Dota 2: How to Play Visage in 7.32

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Dota 2: How to Play Visage in 7.32

Find out how to play Visage in 7.32 to baffle your enemies in Dota 2.

The latest 7.32 update for Dota 2 has made several tweaks to balance the gameplay. Visage is an Intelligence hero with a versatile set of abilities. His skills make him a complex hero who is capable of playing multiple roles in the team. 

Visage – Primary Attributes in 7.32 

How to Play Visage in 7.32 - Primary Attributes - Visage fights near Bounty rune

Visage is primarily an Intelligence hero in Dota 2. He has a base Intelligence of 22, Strength of 22, and Agility of 11. Visage gains 2.9 Intelligence per level, 2.8 Strength per level, and 1.3 Agility per level in the game. He has a base movement speed of 285 and an attack damage of 45 – 55.

The ranged hero has 600 range on his physical attacks. Visage spawns into the game with 640 HP and 339 mana. He has a 0.6 turn rate, projectile speed of 1400, and a maximum vision of 1800. Visage has been among the heroes with the highest win rates in the last month. 

Best lanes to farm for Visage in 7.32

How to Play Visage in 7.32 - Visage farms in the safe lane

Visage is a durable hero and can push lanes easily compared to other Intelligence heroes. He can also strip the movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes and use it as his own with Grave Chill for up to 10 seconds. 

Grave Chill can be cast on Agility heroes to weaken their attack speed, making Visage a formidable opponent in the safe lane. You can use Grave Chill on enemy heroes to keep them from taking last hits. Another trick if you’re playing in the safe lane, Visage can pull creeps from neutral camps to lure opponents toward the tower. The bonus armor provided by the tower will protect Visage during the early game while farming in 7.32. 

Beginners choosing Visage for the first time can max out Gravekeeper’s Cloak. It is a passive ability that apples up to 4 layers of damage reduction on Visage. Gravekeeper’s Cloak can reduce incoming damage by up to 80%. It can be especially useful against aggressive heroes in the safe lane. 

He can summon Familiars to fight by his side while hunting for heroes and taking down towers. The recent changes made in 7.32 have increased the attack range of Visage’s familiars from 160 to 180. Visage can also heal his Familiars after they have been hit by towers and enemy units by turning them to stone. 

Familiars will stun and damage all enemy units around them while using Stone Form. The stun radius of the Stone Form has been increased from 350 to 375 in 7.32. You can use Familiars and Grave Chill to destroy the towers in the safe lane in no time. 

Items to Buy for Visage in 7.32

There are certain items that can turn Visage into a heavy tanker and a ferocious carry hero in the game. You can choose to equip these items on Visage based on the role that you’re playing in Dota 2 to emerge victorious.

Vanguard – 1825 Gold

  • Ring of Health – 825 gold
  • Vitality Booster – 1000 gold

Vanguard provides 250 health and 7 HP regeneration for its users. It has a passive ability that blocks up to 32 damage for ranged heroes such as Visage. Vanguard can further strengthen Gravekeeper’s Cloak to drastically reduce the damage taken by Visage during battle. 

You can upgrade a Vanguard into a Crimson Guard at any time. Crimson Guard will provide bonus HP regeneration and armor to Visage and prevent the Intelligence hero from taking more damage in the game. 

Dragon Lance – 1900 Gold

  • Blade of Alacrity – 1000 gold
  • Belt of Strength – 450 gold
  • Recipe – 450 gold

How to Play Visage in 7.32 - Visage increases attack range with Dragon Lance

Dragon Lance has been updated in 7.32 and now requires a Blade of Alacrity, Belt of Strength, and a Recipe, instead of an Ogre Axe and 2 Bands of Elvenskin. The attack range provided by Dragon Lance has been increased from 140 to 150 in the current update. Visage can use the additional range from Dragon Lance on his physical attacks. It also provides 240 health to Visage that can be used for improving your survivability. 

Many people who buy Dragon Lance prefer to upgrade the item to a Hurricane Pike. A Dragon Lance can help you tank a bit of damage while your Familiars stun your foes.  

Blade Mail – 2100 Gold

  • Broadsword – 1000 gold
  • Chainmail – 550 gold
  • Recipe – 550 gold 

Blade Mail offers Visage 6 armor and 28 attack damage. It has an active ability, Damage Return, that returns up to 80% of the damage taken back to its source. The 7.32 update has increased the duration of Return Damage from 4.5 to 5.5 seconds, giving Visage plenty of time to stand and fight. 

You can equip Vanguard along with a Blade Mail to turn Visage into a powerful tank hero. Gravekeeper’s Cloak is an effective ability that stacks with the damage block of Vanguard and the Damage Return from Blade Mail. 

Pipe of Insight – 3475 Gold

  • Hood of Defiance – 1500 gold
  • Headdress – 425 gold
  • Recipe – 1550 gold

Pipe of Insight provides 8.5 health regeneration and 30% magic resistance. The Insight Aura that is emanated from Pipe of Insight protects allies from magical damage while they are within 1200 radius of its user. Visage can purchase Pipe of Insight during games with multiple nukers in the enemy’s team. 

The magic resistance provided by Insight Aura has been increased from 12% to 15% in 7.32. Visage can also apply Barrier on his teammates, a spell that absorbs up to 400 magical damage from opponents. Barrier lasts for 12 seconds and can neutralize spells within a 1200 radius. 

Aghanim’s Scepter – 4200 Gold

  • Point Booster – 1200 gold
  • Staff of Wizardry – 1000 gold
  • Ogre Axe – 1000 gold
  • Blade of Alacrity – 1000 gold

How to Play Visage in 7.32 - Aghanim's Scepter - Visage uses Silent as The Grave

Aghanim’s Scepter provides 200 health, 120 mana, and 10 attack speed to its users. If you’re new to playing Visage, an Aghanim’s Scepter will provide people with Silent as the Grave. The new ability gained from Aghanim’s Scepter turns Visage and his Familiars invisible. 

Silent as the Grave makes the movement of Visage unobstructed while active. It also provides 25% bonus damage and a 20% movement speed boost to Visage and his Familiars. The invisibility lasts for 35 seconds and is deactivated as soon as Visage or his Familiars attack any enemy unit. 

Heroes that Visage can Counter in 7.32


Axe is a tank hero who can enter into combat and taunt them to attack him. Visage can counter Axe by using Grave Chill to slow down Axe during battle. The extensive range of Visage allows him to use his spells from afar. 

Visage can use the incoming damage dealt to his allies against Axe. If Axe uses Berserker’s Call on your allies, use Soul Assumption to return the damage to him. Soul Assumption has up to 6 charges that can cause massive damage to Axe in team fights. 


Sven can strike down his heroes with his spells and physical damage. He can cast Storm Hammer to stun multiple enemies for up to 2 seconds. God’s Strength, the ultimate ability of Sven, deals an additional 200% bonus damage to his physical attacks. 

Visage can use Gravekeeper’s Cloak to drain Sven of his attack speed when he is affected by God’s Strength. People who like playing Visage can also stun Sven using the summoned Familiars during fights. 


Sniper is an exceptional Agility hero. He has extended range on his physical attacks that let him obliterate enemies from a distance. Sniper can use Shrapnel to slow down the movement speed of enemies within a large radius. He can also use Assassinate to annihilate enemies on the run. 

Visage can use Silent as the Grave to catch Sniper off guard. The Familiars of Visage have 430 movement speed that allows the Familiars to get close to Sniper and stun him, allowing the rest of the team to ambush the Agility hero in Dota 2. 

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