Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, April 28 – May 1, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, April 28 – May 1, 2021

ESTNN recaps the highlights from Week 3 of South America’s second season of the DPC.

We’re now halfway through Season 2 for South America, and the competition will only get hotter from here as the region heads into its last three weeks of play. We take a look at where things stand at the end of Week 3.

Lower Division

BINOMISTAS are currently sitting at the top of our Lower Division standings. They nabbed themselves another series to bring them to 3-1, knocking out Inverse in the week’s opening match with two quick, clean games. Benny “Benny” Cervantes had a grand time on his Sven pick in Game 1, winning bottom during the lanes. Then going on to a 12/3/8 KDA by the time Inverse called GG at 36-minutes.

After that, Game 2 was a quick snowball for BINO. They closed it in 21-minutes with a 20-kill lead over Inverse.

But Inverse brought things back in their match-up against Latam Defenders. Things started out fairly even in Game 1, LD had a very slight lead during the lanes. But they couldn’t capitalize on it as the game moved toward the mid. Inverse pulled the lead back their way thanks to some nice skirmishes around the 15-16-minute mark. Then they just didn’t let it go, stomping their way to a 34-minute victory.

Latam Defenders put their best foot forward going into Game 2, and they were holding their lead well up until a fateful total team wipe at 25-minutes. Inverse saw the opening and they exploited it. Taking another 6-kills at 27-minutes, including a die-back for Lion. Inverse took over, shutting down the game at 32-minutes to claim their second victory in the season so far, and claiming the 6th spot on the region's ladder.

LD on the other hand, sit second to last in the standings. They’ll definitely be looking to pick up some wins soon as the threat of elimination draws closer.

Our second-place seed in the region, Omega Gaming, continue to look like a strong contender to knock BINOMISTAS down a rung or two. Showing plenty of dominance in their series this week against Gorillaz-Pride. Thoroughly overrunning Gorillaz during the late game. Omega took Game 2 in this series with a score of 25-7, and 21k net worth up on GP. They’re currently 2-1 in the 2nd spot.

GP are currently two for two, in terms of wins and losses. They’re sitting at 4th place above Incubus Club, but just barely.

It was a difficult week for Crewmates, however. They lost out on both of their series this week.

First falling to EgoBoys; our current 3rd place team. Crewmate’s persistence with their Mars/Snapfire combo let them down two games in a row.

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They then faced off against Incubus in our final series of the week, where they again came up short. With just one victory under their belt so far this season and three losses, Crewmates are currently keeping the last spot on the ladder warm, in 8th place.

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Upper Division

Beastcoast continues to reign supreme in the South American Upper Division. They once again claimed the region’s top spot on the ladder after a fast-paced three-game series against Thunder Predator – which saw all three games run under 30-minutes.

TP came into Game 1 with a lot of heart and a solid draft. Leonardo “Leostyle-” Sifuentes was a menace on his Windranger, going 15/4/14 across the game’s 28-minutes. Team Captain Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela also put in plenty of work on Earth Spirit, helping secure twenty of the team’s kills and ensuring TP’s Game 1 victory.

But Beastcoast didn’t seem phased by the loss. Coming into Game 2 with a Gyrocopter pick for Héctor Rodríguez “Hector” Asto    that absolutely wiped the floor with Thunder Predator’s draft. Hector was simply unkillable, rolling through to end the game with a KDA of 11/0/5.

Game 2 saw TP put up some fight during the lanes, but Beastcoast didn’t really lose out on any valuable farm. Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Salazar had his Aghanim’s Scepter on his QoP pick by 17-minutes. While Hector’s Phantom Lancer was plenty fat with both his Diffusal Blade and Manta Style before the 20-min mark. Despite an admirable effort, TP called GG at 25-minutes. BC took Game 3, and their fourth victory of Season 2.

Thunder Predator’s loss knocked them down one spot in our current standings. They’re now in 3rd place, below both Beastcoast and NoPing.

Meanwhile, Hokori managed to score their first win this week. Taking out Team Unknown in their series. Hokori secured the first game at 44-minutes, perhaps drawing on a little of that Dota anime inspiration with a Dragon Knight and Luna in their draft. Game 2 saw them keep the DK but switch out Luna for a Troll Warlord pick for Edward “Lumière” Guillén that did plenty of work.  They shut down Unknown at 36-minutes, taking a much-needed victory to put them at 7th place in the standings.

SG e-sports had a mixed run, they fell to Infamous on the week’s first day of play. With Infamous snowballing to a 26-minute win in Game 1, and then destroying SGE in Game 2 with a 27-kill lead. The win put Infamous at 2-1 to let them claim the 4th spot on the ladder.

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But SGE had better luck in their final series of the week. They went head-to-head with Infinity Esports in a two-game series that saw them dominating. Things started out a little shaky in Game 1, but SG e-sports found their groove by the 20-minute mark and pushed their way to a 34-minute victory. Then they came into Game 2 like beasts. Adriano “4dr” Machado’s Templar Assassin put away an insane 24-kills on this map, falling only once for a K/D/A of 24/1/9. Infinity didn’t stand a chance, as SGE overran completely, taking the game at 33-minutes.

All in all, it was a bad week for Infinity. They had already suffered a similar fate earlier in the week with NoPing e-sports wiping them out 2-0.

Infinity now sits on the 6th rung of our ladder, where they’ll want to stay if they intend to avoid elimination.

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Highlight Series: Infinity Esports vs NoPing e-sports

Week 3 was chock full of action across both of our divisions. But we saw some dominating play from NoPing in their match-up against Infinity which deserves the highlight.

Game 1 saw NoPing take the map advantage immediately, getting what they needed out of the lanes to build fast. William “hFn” Medeiros had a Manta Style for his Medusa pick by 13-minutes. Despite keeping up in the kills, Infinity just could not challenge NoPing, who’s draft saw them packing plenty of wave clear and structure damage with both Death Prophet and Viper. Plus, Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera’s Tiny was a treat to watch.

Infinity's Eduardo “NaoG” Valencia had a far more difficult time on Sven. He picked up a Blink Dagger in the last minutes of the game, but this extra initiation would have no doubt helped his team earlier. Infinity just didn’t get enough out of the map to give their cores the edge.

Still, Infinity had shown promise on the first map. Which is what made Game 2 such a surprising stomp. In just 22-minutes, NoPing snowballed to victory, a total of 33-kills ahead of Infinity and with a 20k net worth lead.

Darkmago was pulling an average of 711 XP per minute and 607 GPM on Mars, and Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez put on an outstanding show on his Centaur Warrunner pick. He assisted with 28 of the team's 42 kills. Team Captain Farith “Matthew” Puente was not far behind with a total of 26-assists on Tiny. Both supports were forces to be reckoned with this game, creating multiple opportunities to let NoPing coast to an easy victory.



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