Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, May 17-May 21 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, May 17-May 21 2021

We look at all the highlights, and the drama, from our final week of Season 2 in SA’s DPC.

Season 2 of the DPC is a wrap for South America. We saw plenty of action and some drama unfold in Week 6. We take a look at all the highlights of our final week of series.

Lower Division

Omega Gaming managed to improve their standings in Week 6. Their three-game series against Incubus Club saw them climb two spots on the ladder, ending the season in 5th place. Omega showed plenty of control on the first map. Taking the lead in the laning phase and building a 3k lead in the gold by 11-minutes. While Incubus managed to score themselves plenty of pickoffs, keeping up in the kills, they couldn’t capitalize on any of them. Meanwhile Omega had the first tower down just after 10-minutes. Despite a pickup of aegis and cheese for Incubus, there was no shutting down Omega’s lead. They closed Game 1 in their favor at 45-minutes.

But Incubus came back with a vengeance in Game 2. They took first blood before the 3-minute mark and snowballed their way to a quick 26-minute finish. Josue “BlackSoul” Ticona put on an outstanding performance on his Batrider in mid. He had a BKB on his belt by 17-minutes, ending the game 9-minutes later with a K/D/A of 11/1/10.

After two one-sided maps, Game 3 saw both teams bring everything to the table for some breakneck back and forth Dota. Omega looked strong as they came out of the lanes, but Incubus snatched the advantage back by 15-minutes in.  As the game rolled past the midpoint, it was looking like it was theirs. Then a skirmish by the Rosh pit at 37-minutes let Omega have the upper hand once again. They pushed their advantage straight to the ancient. Taking the game and the series just before the clock hit 40-minutes.

Incubus also clashed against our second place seed this week. Coming up against BINOMISTAS on our final day of play.  Game 1 saw BINO take a very decisive victory. Closing the game out at 32-minutes with a score of 24-7. But Incubus showed more fight on the second map. Managing more than their fair share of pickoffs to even out the gold advantage. However, BINO were determined to bring this series home in two games. And that’s just what they did at 46-minutes.

Last but not least, our top seed for the Lower Division, EgoBoys faced off against Inverse. Ego were a force to be reckoned with Game 1, stomping their way to a 27-minute victory. But our second map wasn’t such an easy affair. While the EgoBoys took a convincing win in the laning phase, Inverse snatched it back their way as the game moved into the mid. Kills were flying. Inverse took 50-kills total in this second game. But it wasn’t enough for them to take the win, and EgoBoys shut it down just before 59-minutes to take the series and First place in the SA Region for Season 2.

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Upper Division

The Upper Division saw some fantastic back-and-forth play on our opening day of Week 6, with both series pushed out for the full three games.

Our first games saw Hokori and Infamous face-off, with Hokori snatching the victory in the closing minutes of Game 1.

Our second map saw Infamous establish their control early, and aside from a slim 1k lead around the 22-minute mark, Hokori never really made an impact this map. But Infamous certainly did. Crhistian “Angel” Savina went 19/4/10 on his Monkey King this game. Angel rushed the Aghs build, slotting his Scepter by 18-minutes, and Infamous stomped their way to a 38-minute win.

If Infamous had rattled Hokori, they didn’t seem to show it in our final game. Although Infamous got a little more out of the early laning phase, it didn’t slow Hokori. They built through the mid, taking a 4k advantage by 21-minutes. Infamous managed to take down Edward “Lumière” Guillen’s Medusa twice, pulling the lead back their way, But Hokori rolled into the Rosh pit to secure an aegis for Lumière at 35-minutes. Then they pushed for the bottom barracks.

Infamous held on until the bitter end, even managing themselves another small spike in the net worth. But Hokori were determined, and at 51-minutes, they took the series 2-1.

Despite the win, Infamous still end the series ahead of them. Coming in at 4th place with a final count of 4-3. Hokori takes 5th.

Next up Team Unknown and SG e-sports went head-to-head in another three-game series which saw plenty of action. Our teams looked on even footing as things kicked off in Game 1. Unknown started to build their lead as the game pushed past the 5-minute mark thanks to their early pressure on Matheus “KJ” Diniz’s Enchantress. Although SGE pushed back a successful Rosh attempt by Unknown at 22-minutes saw Juan “Timo” Cruz nab the aegis for his Phantom Lancer. Giving Unknown all the edge they needed to push things to a swift 29-minute end.

