Dota 2: How to Play Arc Warden in 7.32

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Dota 2: How to Play Arc Warden in 7.32

Zet is one of Dota 2's most versatile and complicated heroes, here's how to play Arc Warden in 7.32.

Arc Warden has been making headlines in the Dota 2 community for his super fast attacks and his ability to take down buildings. The Agility hero has been the reason behind many recent victories of international Dota 2 teams across the world. Take a look at what it takes to make Arc Warden an unprecedented hero for pushing lanes in the game. 

Arc Warden – Primary Attributes 

How to play Arc Warden in 7.32 - Primary Attributes - Arc Warden in base

Arc Warden is an Agility hero who can push lanes effortlessly. He has a base Agility of 20, Intelligence of 24, and Strength of 22. Arc Warden gains 3 Agility per level, 2.6 Intelligence per level, and 2.6 Strength per level in the game. 

The ranged hero has a base attack damage of 51 – 57 with a maximum range of 625 on his physical attacks. He has a base movement speed of 285, a turn rate of 0.7, a projectile speed of 900, and a heightened vision of 1800. 

Best lanes to farm for the Arc Warden in 7.32

How to play Arc Warden in 7.32 - off lane - Arc Warden farms in the off lane

You can rely on the Arc Warden and his skills of being a hard-core carry hero. He has displayed an impressive win rate in the last 30 days. His abilities to punish his enemies from a long-range distance are favorable for off lane farming. 

Flux is an active ability that can be cast on enemy heroes by the Arc Warden. He can use Flux on enemies as far as 800 distance from him on any lane. Flux can deal up to 60 damage per second as long as there aren’t any other enemy units around the target in a 225 radius. It also slows the movement speed of enemy units. 

The recent changes that have been introduced in 7.32 have decreased the movement speed slow on Flux from 20/30/40/50% to 14/21/28/35%. It can last for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 16 seconds. The slow is applied to the enemy hero despite other units being close by in 7.32. Flux has a low mana cost of 75 per spell, making it appropriate for harassing opponents who prefer to hide behind cover in their lanes. 

Arc Warden can use Spark Wraith to disrupt any neutral camps stacked around the hero. The summoned Spark Wraith takes 2 seconds to activate. These Spark Wraiths deal 340 damage to enemy units and slow their movement speed by 100% for 0.7 seconds. It can cost 80 mana to cast Spark Wraith, a negligible amount for an Agility hero. Spark Wraith has a low cooldown of 4 seconds and can be used to nuke enemy heroes in the off lane. 

If you’re going to the mid lane with Arc Warden, you cast multiple Spark Wraiths near the Bounty Rune in the river to get instant kills. You can position an unlimited number of Spark Wraiths in one spot, and these spells can last for up to 45 seconds before elapsing.

Once you’ve farmed enough gold for a Boots of Travel, you can teleport your duplicate created through Tempest Double to tear down towers on any lane at any time. Arc Warden can clear waves of creeps within seconds to make way for his team. 

Items to buy for Arc Warden in 7.32 

Arc Warden can trample multiple enemy heroes and take down dozens of creeps during the late game. A few basic items in his inventory can crystallize his role as a carry hero in Dota 2. 

Hand of Midas – 2200 Gold

  • Gloves of Haste – 450 gold
  • Recipe – 1750 gold

Hand of Midas can be an effective item to purchase for the Arc Warden during the early game. Arc Warden can gain 40 attack speed from the Hand of Midas. The increased attack speed can be paired with a Power Threads to add significant attack speed to the Agility hero. 

You can use the active ability Transmute to turn creeps into gold. Transmute works on high-level neutral creeps while providing 160 gold and double the experience. It also increases the chance of neutrals dropping valuable items by 100%. Arc Warden can also use his Tempest Double to cast Transmute in the game. 

