Dota 2 Enigma Guide – Disable The Enemy Team During Battles

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Dota 2 Enigma Guide – Disable The Enemy Team During Battles

You can disable an entire enemy team with Enigma during battles to give your team an advantage in Dota 2 matches. 

Intelligence heroes can be loads of fun to play in Dota 2 games with your friends. These characters can play a vital role in ensuring that your team stays safe during team fights. Support heroes can nuke enemy heroes and disable them with their abilities to give their teammates a chance to counter their attacks. 

Carry heroes like Muerta and Invoker are growing in popularity for their skills of being reliable serial killers in battles. Enigma is an outstanding counter hero against carry heroes, such as Muerta, and Outworld Destroyer, who can be troublesome to deal with later on in the game. 

Take a look at how you can use Enigma to disable enemies in Dota 2 to own battles with the support hero. 

Enigma – Stun Enemies Frequently

Enigma stuns enemies using Malefice

Enigma is a support hero who can enter battles to stun enemy heroes and deal bonus magical damage to his opponents. He can cast his spells to distract players in the enemy team frequently in lanes to prevent them from farming gold. 

His ability, Malefice, can be used to stun enemies for up to 3 instances. Each of these instances will be triggered every 2 seconds and stuns enemy heroes for a second after Enigma casts Malefice on them. Enemy units that are targeted by Malefice take up to 100 damage per stun, dealing a total of 300 damage to them in battles while playing Enigma. 

People can nuke melee heroes like Bloodseeker and Broodmother to frustrate the enemy team. The multiple instances of Malefice can cause enemy heroes to miss their attacks in lanes and make it harder to coordinate with their team during team fights. 

Enigma can also use Malefice to cancel channeling abilities. He can cast Malefice on enemy heroes, such as, Sand King to interrupt Epicenter. He can also use Malefice on heroes like Alchemist to prevent them from dealing maximum damage from their spells. Spells like Unstable Concoction, Mana Drain, and Fiend’s Grip can easily be interrupted by using Malefice with the Intelligence hero in Dota 2 games. 

Malefice requires 160 mana per cast. Enigma has a mana pool of 303 after spawning into the game. You can purchase an Arcane Boots early in a match to increase the mana pool of Enigma. Arcane Boots provides 250 mana and 45 movement speed to Enigma for 1300 gold. The item can be used to replenish up to 175 mana every 55 seconds, letting Enigma cast Malefice frequently throughout the game to deal damage to enemy heroes and stun them. 

Enigma – Use A Blink Dagger to Increase Your Kills

Enigma initiates battles using a Blink Dagger

Enigma can initiate team fights using a Blink Dagger. Many esports players buy a Blink Dagger for Enigma before the first 10 minutes of a match. Blink Dagger can be bought for 2250 gold in the game. Enigma can use a Blink Dagger to teleport up to a distance of 1200 in any direction. 

A Blink Dagger has a cooldown of 15 seconds, letting players enter and exit battles without taking a considerable amount of damage from enemy heroes. You can use Malefice immediately after blinking into a team fight to stun enemies. Players can upgrade a Blink Dagger to an Arcane Blink to gain 25 Intelligence. Once Enigma uses an Arcane Blink, all of his spells and items have their mana cost reduced by 25%. 

You can purchase a Veil of Discord for Enigma to amplify the damage dealt from his magical spells by 18%. Veil of Discord can be used on all enemy units in a radius of 600 and lasts for 16 seconds. It has a cooldown of 22 seconds, making it useful to nuke your opponents with Enigma during battles. Veil of Discord costs
1525 gold. 

Enigma – Midnight Pulse can Deal Tons of Damage in Lanes

Enigma deals bonus damage to enemies with Midnight Pulse

Enigma has plenty of spells to make the enemy team retreat from team fights in lanes. You can take the safe lane to level up faster with Enigma. The Intelligence hero can cast Midnight Pulse to deal 11% of their current health as damage per second (DPS). Midnight Pulse lasts for 12 seconds and affects all enemy units in a
radius of 550. 

