Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — South America April 12-17

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — South America April 12-17

Season 2, Week 1 of the DPC in South America has wrapped up, we take a look at the highlights.

The South American teams have shown us it's time to retire out old notions about the region's instability, and Week 1 of Season 2 just continued to offer more proof. We break down all the actions from our first round-robin series.

Lower Division

South America’s first week in our Lower Division kicked off with a bang. With the first of many three-game series. Our opening match-up saw EgoBoys clash with new entrants BINOMISTAS.  While EGB came out on top easily in the first game, BINO gave them a run for their money in Game 2. But experience won out in the end, and EGB took this one home 2-1.

Latam Defenders faced off against Omega Gaming and managed to flip the script. After a dominant Game 1 from Omega, Latam came back fighting hard, taking the next two games to secure themselves their first victory of the Season.

Next up we saw Gorrilaz-Pride and Crewmates going head-to-head. GP took a blistering Game 1 victory, 24-7 in just under 27-minutes. But Crewmates weren’t planning on giving up the series so easily. They fought a hard slog in Game 2 to push this series out to the full three. Alas, Gorrilaz-Pride came back into Game 3 with a renewed vigor, shutting it down in 25-minutes to take the series 2-1.

Incubus Club came into the first game of their series looking deadly. They snowballed to a quick 24-minute victory against Inverse in Game 1. But Game 2 proved to be a drawn-out ordeal, with Inverse securing the win at 55-minutes. It was another hard-fought three-game series, but Inverse ended up on top.

BINOMISTAS and Gorrilaz-Pride closed out our first week in the Lower Division. With both teams playing their second series in the round-robin event. After GP’s domineering performance early in the week, it looked like they were going to coast to a second victory. But our new DPC teams this season have plenty of fight in them, and BINO ended up snatching this series for themselves, taking Game 2 and 3 to push them up to 4th place in our standings.

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Upper Division

Beastcoast remain the undisputed kings of South America’s Upper Division. They took home both their series this week. They opened the week of play with a match-up against Hokori. Hokori earned their spot in the Upper Division last season, taking the 2nd spot. Still, despite a lengthy Game 1, Beastcoast still reigned triumphant with a 2-0 victory over the Peruvians.  Then they closed our week too, facing-off against Team Unknown and taking a second cut-and-dry win to put them in 1st place in the standings.

It was a bad run in Week 1 for Hokori, however. They faced-off against Infinity later in the week only to fall once more, with Infinity snatching the series 2-1.

SG e-sports and NoPing were next up in the round-robins, and we saw a pair of quick games from NoPing to take the series 2-0.

Thunder Predator turned out to be one of the mavericks of the Singapore Major, with a vicious playstyle that could turn games on a dime. They gave us another taste of it during their three-game series against Infamous Gaming this week. Turning Game 2 in their favour during the last minutes of the match, and then taking out Game 3 to tuck a 2-1 victory over Infamous under their belt.

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Highlight Series: Infamous Gaming vs Thunder Predator

Infamous Gaming didn’t have the easiest start to Game 1, losing out in both middle and bottom lanes to Thunder Predator. But a successful skirmish at the 15-minute runes let Infamous push their newfound momentum into a Roshan attempt and take control of the late game. They had a 16-kill lead over Thunder Predator, and a 21k net worth lead as they secured themselves victory in the first game.

Game 2 looked to be going in their favour as well, they managed a slightly better run through the lanes and secured themselves the early lead. But as the game hit its midpoint, Thunder Predator started to turn things around. They shut down Mariano “Papita” Caneda’s Death Prophet twice in 5-minutes. Which was exactly the kind of boost TP needed. By the 34-minute mark they had pulled the advantage back their way and were bringing the fight to Infamous. Thunder Predator had turned the tide, and Game 2 was theirs at 40-minutes. Leonardo “Leostyle-” Sifuentes was a force to be reckoned with on Puck this game, going 16/3/8, and taking Papita out 3 times in total to help TP snatch this win and take the series to three.

Thunder Predator rode the momentum from their Game 2 victory straight into Game 3, with an Antimage pick for Alonso “MNZ” León that farmed his way to a mammoth 851 gold per minute. But it was again Leostyle- who stole the show on his Void Spirit pick. Racking up 11 of his teams kills and assisting with another 10.

Infamous tried to keep up, but TP were setting the pace for their win and no one else’s. At 41-minutes, it was over for Infamous. With Thunder Predator taking the series 1-2.

Stay tuned to ESTNN as we bring you more regional highlights from the DPC Season 2!

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