Then, Game 2 came around and SG e-sports drafted a Sven for Guilherme “Costabile” Costábile, and SG dominated the net worth through the second map. Unknown never even got a look in. To top it all off, Costabile went an amazing 19/1/10. SG took the win in Game 2 in an even 42-minutes to bring the series to a tie.

Our third and final map saw Unknown take the laning phase, but after SG took a team fight at the 20-minute mark, they lost their ground. It was a quick 32-minute run for SG e-sports to bring the series home. The win leaves SG in 6th place, keeping them safe in the Upper Division for next season.

For Team Unknown, however, the loss knocks them down to the Lower Division, as they end Season 2 in 7th place, just ahead of Infinity Esports.

Our last series of the season saw the undefeated NoPing e-sports clash against regional titans, Beastcoast, for the first and only time this season, we break it down in detail in our highlight series.

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Highlight Series: NoPing e-sports vs Beastcoast


Our final series of the Upper Division saw Beastcoast and NoPing go to the full three games as they battled it out for the crown.

Beastcoast had a dominant start to the series, taking a 1600k gold advantage by 3-minutes. Héctor Antonio “K1” Rodríguez easily led the farm on his Voidwalker, and the Snapfire in mid for Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales proved more effective than the Tiny for Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera. Despite NoPing still having their T2 towers, they decided they couldn’t handle Beastcoast’s growing lead. They called GG at 22-minutes, and Beastcoast took Game 1. However, there was some controversy as not all players within NoPing agreed with the decision to quit.

Our second map saw more back and forth from both teams. NoPing came in strong, building themselves a small lead 1500k lead by the end of the lanes. But Beastcoast were pulling things back their way by 21-minutes, with a couple of nice pickoffs on Jose Leonardo “Panda” Padilla Hernandez.
NoPing were having none of that though. They quickly re-established their kill dominance and shut Beastcoast down at 29-minutes to push the series to Game 3.

When Game 3 rocked around, NoPing looked like they had it in the bag. But at the 24-minute mark, an apparent misclick made it appear as if Panda had called GG. The game, which was also being broadcast on Peruvian National Television, came to an abrupt halt. Beastcoast took the series by default, forcing the two teams to play another Bo3.

However, there were more than a few folks unhappy with the game-ending misclick. Many fans, and even some pro teams, thought the whole thing looked more like a rage quit.

Ahead of the tiebreaker, NoPing came out and took some accountability for their behavior in the series.

UPDATE: Team Captain, Farith “Matthew” Puente, later explained the early GG had not been a rage quit, but rather what sounds like an anxiety attack. High-pressure situations can understandably bring about all manner of reactions. It's great that Matthew stepped forward to shed some light on some of the darker moments a player can face behind the screen. But, with the support of the team, Panda managed to work through his anxiety and go on to finish what NoPing had started.

Tiebreaker: NoPing e-sports vs Beastcoast

After the drama, both teams faced off in another Bo3 tiebreaker to decide the 1st and 2nd place spots on the ladder.

Game 1 saw NoPing take some of the region’s less popular picks, taking a Batrider for Darkmago and Timbersaw for Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez. Bat has only been picked up twice in the Upper Division in SA this season, while Timbersaw’s seen four games.

Beastcoast went with a strong line up, once again taking the Faceless Void for Hector, and Chris Luck on a Tiny in mid. However even with their unorthodox draft, NoPing controlled the game. Getting the most out of the lanes and racking up a massive 41-kills across the games 34-minutes before taking the win. It was perhaps the ending we would have seen to the previous series if it had played out.

But this was the tiebreaker, which meant there was still at least one game to go.

With the first map under their belt, NoPing set out to bring things home.

Although BC seemed to have some fight in the lanes, by the 20-minute mark, it well and truly looked like this one belonged to NoPing.

William “hFn” Medeiros looked unstoppable on his Naga Siren in Game 2. He picked up an Eye of Skadi at 25-minutes before building into Butterfly, allowing him to maximize Naga’s swiftness and secure himself 15-kills and 15-assists by the game’s end.  In fact, NoPing ended with a 23-kill lead over Beastcoast. At 40-minutes, NoPing sealed the deal, taking the tiebreaker and the top spot in the region’s standings. Beastcoast sit at a comfortable second, meaning both teams have secured their slot at the next Major in June.

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