Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – Eastern Europe April 26 – May 2, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – Eastern Europe April 26 – May 2, 2021

All the action from Eastern Europe after the third week of play in Season 2 of the DPC.

There was quality Dota aplenty in our CIS region this week. We go through Week 3’s highlights across both divisions as we hit the halfway point in Season 2 of the DPC.

Lower Division

No Techies and Hellraisers opened our third week of play in Eastern Europe. Game 1 saw NT hold their own through the lanes, with a Puck pick in mid for Egor “Dame” Lexyutin that did plenty of work for the team. Still, Hellraisers had the stronger draft, and this became more than evident as the game hit its late phase.  Nikita “young G” Bochko put the beast in Beastmaster, racking up 14-kills and farming his way to 32.2k net worth with a cool 645 GPM. Hellraisers reigned victorious after 54-minutes. Game 2 was a cut-and-dry affair. HR ended it in 30-minutes securing the series with 2-0 victory.

Hellraisers also came out on top when they faced off against B8, bringing them 4-0 to sit comfortably at first place in the standings.

But No Techies fared much better in their series against Trident Clan. They took Game 1 in 29-minutes after a bit of back-and-forth in the early game. Trident weren’t going to let the series go down without a fight, however. They delivered a spanking to NT in Game 2, dominating from the mid-phase and racking up a 21-kill lead. No Techies called GG at 34-minutes and looked to reset. But Game 3 was a 63-minute marathon. Trident gave NT a solid run for their money in this series, but in the end, No Techies took it home with a 2-1 victory.  That gives them 1 up over Trident Clan, but both teams need to look to take some wins next week if they want to climb up from the bottom of the ladder.

Team Empire also had a nice week in the Lower Division, knocking out Nemiga Gaming when they faced off against them. The victory puts Empire in the third spot on the ladder. While Nemiga are now sitting second place in the standings, after winning their bout against current 4th place seed, Prosti Esli.

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Upper Division

Our Upper Division played out mostly as expected in week three. Our first series of the week saw PuckChamp and Extremum go head to head in what turned out to be a smooth win for PuckChamp. However, things played out quite differently when they faced off against the region’s current top seed, Team Spirit.

Spirit cakewalked their way through the first game of the series. Taking first blood and dominating right from the outset of the lanes. Spirit nabbed themselves Puck for mid in Game 1, and Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek went to work starving Semyon “BOBINA” Shvetsov’s farm through the lanes. His Razor finally managed to build a magic wand by 11-minutes. Puck Champ just never managed to get a foothold, and the first game closed out at 38-minutes with a 26-kill lead for Spirit.

Game 2 was over even quicker, although PC fought hard through the lanes, Spirit had it in the bag by the 15-minute mark. PC called GG at 33-minutes, and Spirit ended Week 3 undefeated.

While also came out with a clean 2-0 in their series against Team Unique. VP were clearly in control of both games. Unique only managed to claim 4-kills on the second map of this series, as cut through their draft like butter.

Then it was VP and Natus`Vincere closing out week three. VP looked very confident on our first map of the series. They built a solid lead during the lanes and carried their momentum into the mid-game. A double kill for Danil “gpk” Skutin’s Void Spirit at 18-minutes gave VP the extra edge, and they were pushing for Rosh at 20-minutes. Taking the aegis for Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko. VP coasted to an easy victory from here, with Na`Vi unable to muster a defense to stop them. They only managed to put 2-kills on the board the entire game.

It was an especially rough game for former VP member Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev. Ramzes didn’t manage to land a single kill or assist across the whole 32-minutes. No doubt a demoralizing result for Na`Vi’s captain.

Game 2 was an even quicker affair. took first blood early in the lanes with a pickoff on Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey’s Phantom Lancer. Na`Vi’s position one player had an unlucky laning phase, and never managed any kills to compensate. All in all, it was an even more crushing defeat than Game 1, despite Na`Vi taking an extra kill this map to end the game with a count of 3-19. In just 20-minutes, VP secured themselves another series to tie at 1st place with Spirit in the standings.

Na`Vi are now sitting at 3rd, with an even two victories against their two losses.

It was a good week for AS Monaco-Gambit though. The team finally took their first victory of Season 2 after going head-to-head with Winstrike Team.

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Highlight Series:  AS Monaco-Gambit vs Winstrike Team

Game 1 of this series was a little shaky for ASM.GMB. They looked quite comfortable in the early game. Beating Winstrike in the lanes and holding onto the gold lead through to the mid-game. But Winstrike took a valuable pick off at 46-minutes, bringing down Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko’s Ember. The resulting skirmish looked as if it might almost turn the game. But ASM.GMB managed to regain control, regrouping to bring home the win at 56-minutes.

Our second map of this series had a bit more back-and-forth. With Winstrike taking control of the mid-game. With Nikita “Pantomem” Balaganin scoring a valuable pick off on No[o]ne’s Void Spirit at 21-minutes. The following extended skirmish between the teams ended in two back-to-back kills for Yauheni “chshrct” Kastrama’s Timbersaw.

But a second skirmish in the late game went the other way, resulting in a team wipe for Winstrike at 34-minutes was just what AS Monaco-Gambit needed. Kiyalbek “dream`” Tayirov had grown plenty fat on Lifestealer by this point, now at 35-minutes, he could add an Eye of Skadi to his belt. ASM.GMB turned Game 2 back in their favor, claiming the series at 42-minutes. A result that bumped them up to 6th place in the standings, where they’re currently tied with PuckChamp.

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