunned by the carry hero. Storm Spirit can also charge his attacks using his passive ability, Overload, to deal 90 damage per hit.

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