Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — China May 17-May 21 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — China May 17-May 21 2021

The last week of highlights from DPC China.

The sixth week marks the end of DPC. The standings show which teams have done well and which teams are behind. Team Aster are on top of the table with PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming sharing the second spot. A tiebreaker between the two will decide which team will stand on the third position of the standings. Here are the recaps of Week 6 DPC matches:

Lower Division

The first set of matches between Team MagMa and LBZS went MagMa’s way. LBZS won the first match in just under 40-minutes with a score of 16-27. The second match saw LBZS struggling as MagMa ended the game in a 28-16 victory. After a loss in the second match, LBZS could deal with MagMa’s draft in the last match. A snowballing Ursa along with DP and Underlord won the game for MagMa.

Phoenix Gaming won the second set of matches in a 2-1 battle against CDEC Gaming. The first match went on for 31-minutes, but Phoenix won with a score of 15-13. CDEC returned to fight neck to neck to win with a score of 26-27 in the second game. The last match was passive and low scoring but it was Phoenix who showed how well they were prepared to end the season with a win.

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Upper Division

The first set of matches was between Invictus Gaming and EHOME. The first game saw IG playing very aggressive, as they tried to push and end the game early. Although EHOME were not far behind, it was difficult for them to win team fights. IG won the first match 26-20 in just over 40 minutes. EHOME could not contain IG’s Axe in the second game. They had a tough time dealing with their Death Prophet and Morphling, too. IG were ahead in an ever-increasing net worth after the 15-minute mark and won the game 12-35.

PSG.LGD won 2-0 against Royal Never Give Up in the second set of games. Although RNG picked a great lineup in the first match, LGD were on top of their game. Winning team fights and building a solid net worth lead around the 20-minute mark, LGD kept increasing the gap between them and the opponents. RNG tried well to close in on LGD, but they were the better team. The second match had a slow and passive start which changed around the 20-minute mark. It was around the 27 to 30-minute mark that LGD took good advantage The Faceless Void pick had a solid contribution to their victory.

Vici Gaming were ahead in the early minutes of the first match against Sparking Arrow Gaming. The Timbersaw pick against SAG’s Phoenix and Tiny proved to be great. Unable to deal with the situation. SAG kept falling behind and lost 17-36 to Vici. The second match was even more disheartening for SAG as Vici stomped them with a score of 8-29. SAG were not allowed to farm with their Medusa as Vici conquered the map with their Chaos Knight and Lifestealer picks.

Highlight Series: Team Aster vs Elephant

Elephant pulled a decent lead against Team Aster in the early to mid-game against Team Aster. The picks of Death Prophet, Dragon Knight and Doom proved too good against Aster, who struggled to sustain team fights. With a significant gold advantage, Elephant won the first match.

Aster went for solid and reliable heroes like Troll Warlord, Mars and Doom in the second match. Although Elephant were not far behind, they could not control skirmishes happening around the map and important fights near the Roshan pit. Aster won the game 13-24 in just over 35 minutes.

The last match saw a similar draft from Aster, picking Troll, Mars and adding Abaddon to the lineup. Aster slowly increased their gold lead from the early game, but Elephant played well to keep things on equal grounds. Both Lifestealer and DK were good picks for them. It was around the 26-minute mark that Elephant over-extended and paid the price in an unfavourable fight. The third match ended 13-34, Aster won the series 2-1 against Elephant.

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