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David Hollingsworth
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Dota 2 7.32 Patch Notes

Ember Spirit uses Flame Guard to guard himself from magical attacks

Just like that, we have the full Dota 2 7.32 patch notes dropped on our lap.

Dota 2 7.32 Patch Notes – General Changes

  • Added Primal Beast to Captains Mode
  • Changed XP required per level.
    Old vs New :
    Lv2 230 240
    Lv3 370 400
    Lv4 480 520
    Lv5 580 600
    Lv6 600 680
    Lv7 720 760
    Lv8 750 800
    Lv9 890 900
    Lv10 930 1000
    Lv11 970 1100
    Lv12 1010 1200
    Lv13 1050 1300
    Lv14 1225 1400
    Lv15 1250 1500
    Lv16 1275 1600
    Lv17 1300 1700
    Lv18 1325 1800
    Lv19 1500 1900
    Lv20 1590 2000
    Lv21 1600 2200
    Lv22 1850 2400
    Lv23 2100 2600
    Lv24 2350 2800
    Lv25 2600 3000
    Lv26 3500 4000
    Lv27 4500 5000
    Lv28 5500 6000
    Lv29 6500 7000
    Lv30 7500 8000


  • Rescaled Streak Experience from x^2 – x + 8 to 1.25x^2 – 2.5x + 10
    Old vs New:
    Streak3 14xLvl 13.75xLvl
    Streak4 20xLvl 20xLvl
    Streak5 28xLvl 28.75xLvl
    Streak6 38xLvl 40xLvl
    Streak7 50xLvl 53.75xLvl
    Streak8 64xLvl 70xLvl
    Streak9 80xLvl 88.75xLvl
    Streak10 98xLvl 110xLvl


  • Added Flagbearer Creep. Starting at minute 2 one of the melee creeps in every second creepwave is replaced by a Flagbearer. It has 40% magic resistance and an Inspiration Aura, which gives +3 Health Regen to all allies within a 700 range. Killing an enemy Flagbearer will grant you and each allied hero within 1200 radius bonus gold equal to 100% of a Melee Creep's bounty. Does not grant gold on deny and cannot be denied by hero abilities, e.g Demonic Conversion.
Dota 2: An Overview of the Last Chance Qualifier


  • Dire ramp is now deeper within the jungle (same position as before, but there's less high ground near roshan)
  • Moved Dire outpost further away from the river (to adjust for the ramp being deeper)
  • Moved Bounty Rune further away from the river (to adjust for the ramp being deeper)
  • Reworked the trees around Dire main jungle's rightmost medium camp
  • Outpost base teleport channel time increased from 5s to 6s
  • Removed Small Camps near Mid Lane
  • Glyph of Fortification is now refreshed whenever the first tower of each tier falls for that team. (i.e: once after the first Tier 1 falls, once after the first Tier 2 falls, and once after the first Tier 3 falls)


  • Fountain Invulnerability now applies on respawn regardless of whether there's an enemy hero nearby
  • Passive Gold per minute decreased by 15%
  • Ancients Armor increased from 13 to 23
  • Ancients Backdoor protection HP Regen increased from 90hp/s to 180hp/s

Full Dota 2 7.32 Patch Notes

We've also outlined the most important item changes, but for the complete list of changes be sure to check the full patch notes posted by Valve.



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