Boots of Travel – 2500 Gold

  • Boots of Travel – 500 gold
  • Recipe – 2000 gold

How to play Arc Warden in 7.32 - Boots of Travel - Tempest Double teleports to off lane

Boots of Travel provides 90 additional movement speed to Arc Warden. It also decreases the cooldown on Town Portal Scroll teleportation to 40 seconds. Arc Warden can dominate the game during the mid game with Boots of Travel. 

You can use Boots of Travel on the Tempest Double to farm in two lanes simultaneously. Tempest Double has a low cooldown of 40 seconds, just enough to reset the teleportation of the Town Portal Scroll after equipping him with Boots of Travel. The duplicate made from the Tempest Double can last for up to 26 seconds, providing ample time to knock down towers in multiple lanes in Dota 2. 

Maelstrom – 2700 Gold

  • Mithril Hammer – 1600 gold
  • Javelin – 1100 gold

How to play Arc Warden in 7.32 - Maelstrom - Arc Warden free farms in lane

Maelstrom is used by most Dota 2 players while playing Arc Warden. The ranged hero can gain 24 attack damage from the item. It also grants a 30% chance to strike enemies with a bolt of lightning that deals 140 damage to multiple enemy units in a 650 radius. 

You can use Magnetic Field to gain 80 attack speed as a bonus to intensify the effects of Chain Lightning from Maelstrom. Casting Magnetic Field during battle will cause most of the physical attacks that are aimed at the Arc Warden to miss while standing inside the field. Maelstrom can also be upgraded to Mjollnir and Gleipnir at any point in the game. 

Manta Style – 4600 Gold

  • Yasha – 2050 gold
  • Ultimate Orb – 2050 gold
  • Recipe – 500 gold

Manta Style provides Arc Warden 200 health, 120 mana, 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, and an 8% movement speed boost. You can use Manta Style’s active ability, Mirror Image, to create 2 images of the Arc Warden. These illusions can last up to 20 seconds on any lane in the game. 

Arc Warden can use a combination of Boots of Speed, Maelstrom, and Manta Style to mitigate enemy heroes. You can use Magnetic Field to protect your illusions and increase your attack speed during team battles. Manta Style can also be used by the Tempest Double to create 2 additional illusions along your side. 

Satanic – 5050 Gold

  • Reaver – 2800 gold
  • Claymore – 1350 gold
  • Morbid Mask – 900 gold

Satanic can grant its users passive Lifesteal on their physical attacks. It offers 30% Lifesteal to melee and ranged heroes in the game. The item provides 500 health, 2.5 health regeneration, and 38 attack damage to heroes in Dota 2. 

You can cast Unholy Rage using Satanic to increase Lifesteal to 175% for 6 seconds. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Arc Warden can use Unholy Rage along with Mirror Image to distract enemies if they’re running low on health. You can also use Magnetic Field to prevent enemies from landing a final blow while Unholy Rage is on. 

Heroes that Arc Warden can Counter in 7.32 

Legion Commander

Legion Commander is a voracious warrior with a burning passion for battle. She can use her abilities to overturn a battle against all odds. Her abilities allow her to gain back a portion of her health during heated moments in warfare. She can force her enemies to attack her with her ultimate ability and gain a permanent damage increase after each successful Duel. 

Arc Warden can counter Legion Commander with his tactical abilities. The Agility hero can use Magnetic Field to evade physical attacks during a Duel. Magnetic Field grants 100% evasion to Arc Warden while standing inside it. He can also use Tempest Double to cast an additional Magnetic Field to extend the duration, causing the Legion Commander to miss her lethal attacks on the Arc Warden.  

Faceless Void

Faceless Void is a melee hero who can stun his opponents with his physical attacks. He can use Time Walk to quickly enter battles and dish out massive amounts of damage. Faceless Void can gain up to 100 bonus damage per hit using Time Lock. 

He can freeze his enemies in time using Chronosphere. Arc Warden can cast Spark Wraiths within Chronosphere to deal damage to the Faceless Void. The Magnetic Field has a 300 radius that can guard Arc Warden against physical attacks from the Faceless Void. 

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