You can cast Malefice while enemy heroes are standing within the Midnight Pulse to deal bonus damage to them. Midnight Pulse has a cooldown of 35 seconds. A majority of esports players cast Midnight Pulse in lanes to destroy waves of enemy creeps. You can also use Midnight Pulse in neutral creep camps to gain bonus gold in the safe lane. 

Players can purchase a Gleipnir for Enigma to bind multiple enemies to Midnight Pulse. Gleipnir can be used to root all enemy units in a radius of 400 for 2 seconds. It has a cooldown of 18 seconds and can be used on enemy heroes within a Midnight Pulse to prepare the team for an ambush with your allies. Gleipnir costs 6150 gold in the game. The item provides 30 attack damage, 24 Intelligence, 14 Strength, and 14 Agility to Enigma in Dota 2 matches. 

Enigma – Cast Black Hole Near Towers 

Enigma disables enemies near a tower to increase the damage dealt to them

Enigma can cast his ulti, Black Hole, to disable enemy heroes for up to 4 seconds. Black Hole deals 200 DPS for the duration of the spell and has a radius of 420. Enemy units that are caught within Enigma’s ulti will be unable to move, attack, or cast spells. Black Hole also affects invisible enemy units and enemy heroes who are immune to spells. 

A strategic way of using Black Hole in battles is casting it near towers. Enigma can blink into position while enemy heroes are attacking your tower to disable the enemy team for several seconds. You can use the Glyph of Fortification while Black Hole is active to make the towers attack multiple enemy heroes during Enigma’s ulti. Black Hole has a cooldown of 160 seconds and requires 500 mana to be used per cast. 

Engima’s ulti is more effective when it is used with your teammates. You can disable the entire enemy team for a few seconds, allowing your allies to attack carry heroes before they can counter the attack from Enigma. Spells that have a large area of effect can be lethal to enemy heroes while they are being disabled by Black Hole during battles. 

You can buy a Refresher Orb to extend the duration of Black Hole in team fights with Enigma. Refresher Orb lets players cast Black Hole twice by resetting the cooldown of all of Engima’s spells and items. The item provides 13 health regeneration and 7 mana regeneration to Enigma. Refresher Orb costs 5000 gold and has a cooldown of 180 seconds. 

Best Allies for Enigma – Ursa

Ursa smashes enemies who are stunned by Enigma

Ursa is a destructive carry hero in the online game. He can use Earthshock on enemy heroes to slow their movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds. Enemy units affected by Earthshock take up to 225 damage. Enigma can cast Malefice on enemies slowed by Ursa to stun them for a total of 3 seconds in lanes. 

The melee hero can be a worthy ally to Enigma in the safe lane. You can team up with Enigma to get early kills by using a combo of Malefice, Midnight Pulse, and Earthshock, while playing with your friends. 

Allies can use Overpower to deal up to 6 attacks at a rapid rate to stunned heroes. Overpower grants up to 200 attack speed bonus to Ursa for 20 seconds. You can level up the passive ability, Fury Swipes, to deal a bonus damage of 37 per hit. Ursa can signal Enigma to use Black Hole before entering battles to annihilate enemy heroes. He can use his ulti, Enrage, after the duration of Black Hole to gain bonus status resistance against enemy attacks for up to 5 seconds. 

Best Allies for Enigma – Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend helps Enigma kill enemies

Shadow Fiend is a terrifying Agility hero who can win team fights effortlessly with Enigma in his team. He can use multiple instances of Shadowraze to deal a total of 900 damage to enemy heroes. Enigma can stun enemies using Malefice to increase the damage dealt to enemy heroes in lanes while hunting for heroes with Shadow Fiend. Players can cast Midnight Pulse to increase the damage dealt from Shadowraze. 

The passive ability, Presence of the Dark Lord, decreases the armor of enemy units by 7 in a radius of 1200 around Shadow Fiend. The reduced armor can be used to decimate your opponents by casting Black Hole and Shadow Fiend’s ulti, Requiem of Souls, together in team fights. You can easily mitigate an entire enemy team by timing the ultimate abilities of Shadow Fiend and Enigma in Dota 2 games.  

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